Do LED String Lights Burn Out?

Although LED lights don’t “burn out” as incandescents, they can still be turned off. If the semiconductor circuitry of the Light-Emitting Diode is damaged, LED bulbs will stop working.

However, it is essential to consider what could cause a LED bulb not to work correctly.

Electrical surges on an electrical line can cause damage to LED bulbs. Impulses can be caused by lightning strikes, incorrectly used generators, or hydroelectric or geothermal electricity generation. The surges can cause LED lights’ deaths. A surge protector is the best way to eliminate spikes. Make sure it’s an outdoor-rated one.

Read on to learn more about LED string lights.

do led string lights burn out

Do LED String Lights Burn out?

There’s no doubt that these LED Christmas string lights last. They are long-lasting and efficient, unlike regular incandescent light.

According to the producers of LED Christmas String Lights, these lights can last for over 10000 – 100000 hours. So if you’re using these lights for only Christmas seasons, then there should be a guarantee that they could last you for a very long time.

However, you should note that when the light is on for many hours, there’s a possibility that the light output will reduce slowly.

Since they do not have filaments like the regular incandescent bulbs, they do not fail suddenly like the incandescent bulbs; instead, they reduce gradually.

What Does a Burned-out Christmas Light Look Like?

When a Christmas string light burns out, it all looks the same when it’s switched off, but when you put on the string light, you will notice that some of them are switched off.

The first way to discover the ones that are burned out is to check each of the bulbs that are switched off to see if their filaments are intact. If any of the bulbs have lost a filament, it means they are burned out.

In most cases, you will also see a bit of smoke inside the bulb that is burned out.

What Causes a Whole String of Lights to Burn out?

There might be various reasons why a whole string of lights in your Christmas LED light burns out.

How miniature incandescent lights are wired could cause a whole string of light burn out. This is because miniature bulbs have a lower voltage than the old-fashioned C7 or C9 bulbs.

So, if the household current is too high, it may cause burnout.

How to Find a Burnt Christmas Fairy String Light Bulb?

Christmas fairy string light bulbs are wired in series.

The best way to find out which of the bulbs on the string is burnt is by making use of a Christmas light tester to do so.

It would be best to place the tester in proximity to each bulb. When brought close to any bulb functioning, the Christmas light’s tester indicator will glow to show that the bulb it is close to is fully functioning.

What to Do When LED Christmas String Lights Burn out?

The first thing you can do when your LED Christmas string lights burn out is to go through the strings and identify the same bulbs that have burned out.

In most cases, the burned-out bulb might be found in just a string of bulbs. However, the entire string of bulbs refuses to come on, then it means that you’ll need to check out the whole bulbs.

The only way you can go about this is by removing the bulbs that refuse to be on and replacing them with another good one.

If the good one comes on, then it means that the former bulb was bad. If the new bulb doesn’t come on, the problem might not be from the bulb itself.

How Do You Fix Burned Christmas Lights?

The very first thing to do when you want to fix your Christmas light is to:

Step 1: Start by inspecting the entire light to see if all is in place.

Step 2: Plugin the Christmas light into the socket, and if you find out that the bulbs are not coming on, check the fuse. In most cases, the fuses might be two.

Step 3: Use a screwdriver to remove one of the bulbs and replace it with a new one.

Step 4: If one bulb isn’t working, check if the bulbs aren’t loose and try screwing them back in tight to see if it will work. If not, replace the bulb.

Step 5: Check if the circuit of all the whole sections of the Christmas light is working. If a particular section’s circuit isn’t working, the entire circuit won’t function. So you will have to work on the section with the damaged circuit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do LED Christmas Lights Stay On If One Burns Out?

If the bulb goes out but isn’t bad, the whole LED Christmas light set can remain intact.

However, if the LED light is damaged in the process, the whole LED Christmas light will go out. Although in some cases, only a half section of the LED Christmas light goes out.

2. What Does a Burned Out Christmas Light Fuse Look Like?

One way to know if your fuse is burned out is by examining the color. Once a fuse is burnt, it will appear dark.

However, in most cases, damaged fuses do not always look dark like something burnt.

In case, after observation of the fuse and you are not sure that it’s burnt, you can make use of a voltmeter to examine the fuse to know if it’s still functioning or dead.

3. Why Do Blue LED Christmas Lights Burn Out First?

There is no confirmed theory about why Blue LED Christmas lights burn out first.

However, according to UK-based scientists, they discovered that magnesium, one of the most common ingredients used in creating Blue LED, might be responsible for the fast burnout.

However, there are possibilities that with time, the manufacturers will strategize better to find a better solution to these problems.

Final Thoughts

Getting to know your Christmas light better will help you understand how to use it better.

In most cases, the problems that develop from these lights will leave you wondering what to do next.

The questions in this article will help you know your Christmas light. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a LED Christmas string light or a regular Christmas light. This article will answer essential Christmas light questions bothering you.