How to Power String Lights without an Outlet?

There are reasons why you might want to power the string lights without an outlet.

It could be the absence of a power outlet near the lights’ desired placement, or maybe you wish to cut down your electricity bill.

It is possible to use string lights without a power outlet in either condition by using battery-powered, solar, and Bluetooth string lights.

Nowadays, USB string lights are available that can easily be plugged into a USB port.

However, the easiest solution is getting an extension cord.

This post discussed how to power string lights without an outlet and much more.

how to power string lights without an outlet

Can You Use the Extension Cord to Power the String Lights inside Your Home?

In some cases where you do not have the power outlet to plug in your string lights, an extension cord comes in handy.

With the help of an extension cord, you can plug in your string lights and adjust them according to the length of the extension’s cord.

However, there are two types of extension cords depending on the placement of your string lights: Outdoor and indoor extension cords.

They differ in a way that the outdoor extension cords are heavy-duty and made to resist the moisture and temperature outside.

Whereas, the indoor extension cords have less insulation and are not as protective as the outdoor extension cord.

Thus, you cannot plug in your outdoor string lights by using an indoor extension outside.

You can use the indoor and outdoor extension as suitable and power the string lights easily and safely.

How to Power String Lights without an Outlet?

Wishing to place the string lights in the desired location but having no power outlet nearby can be frustrating. What to do in such a condition?

The simplest and easiest way is to plug the string lights into an extension cord.

Extension cords are safe and something everyone has lying around the house.

Even if you have to go to the market to get the extension, it is not expensive, and it is a cheap and effortless solution to the power outlet problem.

Here is how you can easily plug the string lights into the extension cord indoor or outdoor:

  • Choose the correct extension cord you need for your string lights.
  • Choose the right length of the cord, so it is flexible to move to the desired location.
  • Choose between an outdoor and indoor extension cord depending on where you need to place the string lights.
  • Ensure the voltage available in the nearest power outlet is adequate for the extension cord.
  • Plug in the extension into the power outlet.
  • Move the extension to the desired place.
  • Plug in the string lights into the extension cord.
  • Voila! The string lights are now functioning.

Putting the string lights into an extension cord is not a tricky task.

But what might seem tricky is maintaining the connection while keeping it safe.

Once you have placed the cord and light in place, make sure to clip the lights into their place, so they are not making a mess by falling into place.

Moreover, the extension cord should be placed somewhere safe, especially in the house with children; it should be kept safely out of their reach.

Moreover, in whatever case, using an extension cord requires specific care and safety measures that you ought to know.

Some precautions that you should follow while using an extension cord are:

  • Use an extension with the desired length of the cord, so there is no pull and wear in trying to place the cord into the desired place.
  • Place the extension cord in a dry place.
  • Avoid water and damp areas at all costs. Water and electricity do not blend.
  • Unplug the cord as soon as it feels hot to touch.
  • Do not overload the extension cord.
  • Do not plug in multiple appliances into a single extension cord at once.
  • Do not try to connect extension cords by plugging one into another.
  • Turn off the power source when the extension is not in use.

Using an extension cord is a safe and easy process if you make it so.

With some bit of care, you can plug in the string lights inside your house into an extension cord and not worry about not having a power outlet.

Just make sure to care for the extension cord by taking certain safety measures.

Moreover, make sure to store the extension cord properly in a cool and dry place when not in use.

Maintain the extension’s health and provide the right voltage to it.

What To Take Care Of When Buying Extension Cord For Outdoor Use?

Indoor and outdoor extension cords differ according to the use they offer.

You cannot exchange their field of use and expect them to work.

Both cords are made specifically to do the work their name suggests.

Outdoor extension cords are heavy-duty as compared to indoor cords.

The main difference is the insulation;

The outdoor cords have better insulation to protect from the harsh sun rays and the moisture content in the atmosphere.

They even have higher ampere consumption depending on the type of extension cord you buy for the outdoors.

The outdoor cords, as compared to indoor cords, even require some extra care because they are directly exposed to the weather conditions outside.

Make sure to choose the right type of extension cord for outdoors by following specific measures:

  • Pick the extension with the desired amount of protection.
  • You can also make a DIY protective covering using plastic containers.
  • Remove and store the extension in a safe place when not in use.
  • Avoid placing the extension into open areas, even outside, keep it in an isolated spot.
  • Avoid using the extension through various openings such as through windows and doors.

However, taking such measures can keep your extension cord safe and working for longer.

The usual electrical safety measures are to be taken to ensure your safety.

Alternative Products to Power Your Outdoor Space

While using an extension cord is the most flexible and preferable way of powering string lights without a power outlet, there are other ways that some people prefer.

You can illuminate your outdoor space by using the following creative products:

1. LED Candles

The LED candles are a great way to elevate the surroundings by providing an intimate and romantic touch.

Candles are a great addition to any outdoor setup, but candles whose wax does not burn down and create a mess are even better.

However, there are also LED lights that use natural wax, but an LED bulb illuminates better than a real candle.

A battery powers the LED candles; it can be a rechargeable battery as well as the standard lithium batteries.

The candles last about 40-50 hours on a single recharge.

These lights are bright, durable, and provide an eerie outdoor setting.

2. Solar Powered Lights

Solar-powered lights are a great way to lower the electricity bill while lighting up your outdoor and giving it an aesthetic touch.

The solar lights draw the energy from the sun during the daytime and charge themselves and illuminate the surroundings all night long.

They are cost-effective, easy to install, and durable. They are also great for the environment since solar energy is environmentally friendly.

3. Battery Operated/Rechargeable Lights

Battery-operated lights save you the hassle of finding an electrical switch or complicated wiring and even the installation process.

The go-to way to use them is to power them off when not in use to preserve the battery.

They take a few hours to charge completely, and on each session, they provide about 8-10 hours of lighting.

4. USB Bluetooth String Lights

The Bluetooth string lights are an innovative and advanced way of powering up your outdoors. They do not have complicated wiring or installation.

With simple Bluetooth, you can control their operation and settings.

The Bluetooth operation can be controlled through the app installed on your phone, which helps you operate the lights easily and access some advanced settings.

Moreover, USB Bluetooth lights can also be plugged into a USB port to power up.

5. Wireless Motion Sensor Lights

Wireless motion sensor lights are great to be used for security purposes as well.

The lights have no wiring; they are completely automatic and rechargeable.

Once in place, the lights detect the motion from afar and turn on.

They have automatic power off and on, which can be adjusted in the settings, and they also last long hours on a single charge.

It does not require any tricky installation either.


You might be worried that powering up the string lights without a power outlet is impossible.

Not only is it possible, but it is also relatively easy. The go-to way is simply plugging in an extension cord.

However, alternative methods such as solar string lights and rechargeable ones are also considerable.