Best Bright Shop Lights for High Ceilings in 2022

Are you tired of the poor lighting in your garage or workshop?

Do you desire to have that thrilling lighting similar to that of a stadium right in your workshop? Your search is over!

You’ve made the best decision by clicking on this page. I have compiled in this article the best shop lights for high ceilings.

This article is an access point to knowing these kinds of lights and how to choose the best.

high ceiling lamp

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What Makes Light Good for High Ceiling Workshop?

High lumens, white and bright light help the lamp perform well in a high ceiling workshop.

 High Lumens 

Many believe that shop lights with more watts are more bright for high ceilings workshop.

Technology advancement has made you understand that it’s the lumen of a bulb that determines its brightness.

Lumens around 5000 Lux is good for lighting up a high ceiling room.

 White Light 

Not just that, do you know with a 5000k/6500k white light, you can have bright lighting in your high ceiling workshop?

Although these specifications have their differences – the 5000K white light has a slightly yellow color (compared with 6500K) while the 6500K white light has a faint blue color.

The standard remains that they are both perfect for color temperatures.

 Extensive Coverage 

Also, a shop light with extensive coverage will always shine through a large room.

For your high ceiling workshop, you need a light that can spread uniformly at every point. This is determined by beam angles and light positions.

What To Look For When Buying High Ceiling Shop Lights?

high ceiling light fixture

The answers to the following questions will give you the perfect factors to consider before buying your high ceiling shop lights.

Check them out yourself!

1. What power output do you need?

Measure the square feet of your shop with a measuring tape and a calculator.

Then, multiply the length and breadth of each section of your shop to have the number of square feet. The next step is to add the result of each multiplication to have the total square feet.

Finally, you multiply the total square feet with the light intensity in foot candles per square foot.

For example, a 100 square foot high ceiling workshop, which needs 20-40 foot candles, needs 3000-5000 lumens.

2. Which light scheme is best suited for a high ceiling workshop?

After a thorough study, it was realized suspended led shop lights are more effective for high ceiling workshops. You may ask why?

Suspended led shop lights are versatile and can create a unique design statement. These lights can make a design statement balanced with the setup of the workplace.

3. What color temperatures are the best?

Color temperature is known as the color the light produces. It is measured on the Kelvin scale.

Shop lights with cooler lighting temperatures are flattering, while shop lights with warmer temperatures tend to give the floor a dark look.

Among others, yellow tune and white tune are the best-known color temperature. They give your workshop a warm and thrilling atmosphere.

If you prefer a warm and cozy atmosphere, a yellow tune is your option; while if you go for energetic light, you can move on to white light.

4. LED? Fluorescent Bulb?

Led bulbs are known to be the best bulbs.

The United States government made some studies: LED bulbs consume 75% less energy than fluorescent lights. Led bulbs are certified to last 25 times longer than fluorescent bulbs.

Led bulbs have low operating and maintenance cost but yet performs better than fluorescent bulbs.

5. Narrow beam? Wide beam?

The two light beams are perfect for different locations. Your choice depends on the environment you intend to use the light.

The narrow light beam helps to make the light more focused. The narrow light beam makes light focused on one spot or individual.

The wide light beam is useful when illuminating large rooms. The wide light beam spreads the rays of light randomly across your site of usage.

6. Do I need dimmers?

Yes, you do. Dimmers are essential for regulating the intensity of light in your workshop.

Nevertheless, go for the perfect dimmers compatible with your led lights.

Now, you know what to look out for before buying a high ceiling shop light. Let’s examine together the best shop lights perfect for your high ceiling workshop.

You will find one perfect for you!

Best Shop Lights For High Ceilings Reviews

Let’s view the top-rated shop lights for high ceiling rooms.

1. Bbounder 4 Pack Plastic LED Shop Light – Surface and Suspension Mount

high roof ceiling lights

Give your high ceiling workshop a red-carpet experience with this terrific super-bright shop light.

