Best Cabinet, Closet and Stairway Stick on Night Lights

Stick on night lights are the trends in modern lighting. These are the kind of lights that you can place on any place in your home without the limitation of power outlets and space.

If you need added illumination in your closets, under the cabinets, bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms, and more, then what you need is just investing in the best stick on night lights.

The stick-on night lights are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it.

In this article, you will read:

  • 4 benefits you can get from stick on nightlights
  • How to choose the right one?
  • Top stick on night lights on the market

In a hurry? Buy these stick on night lights to get a better night vision!

Warm Light to Provide Soft Ambiance for Bedrooms: Mr. Beams LED Light

Versatile Night Lights with 2 Levels of Brightness Settings: AUVON Motion Sensor Night Light

Ideal for Lighting up Tasks with the Glare-Free Lighting: eufy by Anker Night Light

Super Bright White Light Combined with Tap Switch: Dream Master LED Battery-Powered Night light

Portable Light Bar with 40 Degree Rotation for Closets, Cabinets: OxyLED Closet Night Light Bar

Why Stick on Nightlights Are Good for Nightwalk?

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Having a good night’s sleep is everyone’s desire and thus the need to invest in a stick-on night light.

Below are the benefits of stick on night lights:

– Help when you are walking in extreme darkness.

It is not once that you have woken up in the middle of the night, only to stumble on an object or your dog because you did not see it. This can result in injuries in case you fall.

But with stick-on night lights, they will give you enough illumination in your rooms that allows you to walk in the dark and the light will not disturb your sleeping patterns.

– Comfortable

Kids are afraid of the dark. This behavior starts in childhood when the kid’s cognitive abilities improve including their imagination. When your kid wakes up at night and feels afraid, he/she will see that there is nothing too scary ensuring a comfortable night’s sleep.

Moreover, night lights come in different shapes including a teddy bear which can assure your child’s safety at night.

– Security

Any type of lighting including your night light is a hindrance to robbers who want to break into your home. With a stick on night light, you can get enough light that will keep robbers away thus protecting your valuables.

– Compact

A stick-on night-light has an appropriate size that hardly takes any space in your rooms. This makes them the perfect light addition without bringing any safety risks.

What You Should Consider When Buying Stick-on Night Lights?

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Having the best stick-on night light is incredible considering the numerous benefits associated with stick-on night lights. But how do you choose the best stick-on night light?

Below are the factors to consider:

What is the Power Source?

Due to the numerous stick-on night lights available in the market, you will find some powered by solar energy, others by AAA batteries while others use rechargeable batteries.

All these power sources have their pros and cons, but there is one that will be much better.

Night lights that use AAA batteries are ideal when you cannot access AC power, that is when on outside camping. However, you will have to change the batteries when they run out of power and this is not environmentally-friendly.

Rechargeable lithium batteries are very convenient since you can charge them easily with your USB cable and there is no additional cost for batteries.

On the other hand, solar-powered batteries are amazing, but only when the weather is favorable thus are dependent on the weather conditions.

The best way is to invest in a night light that features rechargeable lithium batteries.

Which Sensor Should I Choose?

When it comes to the type of sensor, there is the dusk to dawn sensor and motion sensor.

The dusk-to-dawn sensor is designed to detect the present ambient light level and measure the intensity of the light. That is how dark or how bright it is. During the night hours, the dusk-to-dawn sensor detects the low ambient light levels and then automatically switches on the light. During the day-time, the lights shut off automatically.

On the other hand, motion activated sensor detects the motion of bodies and then the sensor triggers the light. When the motion is halted or stopped the sensor turns off the light.

Both types of night light are incredible, but if you want to save or cut down the energy cost, the motion-activated sensor night light is the perfect option for you.

Which Color Temperature Should I Buy?

The color temperature of your night light is very important and it cannot be changed once you have bought your stick-on night light.

Therefore you need to be very careful when choosing your color temperature.

Generally, stick on night lights come with a single color temperature either warm white or cool white and it should be enough for lighting purposes.

Cool white has around 6000-6500k and this illumination is very bright and white light. If the light is meant for reading or you want to do your work with a sober head, then this is the perfect light.

