Best Smart Floor Lamp for Living Rooms and Bedrooms in 2022

For the additional lighting in the specific area, a smart floor lamp is the best option. But according to the situation, the light of the floor lamp needs to be managed.

Some people find it irritating to get up and change the lamp settings. Thanks to the smart floor lamps that reduce this human effort.

By buying smart floor lamps anyone can easily manage the floor lamp by sitting on the couch or at any distance.

There are many other benefits of smart floor lamps that we will tell you in this article.

Here we will discuss:

  • What is a smart floor lamp and its significance?
  • How to choose the best smart floor lamp?
  • Which brand of smart floor lamp suits you?
  • How to connect smart floor lamps?

So let’s begin the topic without any further discussion.

best smart floor lamp reviews and buying guides

What Is a Smart Floor Lamp?

A smart floor lamp is a device that you can control from a distance through the mobile app. They come with a smart dimmer or smart bulbs that have wireless functionality.

By connecting the smart floor lamp with the mobile app, you can customize almost all the features. In addition to the smart bulbs, some smartphones are synced with a hub or bridge for customization.

To remotely control the app you must have a smartphone device or tablet.

This is because smart floor lamps are compatible with Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa.

5 Reasons on Buying a Smart Floor Lamp

The following are some amazing features of smart floor lamps that you will love.

1. Smart Control

With smart devices at home, management becomes easy. To get the smart control to attach the smart floor lamp with the mobile app through Bluetooth.

In the app, you can view all the amazing features of the smart floor lamp that you can manage.

In this way, you do not have to leave your seat or work to adjust the lighting and functioning of the lamp.

2. Easy Customization

It becomes easy to customize the light with smart control. You can change the lights according to your mood, area lighting, and work requirement.

It also becomes easy to adjust the light with music. With the help of this feature the smart floor lamp light changes with a different beat.

3. Increased Security

Your smart floor lamp has a wireless facility, and you can use it for security purposes.

The house becomes vulnerable when there is no one at home. But with the light changing feature, you can make other people believe that someone is at home even when there is no one.

4. Cost-Effective

With the advanced features, you thought you have to pay more? But this is not the case with smart floor lamps. The smart floor lamps are available at a reasonable range and save electricity by consuming fewer watts.

5. Decorate with Light

With the RGB lighting of the smart floor lamp, you can change the color of the walls without the actual renovation.

How to Choose the Best Smart Floor Lamp?

To get better benefits from the smart floor lamps, you must select the right smart floor lamp according to your requirement.

We have mentioned some important factors that you should consider before buying the best smart floor lamp. So without any further ado, let’s review these factors.

1. Which Type to Choose?

The first factor that you should consider is the type of smart floor lamp. This is because each type has its features and purposes.

By knowing about the types you will learn their capabilities and features. In this way, according to your lighting requirements, you will get the right floor lamp.

The basic types of smart floor lamps are smart torchiere floor lamps, smart corner floor lamps and smart tripod floor lamps.

The smart torchiere floor lamp has a torch-like shape and comes with a lighting fixture that points upward at the end of the column. These lamps do not require a lot of space to provide general light.

In addition, these lamps come with a dimmer due to which you can easily adjust the brightness of light according to requirement.

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On the other hand, the smart corner lamp has a straight-line shape. Due to the compact size, you can easily place this smart lamp in the corner.

The corner lamps usually come with RGB lighting so that you can customize the light according to your mood.

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The third type of smart floor lamp is the smart tripod lamp. It is used to improve the intimacy of a room and provide lighting to a specific area.

It means you can use smart tripod lamps to produce the task lighting. Furthermore, these lamps have a strong effect on the mood and style of the area.

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2. Is Dimmability a Must-Have Function?

The second important factor is dimmability. Some smart floor lamps have a built-in dimmer. So that you can easily adjust the light according to the time and mood requirement.

But some smart floors do not come with a dimmer. There is no need to worry as all the smart floor lamps are compatible with the dimmer. You can buy the smart dimmer from the market and install it with your floor lamp.

To install the dimmer, you do not need any technical knowledge, so try to install the dimmer yourself. It is important to have the dimmer in the floor lamp as through dimmer you can easily lower the intensity of light.

In this way, you can lower the bright light when you are doing any important work or want to brighten up the area.

Certainly, if you want to reduce the burden of the installation, you can go for a dimmable smart floor lamp directly.

>> Check Wellwerks smart-connected floor lamp with stepless dimming.

3. When You Require a Bright Smart Floor Lamp?

You can select the bright smart lamp according to the requirement.

If you want to read, then get the smart lamp with 450 lumens.

But if you want the bright smart floor lamps to light up detailed tasks at hand, like crafting, and needlework, then select the lamps that provide 800 lumens.

Attention if you have the smart floor lamp, connect it with the mobile app via Bluetooth.