Each shop light features two super-bright 40W/120volts bulbs applicable for your workshops, garage, homes, etc. It has a linear shape designed in a modern style for different applications.

Easy installation

The Bbounder 4 Pack Plastic LED Shop Light is linkable to up to four fixtures. Interestingly, it is simple to install. All you have to do is mount it to your ceiling or suspend it from the high ceiling.


It contains chains, ceiling hooks, screws, and plastic anchors that can connect up to four shop lights of the same type and brand in sequence. This added advantage relieves you of the stress of placing multiple LED lights at different places.

High standard

It has a color temperature of 5000K with a luminous flux of 4000 lumens that enhances its super-bright feature.

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2. Barrina Super Bright White LED Shop Light – Energy Saver

suspended work lights for high ceilings

Can you imagine you working in a workshop with up to eight shop lights linked in a series? Such an environment is nothing less than a lighthouse. Do you know with Barrina Super Bright White LED Shop Light, you can link up to 8 shop lights in a series?

This shop light enhances low energy consumption that brings your electricity bill to the minimum level.

Try to think of a 65% reduction in your electricity bill. With Barrina Super Bright White LED Shop Light, this is a possibility!


The Barrina Super Bright White LED Shop Light features a 2200 lumen output which gives a high light intensity. The size of its lumen helps to prevent high power consumption. It minimizes your spending on electricity bills.


The Barina LED shop light can connect up to 8 similar led lights. The product features a 20 inches cord that aids this series of connectors. This feature turns a dark room into an open stage where several activities can take place.

Are you not satisfied with the shop lights listed above? I’ve got you covered! I’ve got a lot more for you. Let’s go through this together.

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3. Barrina 5000LM LED Shop Light – For High Ceiling Workshop

4 foot T8 led tube lights for high ceilings

This shop light is another high ceiling lighting product from Barirna that is super convenient to use.

Its weight is light enough for easy mobility and hanging. It contains a high lumen which enhances the brightness in the room.

No matter how high your ceiling might be, it gives the environment a stage-like experience.

Barrina 5000lm LED Shop Light gives you a classic lighting experience with its 5000k color temperature.

It is perfect and safe. You are guaranteed no hazardous material or radiation that can cause any form of accident.

Save More, Have More

Barrina 5000lm LED Shop Light reduces your budget by 70% on energy but yet delivers with quality.

You have your cost of operation minimized with a correlating improvement in output. The 40 watts low energy consumption makes this feature a possibility.


You won’t want to purchase a perfect material and desire to replace it soon. This LED shop light has a guaranty. The LED chips are of a high standard that can withstand harsh conditions.


The Barina 4ft shop light can connect with up to 6 similar lights. This particular feature has an attachment of connectors that act as connecting cords.

This feature makes a connection with similar shop lights easy and perfect.

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4. Suyncyi 10000LM Aluminium Alloy LED Light – High Adjustment

360 full coverage shop lights for high ceiling

When it comes to brightness, Suyncyi 10000LM Aluminium Alloy LED Light kills it all. It features a luminous intensity of 10000 lumens.

The lamp features an aluminum alloy material. Interestingly, it has a coverage of 360 degrees which helps you to brighten whole space.

Deformable design

This garage light features four-winged regulated LED lights, which makes it easy to fold to whatever angle or direction you want.

High-class standard

This LED light is certified two times brighter than triple glow LED light. It has an upgraded version of 160 high-quality LEDs.

This LED light has up to 10000 lumens with 6000K color temperature embedded in it. Expect nothing less than the first-class standard.

Do you think the LED shop lights listed above are below your spec?

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5. Thksgod 5000K Daylight LED Shop Light – Instant on

super bright modern led shop light

Here is another thriller! It has 50000 hours of guaranteed super-effective performance. Instant-on to full brightness when you switch it on. No warm-up or buzzing! You have your full light brightness immediately you switch it on.

Thksgod 5000k Daylight Led Shop Light features a weight of 0.01 ounces and a first-class design that outruns other shop lights. Besides, for easy installation, it has hanging hardware added to it.

