8 Best Acrylic Floor Lamps to Spruce up Your Interior in 2022

Finding the right floor lamp can be a stressful process, but choosing the right one is as important as choosing any other piece of furniture in your home.

The importance of proper lighting cannot be overemphasized. The right lighting highlights your interior design and accentuates the ambiance of your space.

But floor lamps do not only illuminate your room; they also add to its overall decor.

This post lists 8 unique acrylic floor lamps that suit a variety of lighting and aesthetic needs.

Let us know which acrylic floor lamp dazzled you in the comment section below.

Why Buy Acrylic Floor Lamp?

The purpose of a lampshade is to protect the bulb of your floor lamp. B

ut unlike regular run of the mile lampshades, acrylic lampshades protect your light bulbs and add a touch of elegance to your room.

Their unique designs create a stylish atmosphere wherever you place them.

They can be used to light up your living room, bedroom, or office.

The best part is that there is a wide variety of glamourous acrylic lampshades to choose from.

1. Tripod Acrylic Floor Lamps

clear acrylic floor lamp with tripod

The vintage design of this floor lamp fits a wide range of home decors. Its elegant drum-shaped lampshade allows enough light to penetrate through it.

The lampshade also casts the light in an upward and downward direction.

This floor lamp provides an ample amount of light without being too intense; it is perfect if you want to give your home a soft and cozy glow.

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2. West Elm Overarching Acrylic Shade Floor Lamp

west elm overarching acrylic shade floor lamp

The arched shape of this floor lamp means allows it stylishly bend over your sofa, offering you a generous amount of light.

It is great for book addicts who love to spend their days lounging and reading a good book on the sofa.

Its acrylic lampshade has a smoke finish that makes it stand out to anyone who walks in.

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3. Vintage Lucite Floor Lamp

gold and acrylic floor lamp

Take your home decor back a few decades with this vintage yet timeless floor lamp.

Its elegant brass top rests on three strong legs that are made of lucite. The three legs stand on a vibrant brass base.

This gorgeous piece gives your home a vintage and antique feel.

It is bold, and it pushes the boundaries of vintage floor lamp designs.

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4. LeeZM Acrylic and Gold Torchiere Floor Lamp

acrylic floor lamp for office

Featuring three stunning acrylic lampshades, this floor fits nicely with various interior designs and can be used to light up your home or office.

The round lampshades and the lamp itself are coated with a vibrant gold finish.

This floor lamp has a dimmable option, so you can set it to whatever mood you are in.

The nightlight dimming option makes it suitable for children’s rooms as well.

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5. Possini Euro Design Acrylic Floor Lamp Lucite Modern Light

acrylic floor lamp lucite modern light

Dazzle everyone who walks in with the unique design of this contemporary floor lamp. Its base has a glossy steel finish.

But the real beauty of this floor lamp is its flower-shaped acrylic lampshade.

It resembles the white leaves of a beautiful lily layered on each other to create an extraordinary design.

It is perfect for anyone with a flair for the dramatic.

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6. DEWENWILS Acrylic RGB Column Floor Lamp

acrylic column floor lamp

Not only is this elegant floor lamp shatter-resistant, but it also has 16 incredibly electric color options.

You can create the atmosphere you desire with its dimmable option.

Thanks to its minimalist, it goes well with numerous decors. Its slender shape means that it takes up a lot less space than your regular floor lamp.

You can position it anywhere in your room and receive lavish lighting.

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7. Ravenna Home Acrylic Ball Floor Lamp

accent acrylic floor lamp

The design of this floor lamp is simple yet elegant. It blends well with modern interior designs.

Its classic design offers versatility that most floor lamps do not. You can set up this lovely floor lamp beside your couch, bed, or even in your office space.

Its white acrylic drum-shaped lampshade allows the passage of enough light to illuminate any room.

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8. Twist Ring Acrylic Floor Lamps

acrylic shade floor lamp

If you are looking for a floor lamp miles away from ordinary, this floor is right up your alley.

The twisted acrylic top of this floor lamp offers the alluring illusion of a chandelier.

It has two rings that intertwine with each other beautifully.

The luxurious rings cast a delicate shadow on the wall when your room has low lighting.

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