Through the mobile app, you can adjust the brightness and all the features of the floor lamps. But if you do not have a smart lamp then install the smart dimmer with it and enjoy the remote control.

>> Check Brightech bright smart arched floor lamp with 800 lumens

4. RGB Smart Floor Lamp vs RGBW Smart Floor Lamp

RGB stands for Red, green, and Blue. The smart RGB floor lamp means a lamp that comes with three diodes Red, Green, and Blue. These three colors are mixed in multiple intensities to produce a variety of colors with low energy consumption.

The RGB smart floor lamps use the same technique that TV sets and computer monitors use for additive color mixing.

You can use these lamps for effective lighting in studies, porches, driveways, pathways, and kitchens. This is because you can customize RGB lamps according to area and mood.

The other type of floor lamp is RGBW smart floor lamp. These lamps contain 4 diodes that are red, green, blue, and white. It means RGBW lamps have more features than simple RGB lamps.

You can use the white light in these lamps to create the task lighting. These lamps also consume less energy and help to brighten up the area.

If you want to make it only as a mood lighting, try to get a RGB smart floor lamp, but if you want it be an additional task floor light, RGBW smart floor lamp is your choice.

>> Check the Mountain Valley Water RGB smart floor lamp for immersed theater mood

>> Check Chiphy RGBW smart floor lamp for ambiance and tasks

5. How Much Does a Smart Floor Lamp Cost?

According to the smart floor types and features the price of the lamp changes. You can buy the smart lamp at the minimum cost of $30. But if you want the costly smart floor lamp then the price rate is more than $300.

The expensive type of floor lamp is a smart tripod floor lamp. It is best for the people who want lamps for multiple purposes including reading and writing. Therefore it is best for writers, readers, and the people who do the work that requires focus.

But if you are looking for inexpensive options then you can select the smart torchiere floor lamps. It is best to brighten up the specific area. So if you are not doing any sensitive work you can buy the smart torchiere floor lamps.

Bluetooth Smart Floor Lamp vs WIFI Smart Floor Lamp

From the name you might think both Bluetooth smart floor lamp and WIFI smart floor lamp is the same. This is because both have the same purposes. You can connect the smart floor lamp with both Bluetooth and WIFI.

But there is a slight difference between both the features.

If you use the Bluetooth smart floor lamps then you can customize all the features through the app. Here you can not give voice commands as you do not have access to the AI assistants like SIRI and Alexa.

On the other hand, if you use the WIFI smart floor lamps then you can customize all the settings by giving voice commands. You do not need to open the app or use your hands.

WIFI smart lamps also have a larger range as compared to Bluetooth smart lamps. Therefore most people prefer WIFI smart lamps. However, both the Bluetooth smart and WIFI smart floor lamps have their benefits.

So let’s review them and see which technology you want to use.

The benefits of Bluetooth smart floor lamps are:

  • Do not interfere with other wireless devices
  • Help to customize the lamp settings from a distance
  • Easy to establish a connection with lamps
  • The Bluetooth connection is stable

On the other hand, the benefits of Wireless smart floor lamps are:

  • Provide a better range as compared to Bluetooth
  • You can give the voice commands

Which Brand Smart Floor Lamp Suits You?

If you want ambient light and task light in the area, then you should select the Teckin and Govee smart floor lamps.

This is because Teckin and Govee smart floor lamps include a energy-saving and non-flickering LED bulb.

The non-flickering light in the bulb does not irritate the eyes even if you use them for a long time.

>> Check Govee Lyra RGBIC smart corner floor lamp

But if you want the cozy light then select Chiphy smart floor lamp. This is because it helps to create a soft and warm light that can make the room cozy.

>> Check Chiphy column smart floor lamp with voice control and remote control

Bridge or Hub You May Need

Not all smart lamps need the hub. You can like the smart bulbs with the home gadgets like Thermostat and Nest. After connecting the lamp you can customize the features with both typing and voice commands.

For voice commands, you can integrate the smart lamps with Alexa and Google Home. But you need the Wireless connection for this but it will reduce your typing efforts.

>> Check the top-rated Google Nest

>> Check the top-rated Alexa

How Do I Connect My Smart Floor Lamp?

Use the following steps to connect the smart floor lamp with a mobile phone.

1. Turn on the smart floor lamp.

2. Open the Bluetooth bulb app.

3. By opening the app, the bulb will automatically find your phone.

4. Then press the Add Device option on the app.

5. The devices will get paired up with the bulb and you can modify the settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does a smart floor lamp match all smart floor lamp apps?

Yes, you can connect the multiple smart floor lamps with the same app. This is because AI assistants are efficient and can manage multiple devices at a time.

2. Does a smart floor lamp still work without the internet?

A smart floor lamp can work without the internet if you connect it with Bluetooth. But you can not use Alexa or Google Assistant.

3. Are smart floor lamps all made of LED?

Yes, almost all smart floor lamps contain LED bulbs because they consume less energy and have a long-lasting life.