Incredible light brightness

This terrific LED shop light features a high luminous intensity of 4800 lumens. Additionally, it has a 5000K natural white light that provides a super-lighting experience. It produces a beam light of 120 degrees. This shop light extends its coverage at a wide-angle.

Maximum 10 Support

Thksgod 5000k Daylight Led Shop allows you to connect up to 10 similar LED shop lights. The built-in 5FT power cord makes this feature a possibility.

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6. Hykolity 42 watts Hanging LED Shop Light – Wide Application

bright shop lights for high ceiling basement and garages

Here, we have a low power consumption but high-performing utility shop light for high ceilings.

Hykolity 42 watts Hanging LED Shop Light features a high lumen brightness at a low power cost. It can connect with up to 4 pieces of similar shop light thanks to its 4.92 ft power cord.

A 2-in-1 thriller

This led light features 4200 lumens brightness using 42 watts power only. It also features a 5000K daylight white brightness.

With these features, you can turn your high ceiling workshop into a lighthouse. Interestingly, this shop light is perfect for different places.

Let’s check it!

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7. Hykolity 21000LM LED High Bay Light – Ultra Bright

high lumen led ceiling lights for workshop

When it comes to brightness, this shop light outruns it all!

The durability and brightness of this shop light are their uniqueness. It is dimmable and easy-to-install.

Super bright

This shop light features a 21000-lumen brightness with a 5000K color temperature using 150 watts energy only. The high lumen enhances its unique lighting feature.

Besides, this shop light feature allows you to save up to 80% of your electricity bill. You can adjust the brightness of the light using a 1-10 volts dimmer to save energy.

High-class material

Hykolity 21000LM LED light features high-quality industrial-grade aluminum rugged for both wet and dry environments. The high-grade material enhances its long-lasting feature.

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Now, you know the best high ceiling shop lights perfect for your workshop or garage. But yet, many don’t know where to install their shop lights to make their workshop look brighter.

Let’s find a solution to this boggling question.

To Make Workshop Brighter, Where Should I Install My Shop Lights?

large ceiling lights for high ceilings

The location you place your shop lights goes a long way. Even though you have a shop light with a very high lumen and color temperature, the light brightness depends on the point of installation.

For your high ceiling workshops, you should install the shop light at the center of the ceiling. These shop lights come with tools that can help in hanging them.

The hanging shop light brightness spreads across the workshop because it’s at a distance that is far above the darkness. This feature is possible if you purchase a shop light with a wide beam and wide-angle coverage.

In conclusion, you will love to know some tips on high ceiling lighting. These tips will guide you on how to maximize your shop light for maximum performance.

Lighting Tips for High Ceiling Workshop

1. Know your workshop light output need

Measure your workshop to know the dimension it covers. Your workshop’s measurement determines the type of lighting required to make it brighter.

The Illuminating Engineering Society proposes 300 Lumen/square foot for workshops. You can go for more. It is advisable not to go below their recommendation.

2. Go for LED bulbs

LED bulbs have a low energy consumption rate as compared to fluorescent bulbs.

They deliver high light intensity at a lower wattage. The Federal Trade Commission proposed the lumen-to-wattage conversion.

In case you don’t know how to convert a lumen to wattage, you can go through the guide below for understanding. You can also go through the chart below to know the equal bulb wattage needed for your workshop or garage:

Lumens to the watts conversion formula:

The power(p) whose unit is in watts is calculated by dividing the luminous flux in lumens by the luminous efficacy in lumens per watt.


What’s the power consumption of a bulb whose luminous flux is 3000 lumens and luminous efficacy of 50 lumens per watt?


The power(p) = 3000 lm / 50 lm/w = 600 watts

3. Choose based on function

Many get products based on low price rates and not on versatility in function. Go for shop lights that have more features and can serve you better.

For example, shop lights with high lumen shine brighter than those with small lumen. Pay the price to have the best because it works better and longer.