How to Identify a Tiffany Lamp?

Tiffany lamps are the current beautiful things that most people choose for their decorative purposes. They are more than just art products that become famous during the early 20th century.

They come in different styles, models, shapes, brands and colors, sometimes it becomes overwhelming and daunting when looking for a tiffany lamp, especially when you interacting with them for the first time.

Therefore, it is crucial if one understands some basic things that will enable them to identify the best Tiffany lamps; here is everything you need to know about how to identify a Tiffany lamp:

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What Are the Popular Motifs for Tiffany Lamp?

tiffany desk lamps

Tiffany lamps have been made in several motifs from their invention periods until now; as the world revolves technologically and industrially more advanced motifs are developed.

When they were first developed, they did not depend on the daylight to look beautiful; their colors and patterns could be easily identified with any artificial lighting any time of the day.

Here are the most popular Tiffany lamp patternss you should always know about:

1. Favrile. This is the first motif that was ever developed; it also happens to be the simplest tiffany lamp design. The name is derived from French that means handcrafted.

2. Geometric Tiffany Lamp. They are simpler designs derived from ovals, circles, triangles and squares, basically depend on geometry. These Tiffany lamps were made from both small and large pieces.

3. Transition to flowers. As a result of the combination of geometric and floral patterns, how did they look like? It appeared that a geometric is combined with a floral border, or a floral pattern had a geometric background. They were among the most beautiful and unique Tiffany lamp motifs ever developed.

4. Floral cone. These are the botanical and insect motifs; the dragonfly motif is the most popular in this case; they are cone-shaped and considered to be among the easiest Tiffany lamps to manufacture. They were made with straight sides, a feature that made it easy for any interested party to make them, and they were many than any other motif.

5. Floral globe. They are globe-shaped; these were the hardest motifs one could manufacture because of their curved shape; many manufacturers failed to achieve this. However, they incorporated the floral and insect motifs.

6. Irregular lower border. They are made so that the lower border is flowing and more serpentine; they were mostly botanical motifs derived from trees and shrubbery branches. This design had an Art Nouveau look.

7. Irregular upper and lower border. The crown of this lampshade’s motif was of trees and shrubbery branches openwork. The bases were made from ornate bronze or pure pottery.

What Are the Different Types of Tiffany Lamp?

There are several different types of Tiffany lamps based on different features and functionality. Since their development time, different types have come up each day due to total creativity and different revolutions resulting from the industrial revolutions.

If you have an interest in the lampshades, then the following are the most popular and common Tiffany lamp types, one should always know about:

  • Tiffany Floor Lamp

stained glass floor lamp

Tiffany floor lamps are among the most versatile lampshades one could fit in their premises; they were traditionally modeled immediately after their main inventor Louis Tiffany’s original artwork.

The floor lamps come in many different stained glass themes, something most people like and the most popular traditional tiffany floor lamps include mission (like Werfactory adjustable lamp), museum-quality, among many others.

Not only do they add light to your room, but they also come with style ensuring more elegance at your place; their beautiful glasses are handcrafted and incorporated into the beautiful shades that ensure the achievement of style, practicality and elegance.

Their ability to stand on their own with their height ensures the whole intended room gets light and achieves the beauty it desires makes them the best choice for almost everyone.

  • Tiffany Table Lamp

dragonfly lamp

They are currently recreated as the antique replicas have been to achieve and bring about the style and spirit of the early 1900s.

Tiffany table lamps come in different styles, sizes and shapes to enable them to fit any décor in your bedroom, study room or any other room you would want to fit them in.

Most of their glass shades have geometric motifs and floral patterns; their designs allow them to be placed on tables and still illuminate the desired amount of light as they expose their beauty.

Tiffany table lamps are among the highest choices that people opt for as they can easily incorporate them with their interior décor with over a thousand different shades design.

Overall, the most elegant tiffany lamps for decorating your vintage living room is Werfactory crystal and floral reading lamp.

