A Complete Guide on Buying the Best Bright Solar Fence Post Lights

One of the ways to lighten up and modernize your outdoor area is by installing solar fence post lights. The addition of solar lights to your house exterior makes your house secure and also adds an aesthetic touch by illuminating your outdoor areas at night-time.

These lights are easy to install and require low to no maintenance. Additionally, they are eco-friendly and helps you save in the long run.

In this article, we will be discussing:

  • Reasons you need to buy a solar fence post light.
  • Different types of solar fence post lights.
  • How to choose the best suitable solar fence post light?

brightest solar fence post lights

Reasons You Need to Buy Solar Fence Post Lights

Security Concerns

The main reason people consider buying solar fence post lights is security concerns.

Living in a silent neighborhood with inadequate light around can be a worrying situation and one of the easiest solutions is lighting up your outdoor area.

Easy to Use

Solar fence lights are eco-friendly and economical. They operate on the energy they get from the sun.

During the daytime, these lights charge themselves up using the sun as their source of energy and illuminate the surroundings at night-time by functioning on this stored energy.

Buying solar fence post lights might seem like an extravagant expenditure at first but in the long run, they help you save up.

It requires low maintenance. The only time you will be replacing any parts is the change of battery that is needed after months of use.

Aesthetic and Modern Look

Using solar lights for your fence helps in providing an aesthetic and elegant touch to your house.

Whether you use a bright light or dim lights, they are known to improve the exterior of your house.

There are different shades of LED lights that you can use according to your fit. Moreover, there are patterned glass lights available, producing a textured lighting pattern to add to the look of surroundings.

Different Types of Solar Fence Post Lights

There are a few types of solar fence post lights that you can use for your backyard or whichever area you wish to keep lit up at night-time.

Decorative Solar Lamp

These lamps are mounted on the fence posts or on the walls of the fence. They come in different designs and shapes.

They are a great way to modernize your outdoor area in a way that never goes out of style.

Solar Floodlights

Solar floodlights or spotlights are used in areas where high lighting source is required. They are mostly installed on the walls of fence to give away high intensity lighting.

Things to Pay Attention to When Buying Solar Fence Post and Cap Lights

Choosing the right type of solar fence post light for your desired location requires considering the following factors.

Area Coverage

Before you get a solar light for your fence posts, it is crucial that you know the area of lighting each type provides.

For example, if you are wishing to get a solar light that completely lights up the surroundings, then solar floodlights are a considerable choice.

Design and Style

Everyone has a different preference for these lights based on the look of their house.

Whether you need a minimalist, traditional or modern look for your fence post lights; that completely depends on what you think goes best with your house.

Light Colors

There are different shades of LED light that you can get in your solar fence post lamp.

If you need a strong source of light you might prefer white light and if something more comforting to eyes is needed, warm shade of white is also common in these solar fence lights.

Furthermore, color-changing solar fence post lights are also available in the market.

Buying the One with The Brightest Light?

Buying the brightest solar fence light depends entirely on the purpose you are buying it for.

  • Do you need a solar light for security purposes?
  • Or for decorative purposes?

If your answer is the latter then no, you do not need bright light.

However, in places where darkness or security is the concern you ought to get your outdoor space good enough lighting.

How Much for One in Average?

There are various numbers of solar fence post lights sold by different sellers.

Some sell in bulk amount with 16 or 18 lights per pack whereas as some decorative or expensive ones are sold in pack of 4 or 6.

The lights can be bought according to your needs. The average cost of per solar fence lights is $5-$10.

Downward Light Beam Vs Normal Light Beam (360 Degree)

The degree of light beam is the area covered by the light generating source.

For a normal light beam, 360° of coverage means it illuminates the entire surrounding whereas the light intensity might not be as much as the downward light beam which illuminates the light only in the downward direction.

Motion and Dusk to Dawn Sensor

Some solar fence post lights use different modes of motion activation. Upon sensing the movement, the solar light turns to full brightness. They are good to diminish your security concerns.

The dusk-to-dawn sensor senses the natural light during daytime and remains shut off until it turns on automatically when no external natural source of light is detected.

Are They Weather Resistant?

Solar fence post lights are weather resistant. They are made to survive the rain, snow and extreme conditions of summer and winter.

In case of other natural weather reasons, for example in areas where the wind is mostly strong, it is advised to use screw to secure the lights into position while installing.

The Efficiency of Solar Panels

These solar lights operate using the solar panel that is planted on the frame.

The solar panel that is placed in direct sunlight are charged for 7-8 hours, allowing them to run around 8-12 hours during night.

The light produced for solar fence lights ranges from 100-300 lumens.

Where 100 lumens have enough intensity lighting for your garden and might even be over-powering for some people since most fence post lights produce up to 12-15 lumens per unit.

Solar Fence Post Lights vs Cap Lights

1. Solar Post Cap Lights for Fence

Solar cap lights come in different designs to add an elegant touch when installed on your fence post. They give off good lighting to the surroundings.

Unlike deck post lights, these lights are brighter and even bigger in size.

2. Solar Deck Lights for Fence Post

Solar deck lights are simple and stylish, giving off a beautiful look. They can be used to illuminate your yard, deck, garden or even stairway.

These lights are not as bright as solar cap lights and can be used in areas where dim lighting is needed.

Tips to Choose Solar Post Lights for Difference Types of Fence

If you have decided on getting solar lights for your fence posts, you ought to know what type of light fits perfectly for the fence type in your house.

It is essential to know that there are no particular differences in the lights you buy for your fence posts. The only difference is the size of the solar light that you will be buying for your fence post.

For Round Fence Posts

Round-sized solar lights are mostly installed on round fence posts. Additionally, adapters that are included in the packaging are generally used to install the lights.

For Metal/Vinyl/PVC Fence Posts

Metal fence posts are usually the size of 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6. Buying a solar light with the dimensions as per the size of your fence is necessary.

How Do Solar Fence Lights Work?

Solar fence lights are a great way to save up electricity and to lighten up your outdoor area.

The solar fence lights operate on the energy they get from the main source of light, the sun. The solar plates installed on these lights enable them to charge up in direct sunlight during the daytime.

By using batteries, the energy stored is converted into electrical energy and hence the light is produced and runs continuously all night long in case of most solar fence lights.

The batteries used in converting solar energy into electrical energy might need to be replaced from time to time, depending on the use of these lights.