How to Hide Extension Cord for Outdoor String Lights?

Outdoor wiring can be a tricky thing as it can raise concerns for safety.

Extension cords are long and they are usually messy stuff to handle for the appearance of your house.

They can be a tripping hazard for occupants. Nobody prefers them lying around in helter-skelter.

Fortunately, there are several ways to hide these extension cords without compromising the aesthetic integrity of the outdoor portion.

Outdoor looks spacious, less cluttered, and more inviting.

The covering also minimizes exposure of these extension cords to the sun, preventing shrinkage problems.

In this article, we will discuss how to hide extension cord for outdoor string lights with covers and more.

how to hide extension cord for outdoor string lights

How to Hide Extension Cord for Outdoor String Lights?

1. Taping Up

If you want an easy method for hiding your extension cords without any laborious efforts, pick this one.

It is easy as you just have to roll out the extension cord along the ground, and then tape them against in vertical surface using a good type of tape.

This tape can be duct, plumbing, painter, or electrician’s tape.

The benefit of this method is directly linked to the color of the tape being used.

You can pick any color of tape that goes well with the decoration of your outdoor.

There must be coherence between them.

There can be continuity gaps in taps lengths stretched but they mostly go unnoticed as everyone is focusing on how neat everything is looking without cluttering, tangled mess of extension cords.

2. Using Plants

Everybody like lush greenery that is a comfort to the eyes. You can use this to your benefit and use them hide your extension cords.

Make sure the arrangement of plants is perfectly hiding these cords.

Sometimes extension cords are visible through the gaps between plants and you can hide these gaps by using decorative rocks or other items.

Sometimes a hole in a plant pot is introduced and cables can be hidden in them.

3. Using Cable Ramp

If you want to hide extension cords professionally and perfectly, then using a cable ramp is highly recommended. This is a bit expensive but it is the most effective method.

Usually, a piece of rubber material is used to hide all the cords outside.

There are usually carved slits in them and you can insert your cords through them, completely hiding them.

This method is beneficial in several ways. It gives a pleasant look to your patio.

Further, extension damage is minimal as there is no major exposure to harsh factors of the environment.


1. Can I bury Extension Cord Outside?

Yes, you can bury extension cords outside but it is recommended not to do so.

If these extension cords are buried directly, they can face unfavorable soil conditions which can damage these cords.

Thus, burying is not a bright option to go with when it comes to hiding cords.

2. Do outdoor extension cords need to be covered?

Yes, of course, they need covering.

This is because anyone can trip over these cords and compromise safety.

Furthermore, they clutter up outside space and give an ugly look to the outside space.


These are not the only options for covering extension cords and professional consultants can be hired for a few pointers to make your outside interesting.

You can also come up with your own creative ideas that are effective in hiding extension cords and adding to aesthetic beauty.