  • Tiffany Hanging Lamp

stained glass pendant light

These are Tiffany lamps specially made for one to hand them from their ceiling easily; their sizes and shape of the stand determines how effective or how they will look in your room.

Most of them are based on Nouveau Art’s inspiration, making them unique and fantastic lamp shades to use in your living room, bedroom, kids room, office or any other place of your interest.

They are available in various designs, varying from the most common one, the dragonfly motif, to the more creative tree designs.

When planning to buy these pendant lamps, focus on the hanging frame’s height.

It should not be too long if the distance between your ground and ceiling level is short; find the height that won’t be hit by taller persons within your house. It should as well not be too short of illuminating light in one spot.

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  • Tiffany Wall Lamps

tiffany light fixture

These are unique wall lamps made to be fixed in a room’s wall. They can be used in interior house rooms or even in dark corridors within your apartment.

The following are the main Tiffany wall lamps anyone interested in looking for one should focus one:

1.    Traditional Tiffany Wall Lamps

They are based on natural and floral themes and can make your home achieve a natural feel, something hard to get in the 21st century. Most of these design have special hand-cut glasses which incorporate nature feel around you.

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2.    Art Deco Tiffany Wall Lamps

They are characterized by perfect straight lines with a modern feel, they are more stylish, and most people prefer to use them for decorative purposes.

However, they have been made with high-quality lighting fixtures that enable them to illuminate light in the room as much as they add more beauty to your home.

3.    Dragonfly Tiffany Wall Lamps

These are the common and designs on the peak since the 19th century, and they are more stylish, warm and beautiful than any other style. They are made to ensure that they provide enough amounts of light and maintaining their stylish looks.

4.    Art Nouveau Tiffany Wall Lamps

They are packed with flowing curves and the most elegant designs, elaborate and highly colorful to decorate your room or corridors. They produce much light, which combines with its patterns to make everything look stunning.

5.    Mackintosh Inspired Tiffany Wall Lights

It is more like the popular rose motif; it has been designed to feature the mackintosh rose. They are beautiful and bring about a natural floral feeling in your place.

  • Tiffany Chandelier

real tiffany lamps

These are more classic styled to create and achieve a perfect centerpiece to any room of your house, blending with any interior décor.

Most of their designs have been made with the most stunning colors that fit in contemporary or traditionally designed homes. If you love the nature-inspired motifs or the classic clean Art Deco styles, you will still get satisfied with Tiffany Chandelier.

Their production process ensures the use of quality shades and patterns to ensure that your chandelier lasts for an extended period.

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How to Tell a Real Tiffany Lamp from a Fake?

how to identify tiffany stained glass

Once you come across a Tiffany lamp and get interested in it, you will want to buy it.

Currently, the world is filled with a counterfeit of everything, and therefore it is wise when one carefully inspects each tiffany lamp piece they come across.

Pay attention to the following things since they will help you identify a real Tiffany lamp from a fake:

  • Step 1: Check at the Lamp’s Base

Turn over the lamp and carefully examine its base, remove the cape, and check the grey metal ring’s condition.

If the Tiffany lamp is original, you will see that the metal ring is made from heavy lead metal, the inside of the base is hollow and made from bronze.

The lamp is fake; you will see that the base is made from white metal, zinc, plastic, brass or even wood, something you should highly avoid.

  • Step 2: Check the Metal

The original metal that makes the tiffany lamp have a patina is either a brownish or greenish film on the metal’s surface due to extended periods of oxidation.

These color changes indicate that the lamp is original; for fake Tiffany lamps, the oxidation occurring there does not lead to these color changes.

  • Step 3: Check the Color

Tiffany lamps are popular for their vibrant colors and textures, especially on their glass designs. Take your time to inspect the glass carefully; if you happen to identify any speck of color, it indicates that the lamp is genuine.