The warm white light offers you a warm feeling and it is the type of light that will not blind you. It is comfortable to your eyes and the best light when you are in the middle of your sleep.

What Shape Should I Buy?

Stick-on night lights are available in many shapes, thus giving you the option to choose your preferred shape. There are round, square, and rectangular-shaped night lights.

Round-shaped night lights will disperse the light more evenly thus no dark spots in your rooms. However, you can choose the shape of your night light depending on the layout of your interior decor.

When it comes to the shape of night lights, all shapes are amazing, therefore, choose according to your preference.

What Light Colors Should I Buy?

The best colors for your sleep are red, yellow, and RGB.

– Red

Red colors have been proven to stimulate melatonin production which stimulates the desire to sleep. According to a study done, hamsters exposed to red night showed less evidence of stress or depressive symptoms compared to individuals exposed to blue or white light

– Yellow

The softer shades of the yellow color create a tranquil environment since the muted tone looks just like sunshine. The soft yellow color minimizes stress and also promotes tranquility, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

– White

White light is also effective in promoting sleep. It is estimated that it will take you about 2.2 minutes to fall asleep when using a white light color.


The red green and blue lights (RGB lights) are the common lights available. Green light is also a good color for relaxation. Trying avoiding blue colors since they inhibit melatonin production thus depreciating your sleep.

How Many Lumens Do I Need?

Nowadays, energy-efficient LED bulbs are measured in lumens. The number of lumens dictates the level of brightness in your rooms.

Your bedroom or sitting room will need about 10-20 lumens per square foot while your kitchen or bathroom will require much illumination at about 70-80 lumens for every square inch.

What Is the Switch?

Night lights come in different designs and styles. When it comes to the type of switch, there are manual press switches, touch-on switches, automatically on/off switches. All the switches have their advantages and disadvantages.

The automatic turn-on and off switch work well when you want to save your energy cost. It switches on and off only when the set time is reached or when motion is detected.

The touch-on switch is also great since it turns on the night light with just a touch on the screen. You can control the brightness of the night light by long touch on the screen.

The manual switches are also available, but they are not the best options.

Reviews of Best Stick on Night Lights

Here we move on to the best stick-on night lights on the market.

Mr. Beams Battery-Powered and Motion-Sensing LED Light – with Warm Light

mr beams motion activated led night light

Mr. Beams light is specifically designed to be your sleep-friendly night light. The amber LED gives you enough brightness to give safe lighting for bathrooms, bedrooms, and hallways.

This night light is amazing and at 600Nm, it is soft enough and will not disrupt your sleep.

Mr. Beams night light provides amber light that has been proven to be more conducive to sleep.

Mr. Beams Amber Stick light is designed with Beams’ signature technology including auto shut off and motion activation, hence the light will only be available when you need it thus prolonging the battery life.


– The nightlight is sleep-friendly
– Motion and light sensor
– Auto shut off to save your battery
– Amber light that makes it easy to fall asleep

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AUVON Motion Sensor Night Light – with Adjustable Brightness

stick on stair lights

AUVON motion sensor nightlight has been designed with versatility in the mind of the manufacturer.

The night light can be used in different areas including closets, bathrooms, visual aid for stairs, hallways, and bedrooms.

It is unique since it detects movements in the dark and turns on automatically for 20 seconds.

Additionally, this night light provides you with soft lighting that enables you to get up during the night and also wake up early in the morning without disrupting your sleep-wake cycles.

On top of that, the night light comes with two brightness modes that allow you to choose your preferred brightness for different occasions; either medium or high for the best experience.

AUVON night light is battery powered, and each set of AAA can be used for up to six months under low night light mode.

With the motion-sensing function, the night light saves you up to 85% more energy than the lights without motion sensors.

This is one of the best night lights when it comes to versatility, energy-saving, and quality light and it is worth your money.


– Energy-efficient night light
– Two brightness modes
– Versatile night light
– Motion sensor night light

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eufy by Anker Night Light – Eye Protection Light

eufy night light

eufy is the ideal lighting that gives you the correct amount of glare-free lighting allowing you to maneuver easily in the dark.

