How to Attach String Lights to Brick Wall?

There is no need to get disheartened thinking you cannot decorate your outdoors just because you have brick walls.

You can still hang the string lights onto your brick walls using different methods that do not harm the wall or the look of your outdoors.

You can easily attach the string lights to the brick wall using adhesives, removable brick clips, and even drilling into the wall is a viable option.

However, the preferable method you might choose is the brick clips that are easy to install and remove and do not damage the wall.

how to attach string lights to brick wall

How to Attach String Lights to Brick Wall with Drilling?

Attaching string lights to a brick wall might seem like a challenging task, but practically it is all possible and easy. There are different ways you can put up your string lights in your house.

Drilling into brick walls is a considerable option if the placement for your string lights is permanent and has to stay in the same spot for a long period.

While drilling is better than temporary solutions, it also has risks and demerits. Drilling can be dangerous, and hence before doing so, you should have all the necessary precaution equipment, including

  • proper clothes,
  • masks,
  • and goggles.

Moreover, in some instances, drilling can also damage the wall and could lead to leakage in water pipes or cause other harm to the plumbing system in the house.

Hence, before drilling into your brick walls, mark the spot carefully and evaluate the distance between each spot and how much area you wish to cover with your string lights.

How to Attach String Lights to Brick Wall without Drilling?

Most people would simply prefer options that do not require drilling.

There are many options to hang the string lights on a brick wall without drilling, but they are all mostly temporary methods of only putting in the string lights for a certain time.

Here is how you can hang the string lights on a brick wall without drilling:

1. Adhesives

A go-to and straightforward solution to attach string lights to a brick wall is using adhesives.

These adhesives include heavy-duty glues, duct tapes, and construction tapes.

You might be wondering how simple glue can hold the string lights.

Well, the heavy-duty glues with good adhesion stick to the brick wall without damaging it.

Similarly, waterproof duct tapes are suitable for attaching string lights to the wall.

A hot glue gun is also a good tool for attaching the string lights to the brick wall since the heated glue stays in place for longer duration and does not break out easily.

2. Nails

Nails harm the walls to some extent since the holes made are irreversible.

However, it is a permanent and easy solution as compared to drilling.

Once you have decided and finalized the position for your string lights, you can set the nails into place with a hammer and hang the string lights on them.

3. Brick Clips

A brick clip is the best way of setting up the string lights in the surrounding.

However, brick clips can only be used on brick walls that are not entirely flat.

The brick should stick out from the surface so the brick clips can easily fit into the space.

They do not require any glue or does not damage the brick wall in any way.

How to Attach Solar String Lights to Brick Wall?

Solar string lights are a great way of illuminating the surroundings while saving energy.

The solar lights charge up during the daytime and use that energy to light up the surroundings at night time.

With this energy-efficient and environment-friendly use, most people prefer using solar string lights.

But how do solar string lights fit onto a brick wall? The installation of solar string lights on a brick wall depends on the type of string lights you have.

Solar string lights have a single solar plate attached at the end of the wiring that powers the string lights.

The string lights should be installed so that it covers the desired area under the given length of wire and that the solar plate is placed in the ideal location.

Most solar string lights can be hung on the wall, whereas the solar plate needs to be drilled into the wall.

In certain cases, the ideal placement of solar string lights also requires you to drill them to the wall.

However, it might be possible to avoid the drilling if the light bulbs are easy to hang with the help of brick clips and you find yourself in an ideal location to put the solar plate under direct sunlight.

What Type of String Lights Can Be Used on Brick Walls?

String lights enhance the look of your outdoor surroundings, but what type of string lights do you need if you have brick walls in your house?

String lights have particular uses and efficiencies. The main difference comes in the indoor or outdoor string lights, the type of bulb they use, or how they are powered.

However, when it comes to installing string lights on a brick wall, you can install almost all types of string lights, such as:

Furthermore, string lights of all types are relatively easy to install and despite having brick walls, you can fulfill your plan of decorating your outdoor space.


Attaching string lights to brick walls is not as complicated of a task as you think.

There are specific ways you can ensure safe installment of the string lights without damaging your brick walls.

All it needs is careful evaluation and some adhesives, and sometimes a drill, to set the string lights into place.