10 Best Animal Floor Lamps for Fun and Decoration in 2022

Attention Animal Lovers! This article is for you. Your home is your safe space so it says a lot about you and the things that you love.

From your rug to your sofa and even to your floor lamp, every piece of furniture in your home is a representation of who you are.

And as an animal lover, it’s only natural that you want that side of yourself to show.

Animal floor lamps help you make a bold statement to anyone who walks in and this article outlines 10 gorgeous animal floor lamps that can suit any home design.

Don’t forget to stop by the comment section to tell us which one you loved the most.

1. Giraffe Floor Lamp for Children’s Rooms

giraffe floor lamp

Cute, delicate, and lovely, this giraffe-shaped floor lamp is a great option for your little one’s room.

Not only can it be used in your hallway to light up your child’s path to the kitchen, but it can also be used as a reading lamp thanks to its adjustable option.

You can adjust the height of this floor lamp from 51 inches to 39 inches, making it perfect for reading on your desk.

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2. Dinosaur Floor Lamp for Nursery

dinosaur floor lamp

Built with every little kid in mind, this adorable dinosaur floor lamp is perfect for your child’s room.

The cute blue dinosaur that holds up the lamp is stronger than he looks and he is supported by a sturdy base.

With this floor lamp, you can light up your babies’ room and have enough light to read them their favorite bedtime stories.

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3. Gold Monkey Lamp

gold monkey lamp

This remarkable monkey-shaped floor lamp is the embodiment of chic and luxury.

The dazzling gold finish of the standing monkey adds a sense of regality to your home. T

his magnificent piece is also available in deep black and smooth white.

The detailing on the monkey’s fur makes this floor lamp almost lifelike. Your home will never be boring with this stunning design.

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4. Tall Deer Print Floor Lamp

deer print floor lamp

No matter how much you love the outdoors, you have to come in at some point. So why not bring it in with you?

This rustic cabin-style floor lamp gives your cabin, lake house, or home a feel of the outdoors.

It has a deer-like print on its lampshade and a rope-trimmed bottom.

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5. Lion Floor Lamp

lion floor lamp

Stylish yet whimsical, this contemporary lion floor lamp is just as charming as it looks.

Despite its fragile figure, it is one of the sturdiest floor lamps out there.

It has 4 stable legs that offer it enough support to withstand people, pets, and even children.

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6. Brass Duck Floor Lamp

gold animal floor lamp
Image Credit: thepacktaggroup

The vibrant gold finish of this duck floor lamp will add a quirky touch to your home.

It is perfect for anyone with a flair for the dramatic.

The floor lamp is perfectly identical to a real duck; the attention to detail of the lamp’s design makes it an absolute masterpiece.

7. Zebra Floor Lamp

zebra floor lamp

Give your home a unique safari vibe with this exquisite zebra print floor lamp.

The white and black zebra pattern of this floor lamp allows it to blend well with various interior decors; including modern.

Its single bulb radiates a soft glow that brightens up your space.

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8. Floor Fish Lamp

floor fish lamp

Not only is this unique floor lamp an excellent complement to the interior decor of your home, but it also serves as a sensory product and is great for people with specific needs.

The soft humming sound that the floor lamp produces, along with the slow movement of the fish and color alternating bubbles, creates a calming atmosphere and stimulates your mind.

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9. Vintage Bear Cub Floor Lamp for Living Rooms

bear cub floor lamp

This vintage floor lamp takes your home’s aesthetic to the next level.

The rustic color of the lampshade allows a warm glow of light to radiate from the floor lamp. Its pole resembles the gorgeous branches of a real tree and the lifelike bear cubs at the base of the lamp complete the vintage design.

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10. Rabbit Floor Lamp

bunny floor lamp
Image Credit: Aliexpress

With a glistening gold coat and distinctive rabbit ears, this floor lamp stands out wherever you place it and it goes well with several interior decors, including postmodern and industrial.

The subtle arc of the floor lamp makes it suitable for reading on your couch or bed.