How to Hide Floor Lamp Cords?

Floor lamps are a great addition to the home décor. These tall standing lamps emit light on a higher level. And so, when positioned carefully, the floor lamps make the room appear moody and stylish.

However, there’s one annoying feature of these lamps; the cords. When left uncared for, they quickly tangle into a ball of wires that transform your beautiful room look into a messy and untidy one. And, let’s not forget the risk associated with tangled wires!

It is why we’ve brought you this comprehensive post on how to hide floor lamp cords. So, let’s dive in!

how to hide floor lamp cords

Why Do You Need to Hide Floor Lamp Cable Cords?

Some people simply do not care if a few wires are lying here and there, while some go completely haywire on the sight of the tiniest cord.

This particular categorization of people might make you believe that hiding the floor lamp cable cords is a matter of preference. But it’s not.

There are some pretty good reasons which establish the hiding of cords as a mandatory task. These include:

  • Better Room Décor

A room with unhidden cords appears to be messy and untidy. You can decorate it as beautifully as you want.

But, the wires will still give the wrong impression to the onlooker.

Hence, to make your room décor flawless, it’s best to hide all cords. It will make your room look organized, clean, and tidy. The style and décor also will pop out without those messy cords to ruin it.

  • Increased Safety

Exposed and unorganized cables pose great safety hazards. The floor lamp cords are present on the floor.

So, it is easy for people to trip and fall. These cords can become a source of serious injury, especially for kids and the elderly.

Also, tripping and falling over wires creates inefficiency. The actions may plug out the wire, forcing you to reconnect again and again.

In worst cases, your expensive floor lamp may even fall. So, hiding cords keeps both you and your lamp safe.

  • Ease in Cleaning

When tucked away into their dedicated spaces, the hidden wires also make it easier to clean and maintain your room. You do not have to deal with balls of tangled wires every single time.

  • Lifespan Maximization

Typically, hiding wires involves the use of flexible tube casings. These not only camouflage the wires but also serve as a protective layer.

As a result, the wire remains safe from damage and wear. You won’t have to invest your hard-earned money on frequent repairs and replacements.

Popular Ways to Hide Floor Lamp Cords

Now that we have understood the need. Let’s take a look at the most effective and popular ways to hide the floor lamp cords.

1. Use Cable Masking

how to hide lamp cords on the floor

Cable masking refers to when you hide cords in strategic places and corners. The classic way is to mask the wiring along the wall using forged ducts or tubes. However, this still shows them a little.

Instead, you can use tape to hide the floor lamp cord behind furniture.

Another creative way would be to place a decorative box in front of the cable and plug. You can mask them completely in places, such as skirting boards or underfloor panels.

Please note that these installations are not easy-to-access. Situations might be challenging, where you want to take a look or replace the cables.

2. Use Flexible Spirals or Tunnels

Using flexible spirals or tunnels is a great solution readily available in the market.

These ready-to-use gadgets have a flexible build to easily allow you to fix any standard cable. Plus, you can glue them to the walls or any other surface.

While these gadgets do not completely conceal the cable, they camouflage it into the rest of the room décor. You also have easy access in case of any replacement or repair.

3. Decorate your Cables

It is not necessary to hide the floor lamp cords if you come up with a creative way to blend them in the surroundings. You can decorate it such that it complements the room décor.

For example, in an industrial-style interior, placing the cords near exposed concrete or unfinished plaster gives a beautiful look.

You can even place a brick near the cord to create a moody effect.

Other ideas for industrial style may include lamps, decorative light bulbs, retro switches, etc.

4. Use Wall Stickers

use wall stickers to make floor lamp cords hidden

If you desire a quick and effective solution, go ahead with wall stickers. These specially designed stickers have a powerful adhesive that hides all wires. It doesn’t matter whether the wire is hanging or on the wall.

You can place it under the stickers easily. Plus, these wall stickers come in a variety of designs to enhance your room interior further.

5. Paint It to Match the Space

A budget-friendly way to hide floor lamp cords is to paint them. Again, use the camouflaging technique. However, you are conserving both time and money.

You can simply get a paint color that matches the rest of the indoors and paint.

Alternatively, you can use a bold, contrasting color that complements the other room colors.

But, it’s best not to highlight those wires much.

How to Hide Lamp Cords on the Floor?

how to hide electrical cords on hardwood floors

Having discussed the popular ways, you must have found the idealistic way to hide your floor lamp cords.

But, the next question is how. Since we’re dealing with electrical wiring, the slightest mistakes can lead to major accidents.

We highly recommend you seek professional assistance if you’ve no prior experience. If you’ve, then please go ahead!

Here is how to hide lamp cords on the most common floor types:

1. How to Hide Floor Lamp Cords on Tile Floors?

Tiles are one of the strong, low-maintenance, and water-resistant flooring types.

Hence, it’s okay to use any of the above-suggested methods to hide floor lamp cords. You can either use protective coverings like flexible tunnels or blend them in using decorations.

However, please note you cannot drill or insert screws into tiles. It will crack them, destroying the entire flooring. So, avoid such hiding ideas at all costs.

2. How to Hide Floor Lamp Cords on Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood floors outshine the tiles when it comes to aesthetics. These wooden floorings add a different level of warmth and style to the indoors. But they aren’t as robust or damage-resistant.

This flooring can easily become damaged by moisture, wear, and other factors.

Since the lamp cord will be on the floor and direct contact, it’s best not to use blending in methods.

Instead, hide the cables using flexible tunnels/spirals or other protective casings.

A popular product is ChordSavers. It has a rigid, hard build that encloses the cords from all sides. You can also find it in a matching hardwood design, which makes it an ideal pick.

How to Hide Floor Lamp Cords on Carpet?

Hiding floor lamp cords on carpet may be tricky but not impossible. Unlike tiles or hardwood, carpet is a fabric material. Thus, you should never place the electric cords under it.

The cords will become overheated due to the temperature or people walking over them. As a result, flames may erupt and set the complete carpet on fire.

Instead, use flexible tunnels/spirals or decorate the wires.

How to Hide Floor Lamp Cords on Walls?

how to hide light cords on wall

If the floor lamp cord is long enough, it’s always best to pull it up and fix it on the walls.

Unlike floors, the walls offer you unmatchable versatility. Besides the flexible tubes, you can decorate the cable using different items, stickers, paint, and whatnot.

This particular method also keeps the cord safe from traffic and overheating risks.

Creative Ways to Hide Floor Lamp Cords for the Different Space

how to hide electrical standing lamp cords on the floor

There are endless possibilities to how you can hide floor lamp cords. It all depends on your creativity.

Below, we have discussed a few popular creative ways to hide floor lamp cords in different spaces. Read on!

1. How to hide floor lamp cords in the living room?

The hiding method of cords in the living room greatly varies with the lamp placement.

If the lamp is near the walls, consider running the cord behind a wall or use flexible tunnels.

Alternatively, if the lamp is somewhere in the middle, stick the cord behind and underneath different furniture. You can even run it through a box!

2. How to hide floor lamp cords in corners?

Corners are the easiest to conceal the cords.

Try bundling the cords together using cables ties, and place a decorative item in front of it.

But, if there’s considerable traffic near the corner and you don’t want the cables to be visible at all, then consider running the wires into a box or behind the wall.

3. How to hide lamp cords in the middle of the room?

Many people prefer to drag the furniture away from the walls and make them afloat. But this makes hiding the lamp cords difficult to hide.

Nonetheless, you can still manage to keep them concealed with a little creativity.

Grab some tiny adhesive hooks or tape, and snake the cords strategically behind/underneath the furniture.

You can run the cord along the table leg or underneath a cabinet.