How Long Do String Lights Last?

String lights are the go-to option for decorating the surroundings and adding a festive touch.

String lights, also known as fairy lights, enhance the ambiance in the surroundings.

They are even called the Christmas lights due to their use around the festive holidays.

String lights add a cozy and warm touch to the surroundings.

You can set up these lights in your patio or backyard by hanging across the walls, or you can use these inside the house to add an aesthetic touch indoors.

how long do string lights last

How Long Do String Lights Last?

String lights are a great option to add an elegant touch to the surroundings and save power consumption.

Some use LED lights that save up to 70% of your electricity bill by cutting down the electricity consumption.

However, how long do string lights last? The normal life of string light varies from 5-6 hours to 90 hours. Whereas LED string lights last up to 5 years.

1. How Long Do LED String Lights Last?

LED string lights are one of the most durable types of string lights. The LED bulbs can last up to 5 years even when used frequently and handled with care.

The LED light uses no filament that can cause failure on break; hence, it lasts long enough.

Nonetheless, the light intensity of the LED bulbs in the string light gradually declines and loses its real charm over the years.

2. How Long Do Incandescent String Lights Last?

Incandescent lights do not as long as LED string lights.

Incandescent lights illuminate the surroundings by turning up the filament inside the light bulb. The filament, over time, burns out and causes the lights to fuse.

The average life of incandescent strings lights is about 4-5 months if used excessively.

3. How Long Do Plug In Fairy Lights Last?

Plug in fairy lights uses electricity and can live up to 90 hours after frequent daily use.

Using the fairy lights on alternative timing can save their life and make them last up to 110 hours.

However, fairy lights with a filament inside them burn out after a certain time of frequent use.

4. How Long Do Solar Fairy Lights Last?

Solar fairy lights are the most durable fairy lights. The use of solar energy increases the life expectancy of these lights. They can last up to 5-10 years easily.

Even if you are using the lights for 10 hours per day, they are sure to last at least for 10 good years.

The lights might break or burn out in some cases, but solar energy gives them a good life overall.

Can Electric Light Strings Stay on All Night?

LED bulbs in a string light are of good build and quality and are made to last years.

Even with the varying voltage and power failure, the LED string lights last long.

It is completely safe to leave the indoor LED string lights running for 24 hours. They do not heat up or fuse with frequent use.

Nonetheless, it is better not to leave them on overnight when it comes to the outdoor LED string lights.

Under dry weather conditions, even the LED string lights can heat up and affect the light quality.

Is It Safe To Leave String Lights On?

how long do battery fairy lights last

Leaving string lights on is safe and manageable.

If there are LED bulbs in the string lights, it is completely safe and something you don’t have to think twice about. However, a filament bulb can heat up and fuse.

While it is completely safe to keep the lights running for as long you wish, it is better to avoid it in case of any electric shock occurring, which happens in rare cases.

Why Fairy String Lights Gets Dim?

Fairy lights overtime can dim due to their consistent functioning.

However, if the fairy lights start dimming just when you have started using them, there could be a couple of reasons.

It is possible that the lights are not getting enough voltage from the power source.

Or too much voltage can also be the culprit for the dimming of fairy lights. When provided with too much voltage, the lights burn out to excessive resistance and start to dim.

Moreover, another reason could be the low battery in the battery fairy lights. When the battery life runs out, you can replace it by getting new pair of batteries.

How To Make Christmas Lights Last Longer?

Buying Christmas lights every season becomes a frustrating chore, and it makes you wish to use the decorative lights from the last season.

But what to do when they don’t even last that long?

The first thing to do is to place the lights properly and safely. It is recommended not to leave Christmas lights on for longer periods once the festive is over.

Moreover, the harsh weather conditions can cause the lights to wear out around Christmas time. The solution is to wrap the lights safely in a coil and allow them to dry. Once dried, store them in a cold and dry area until use around the next season.


1. Can fairy lights cause a fire?

The chances of fairy light causing a fire are very low. They are safe to use and maintain.

However, in certain cases, damaged or frayed cords can lead to electric shock or faults, resulting in a fire eruption.

2. Do fairy lights use a lot of electricity?

Fairy lights consume only a little amount of electricity. LED fairy lights consume up to 1W-2W for 100 LED light bulbs, which adds up to $1 to your electricity bill.

3. Can you leave string lights outside?

String lights that are shatterproof and waterproof can be left hanging outside.

It is safe to leave the string lights outside, even in summer or winter conditions.