Another noticeable feature in this night light is the automatic illumination. The motion sensor activates lighting, anytime movement is detected in the dark.

Amazingly, the night light has been designed with Eye-Protection Technology that allows you to enjoy non-flickering light, thus stress-free work and cool relaxation

The night light is energy efficient, no worries about electricity bills. It runs on three AAA batteries that guarantee soft illumination for about a year.


– 18 months warranty
–  Eye-Protection technology
– Energy-efficient
– Soft illumination

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Dream Master LED Battery-Powered Night light – with Tap Touch Switch

sticky night light with warm white light

Dream Master is an ideal night light that produces a super bright light. The night light uses the latest LED light technology, with unmatched brightness.

It gives an output of 50 lm glare that offers adequate and reliable light protection in the darkest places and during the night.

On top of that, Dream Master night light is easy to install. With the double-sided adhesive pads that come with the product package, you can stick your night light anywhere you feel like and just press the button to turn it on/off.

To make it better, the night light is portable and you can carry it on your outdoor events such as camping.

It can be perfectly placed in your bedrooms, closet, stairs, under cabinet storage room, and more.


– 12 months warranty
– Portable night light
–  Easy to install
– Eco-friendly

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Willed Portable Night Light – with Dimmable Light

stick on nightlight with dimmable light

Just like its name, this is a dimmable night light that is easy to operate. With just a short touch, you turn the night light on or off. A long touch makes the night light either dimmer or brighter.

One outstanding thing about this night light is that it will remember your last brightness setting. Also, you can adjust the brightness to your desired brightness level.

The night light is also safe for your kids to touch, thus safe when installed in your children’s bedroom.

What makes this night light outstanding is the built-in rechargeable 1000mAh battery. This eliminates the need of buying batteries, thus saving you money.

The nightlight is environmentally friendly and will last you up to six hours when brightest and about 120 hours when darkest.

It emits 60 lumens which are super bright and features 6 LEDs.

Since the night light is wireless, it is portable and can be placed in your kitchen, bedroom, closet stairs, and more.


– Built-in rechargeable battery
– 1-year warranty
– Easy installation
– Safe for kids to touch

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OxyLED Closet Night Light Bar – for Closet

stick on night light bar

OxyLED night light provides super bright tap lights with 40 degrees rotation.

The night light comes with 4 bright LEDs and each OxyLED has an output of 80 lumens making it bright enough to maneuver in the dark.

This night light boasts 2 touch sensor pins, just touch the sensor to switch on or off the lights.

Additionally, OxyLED night light is easy to install. The cabinet boasts a detachable back with two 3M adhesive pads.

The night light is very versatile and great for your indoor garages, corridors, stairs, basements, and other dark places.


– A multi-purpose night light
– Easy to install
– Touch sensor night light
– 140 degrees rotation
– 4 bright LEDs

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AMIR Cordless Night Light with Motion Sensor – for Ambiance

amir motion sensor light

AMIR Upgraded Night Light is outstanding with its super-bright LED bulbs The night light comes with 6 pieces of super bright LEDs. This is enough illumination to prevent you from stumbling in the dark.

The is a PIR motion and light sensor that automatically turns on within 0 feet and turns off after 15 seconds when there is no motion detected. This feature is incredible since it will extend the battery life.

The night light comes with adhesive pads and also, features a built-in magnet that allows you to install the night light on your metal surfaces.


– Portable night light
– Easy installation
– Super bright LED bulbs

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What Is a Stick-on Nightlight?

They feature adhesive/magnetic pads that allow installation on metallic and non-metallic surfaces.

Stick-on lights are very efficient and effective when it comes to your rooms’ illumination. The best part is that stick-on night lights are easy to install.

Having a night light is the perfect way to illuminate your rooms at night without disturbing your sleep cycle. These lights are versatile and can be placed in most, if not all your rooms

How Many Stick-on Night Lights Should I Buy?

Night lights have a compact design and are space-saving. This allows you to install as many night lights as you can according to the size of your rooms and the decorations you wish to have in the rooms.

If you are on a budget, a single night light for each room is enough since it will give the needed illumination to enable you to walk in the dark.