How to Install LED Strip Lights?

how to install led strip lights

LED strip lights are a great way to add accent lighting to your home. They are also popular for adding light in areas where you need extra illumination. The strips can be cut to any length, and they come in many different colors so that you can find the perfect fit for your needs. If … Read more

How to Wire String Lights Together?

how to wire string lights together

Whether it’s a party or Christmas, string lights are a great way to decorate your outdoors. From your bed frame, dining table, and walls to the decks, porches, and trees. String lights can be a great way to illuminate your home. And even though, they are the best and most affordable way to add some … Read more

How Many Icicle Lights Can I String Together?

how many icicle lights can i string together

While icicle lights add sparkle and amazing decor that we all love, too many or too few lights can ruin it. So how many icicle lights can you string together? Read on to find out the number of icicle lights that you need. Plus, you’ll find out how to connect the strands safely without overloading. … Read more

How to Shorten LED String Lights?

how to shorten led string lights

Nothing gives your home the proper holiday feel like a bunch of Christmas string lights. Christmas string lights are an essential decoration that gives your home, lawn, office, or wherever it is you choose to decorate, the complete holiday make-over. Quite frankly, your Christmas decorations are incomplete without string lights. In fact, if there are … Read more

What Are Green Flashlights Used for?

what are green flashlights used for

Colored flashlights are handy at helping us with protecting our eyes while working under low or no light and in different conditions. From military personnel and astronomers to hikers and hunters, you will see a lot of people using different colored flashlights in distinct conditions. Typically, 3 colors are most prominent in the colored flashlight … Read more

How to String Lights on Trees Outdoors?

how to string lights on trees outdoors

The soft glow of lights on outside trees creates a welcoming atmosphere! It doesn’t matter whether you’re decorating for the holidays or just improving the ambiance of your outside area. Trees, including evergreens, deciduous trees, palms, and yucca may all benefit from outdoor string lighting. Often, bare-leaf trees, particularly horizontal-spreading kinds, are great for hanging … Read more

How to Keep Birds off Outdoor Lights?

how to keep birds off outdoor lights

As much as birds are lovely and beautiful creatures, they can also be a nuisance when they want to be. You might have had an experience of birds invading your yard and having a feast at your porch. It could be annoying, especially when they leave their nasty droppings all over your deck. The annoying … Read more

How to Dim String Lights?

how to dim string lights

String lights aren’t just festive ornaments. They also help to galvanize your mood or set the tone of a feeling you may need for an activity.  For instance, you’ll need a brighter set of string lights to offer you that energetic feeling to take on hard tasks. A well-dimmed set of string lights on the … Read more

How Many Lumens For Desk Lamp?

how many lumens for desk lamp

Ever happened to you, that you bought a bulb or lamp with high wattage but it isn’t that bright? Well, it is because you have been looking at the wrong unit for brightness. Watts actually only measures the energy use of a bulb, not its light output! Lighting and brightness are all about lumens. Lumens … Read more

How to Power String Lights without an Outlet?

how to power string lights without an outlet

There are reasons why you might want to power the string lights without an outlet. It could be the absence of a power outlet near the lights’ desired placement, or maybe you wish to cut down your electricity bill. It is possible to use string lights without a power outlet in either condition by using … Read more