How to Keep Birds off Outdoor Lights?

As much as birds are lovely and beautiful creatures, they can also be a nuisance when they want to be.

You might have had an experience of birds invading your yard and having a feast at your porch.

It could be annoying, especially when they leave their nasty droppings all over your deck.

The annoying part is that once their dropping dries up, it gets difficult to clean off your deck.

Another area these birds also love to perch and make merry is the outdoor light of your home. How do you intend to get rid of birds that always perch on your outdoor light?

In this article, we’ll look at how to keep birds off outdoor lights.

how to keep birds off outdoor lights

Why You Need to Keep Birds Away From Your Outdoor Light?

Birds perch on your outdoor light to see how comfortable and conducive it is for them to build their nests.

Once they make their nest here, it means they’ve come to stay, and this isn’t good because there’s every possibility that they will mess up your outdoor light with bird dropping and waste.

The warmth produced from your outdoor light makes it the ideal place for them to lay their eggs.

However, it is not ideal for a bird’s nest and bird wastes to be in proximity with your home.

7 Tips That Will Help You Keep Birds Off Your Outdoor Lights

If you find yourself in a situation where birds are overrunning your outdoor light, you’ll have to take action immediately to get rid of them.

The following are 7 tips that will help you keep birds away from your outdoor light:

1. Put A Plastic Owl Hanging On Your Outdoor Light

A plastic owl hanging from your outdoor light plays the same role as A scarecrow used in driving away birds in the field.

For this trick to work, you’ll have to maintain it regularly by keeping the Owl moving from time to time to give the birds the impression that an Owl which is a predator, now rules over their once beloved resting place.

However, bear in mind that failure to move the owl about from time to time gives the impression that the owl is fake.

If the birds discover this is a trick, they will begin to flock back to your outdoor light, and you’ll be back to square one once again. You wouldn’t be any that to happen, would you?

2. Place a Wind Chine Over Your Outdoor Lights

With the help of a wind chime, you can safeguard your light from birds.

All you have to do is hang them over the outdoor string light.

The presence of these wind chimes alone, and the noise they produce when the wind blows them is enough to scare birds away and stop them from perching on your outdoor light.

3. Put Rough Objects Over Your Outdoor Light

The flat surface of your outdoor light is the major area that these birds love to perch on all the time.

You can make rough objects to put on the surface or make the surface rough and uncomfortable for birds to perch on.

Once birds find out the surface isn’t flat and comfortable anymore, they will avoid making your outdoor light their regular camping site for the night.

These changes can be quite simple to enact if you want to get rid of the birds perching on your outdoor Light permanently.

4. Place Bird Spikes On Your Outdoor Light

One of the most effective methods to keep birds away from your outdoor light is bird spikes.

It would be best to place the bird spikes all over your Outdoor Lights, including the surface area.

Rest assured that birds will never visit your outdoor light anymore.

However, you’ll need to take note of the kind of birds that frequently visit your outdoor light so that you can know the exact bird spikes you need to Install on your light.

For instance, if you choose to install bird spikes generally meant for big birds, there is every tendency that smaller birds will be able to perch on your outdoor light.

It is why if you must purchase bird spikes, you must buy the ones that are most suitable for all bird sizes for effectiveness.

Ensure that the store or website platform you intend to purchase these bird spikes from has exactly what you need.

If they don’t, you might have to look elsewhere to get bird spikes that suit your criteria.

5. Do Not Provide Food For The Birds To Feed On

Feeding the birds that perch on your outdoor light is not the best way to get rid of them, so you shouldn’t try that.

You might be a bird lover who might feel led to share some bread crumbs or seeds with the little fellas.

However, you should know that once you keep giving them food, they’ll keep coming frequently.

You might even see an increase in the number of birds that come often.

Once you stop giving them food and these birds see that there is nothing to gain from visiting your outdoor light.

Their frequent visits will decrease, and eventually, you’ll discover that these birds will stop visiting as they used to.

Taking adequate measures like these ensures that you are serious about getting rid of the birds that assemble on your outdoor light.

6. Introduce Cats To Guard Your Outdoor Light

Many of you might not have thought of this option, but it’s an excellent option, and it works.

For those of you that don’t know why having a cat around your outdoor light is perfect, it is because birds are afraid of cats.

If you have a major bird problem on your hands regarding your outdoor light, you might do well to implore the use of cats to keep them away.

If you live in a neighborhood where cats are lurking around the corners from time to time, there’s a chance that these cats will notice the presence of birds hovering around your outdoor light, and this might prompt them to take action.

7. See a Professional For Advice

It is excellent to visit a professional for advice on such matters.

One of the things you can also learn from professionals is the species of birds that have federal protection.

Surprised? Feel free to touch other variants of birds; save for the 3 variants with federal protection.

Touching any of these birds could Lead to a fine of up to $10,000. You wouldn’t want to make such a mistake, so, be aware.

Bird Repellent Products

The following are some excellent examples of bird repellent products that will help you in repelling birds effectively:

Bird Spikes: Bird spikes are a barrier that can keep birds away from your property.

Bird Netting: Bird netting is used to prevent birds from entering any part of your house that you don’t want.

Drones: Drones are the best technological means to control birds in a difficult outdoor setting.

Electronic Bird Repeller: This is an ultrasonic gadget that effectively expels birds in a humane manner.

Shock Track System: This low-profile electrical product prevents birds from landing anywhere it is placed.

Laser Bird Repellers: This product utilizes effective laser beams to ward off birds from any area it protects.

Why Do Outdoor Lights Attract Birds?

There are several reasons why birds are attracted to light. In this section, we’ll be looking at some of the common reasons why birds find your outdoor light so attractive.

Here are the following reasons:

1. To Catch Flies and Bugs

Some flies and Bugs are often attracted to your outdoor light at night, and in most cases, there are lots of them.

The presence of bugs gathering around light is the perfect dinner setting for birds because they eat bugs and flies and since your outside light attracts lots of these bugs, expect birds to fly in anytime soon to begin feasting on their favorite meal.

2. To Build Nests

Birds see outdoor lights as the perfect spot to build their nests. One of the best outdoor lights that are a perfect fit for birds is those wide porch lights with a covering on top.

When your outdoor light is wide, it gives these birds the avenue to get inside.

Birds choose outdoor lights as the perfect spot for their nest due to their unlimited access to bugs and the warmness of the light.

3. Warmth

It doesn’t matter if birds build their nest on your outdoor light or not; one of the main reasons why they get attracted to your outdoor light is because of the warmth of the light.

One of the best times is during the winter season or when it rains.

However, some of you might dispute that not every light is a good producer of warmth.

An excellent example of lights that do not produce heat is LED lights.

They don’t get hot, which is why this type of light won’t be favorable to birds.

4. For Perching

Birds always need a place to perch now and then, especially when the spot is close to the ground.

Decorative outdoor lights are the best kinds of outdoor lights that birds consider to perch on.

Birds like to look for a great spot where they can perch at any time of the day that best suits them.

Final Thoughts

If the birds in your neighborhood are making your outdoor light their place of rest against your wish, you can make use of the tips mentioned in this article to keep birds off your outdoor light.

It will help keep your outdoor secure and safe from bird waste.