Carry out this practical thing to find out the lamp’s authenticity by dipping cotton dap in nail varnish and gently running it through the lamp’s glass. If the lamp is genuine, the color pigment on the glass won’t easily rub off, while for fake lamps, the color is always painted, and it will come off.

  • Step 4: Check the Signatures

Another sign of originality is the signatures or stamps; however, you need to understand what you want clearly. Their marking system is mainly focused on etchings or cuttings on the bases, which keep changing as more revolution takes place.

However, one should not fully rely on this feature because it is one easy thing to forge, but it should be among the things to focus on.

  • Step 5: Look at the Lamp Knobs

Always pay great attention to the lamp’s knobs on the bases; most genuine Tiffany lamps have turn-paddle knobs specifically to be used for the lamp’s operation; in the cases where there are no turn-paddle knobs, check for pull chains.

  • Step 6: Check the Lampshade

Another thing to focus on is the iconic stained glass shade; original Tiffany lamps glass shades should be either cone or globe-shaped or organically flow.

Fake Tiffany lamps have more rigid forms; most real ones revolve around butterflies, dragonflies, peacock feathers, spiders, and botanical designs when it comes to the motif used.

  • Step 7: Look at the Connections

Consider holding the top of the lampshade and lightly tap the glass; if the glass is loose or rattles, it indicates the lamp is nothing but a fake lamp.


1. Is Tiffany Lamp and “Tiffany Style” Lamp Same?

A “Tiffany-style” lamp reproduces an original Tiffany lamp or lampshades exactly copied from authentic tiffany lamps.

Most of them copy the famous tiffany lamp style and motifs; they are most common to people as they are always cheaper than the original lamps.

If not keen, you might be convinced to call the tiffany style lamps the original lamps due to their similarity in almost everything except quality.

2. Are All Tiffany Lamps Marked?

Tiffany, the sole manufacturer of Tiffany lamps, used both blown glass and leaded glass shades; the leaded glass shades have markings in their inner metal rim of the edge; therefore, they are assumed to be signed as it is more of a stamp administered on the metal.

However, not all Tiffany lamps have these signed features; others have markings to show that they are authentic; this is done by a special expert specializing in that.

Moreover, this feature will help you distinguish between a fake and a real Tiffany lamp.

3. Where Is the Stamp on a Tiffany Lamp?

Tiffany lamp stamp is one of the most crucial things to always look for; sometimes, it becomes difficult to spot where exactly the stamp is located. It happens especially when one has never interacted with Tiffany lamps before.

Turn the lamp and check on the base; the bottom inner metal rim of the shade is where the stamp is situated. It is metallic art words which should read: TIFFANY STUDIOS NEWYORK, they should be all in capital letters.

If the stamp reads the above words, but in small letters, it is possibly a fake tiffany lamp.

4. Why Is Tiffany Lamp So Expensive?

Tiffany lamps are always expensive in all countries regardless of their category; this is caused by the following:

  • They cannot be mass-produced or manufactured by machines. Each lamp is handcrafted, making the general cost of producing each lamp extremely high, leading to high selling prices to retailers or wholesalers.
  • The materials used to make them are of the highest quality, which comes at inexpensive prices, and most of them are not readily available.
  • They are collector's items meaning that only very few authentic Tiffany lamps still exist, so they will always have a high value.
  • They are rarely produced today, meaning they are more historical art crafts highly valued, not just simple lamps.
  • Mostly, they are passed down from generation to generation as heirlooms; thus, their inherent know the value of each lamp left behind.


To add more beauty, elegance and natural feel to your home, consider finding the best type of Tiffany lamps, choose depending on what you want to achieve.

Their wide variety but scarcity makes them more valuable and wanted by many, their ability to get them designed in different motif makes them more treasured.

Learn everything about Tiffany lamps so as once you get to the stores to get one, you get back home with the exact value for your money as you can distinguish between authentic and fake ones.