How to Design Sewing Room Lighting?

Good lighting is as important as other essentials you invest in for your sewing room. It not only helps in reducing fatigue or eye strain but helps in sewing for a longer duration.

The proper setup of lighting is not only important so that the things are visible but it makes your work easier.

Lights that do not cast shadows help in preventing eye strain, headache, and fatigue. Good lighting also helps in preventing incidents by increasing visibility especially if you are working with needles or any other moving machinery.

However, here in this article, we will tell you about the interesting sewing room hacks that you would love to discover!

sewing room lighting hacks

Why Should You Arrange Your Sewing Room Specially?

It is necessary to arrange your sewing room with appropriate lights because it is the most common concern that most people complain about.

It is not only good for your eyes but it can help sewing lovers in many ways.

Moreover, it is also necessary to arrange your sewing room as the organized place is easy to work with. Apart from the machinery, an organized room will also help in getting things right and on time.

What Kind of Lighting Is Best for a Sewing Room?

There are different kinds of light available for the sewing room.

However,  your sewing room has both a sort of open light that usually fills the room with a homogeneous light as well as a work light or two to highlight critical workstations such as the sewing machine or the cuttable.

Below we have mentioned a few suitable options for a sewing room that is different on the basis of their position and color.

1. General Light

general light layout for sewing room

General light is used to light up the room completely. The experts suggest using an even scattered light in order to prevent eye strain.

Many people complain about fatigue and eye strain while sewing or after sewing and the reason is inappropriate lighting. Eyes cannot adjust to different levels of light fluctuation which can be harmful.

However, general light is efficient to provide a stable level of illumination throughout the room. It is designed to give safe and easy obstruction.

The best part of this type of light is that they tend to bounce off the walls to brighten most of the room.

Other than that, general light is a bit difficult to change but the functionality is worth mounting. It helps in giving a bright focus to the work area while making the sewing easier.

  • Make sure not to mount it behind you or else it will cast a shadow on your work area and make it difficult to focus.

2. Task Light

best desk lamp for sewing

The design of the task light might be similar but it works efficiently like any other type of light.  It can be a hero for the sewing room as it lights up the work area a person carries out.

They illuminate to better achieve the specific activity better than other types of light. It is a good option when it comes to getting a small focal point of the room.

Moreover, task lights are more likely to give satisfying illumination. The experts also suggest avoiding harsh lights as they might brighten up the room but are harmful to your eyes. They also cast shadows on your work area which may distract you easily.

The best part of a task light is that it can light the work area conveniently when placed over a sewing machine and allows you to adjust easily.

However, working in dark rooms with different levels of lighting can also hurt your eyes.

This is because a task light can only brighten the specific area but the moment you turn around from the sewing machine things change!

It can bring stress to your eyes and difficult to adjust other than a task light the moment you look away.

It is better to use an even lighting level in the room so that your eyes don’t strain or find it difficult to adjust.

3. Spotlight on the Sewing Machine

directional light for sewing table

The design of this type of light is similar to the task light which lightens a specific area with the desired effect. What makes it different is the impression it gives of a larger room and highlights an architectural feature.

This can be a great alternative to general light as the illumination is worth its size.

However, it requires three times more light on the focal point than general lighting provides. Just make sure you get the good quality bulbs if you are up to for this option.

What Lamp Bulbs Are Suitable for Sewing Space?

  • LED

LED lights are a good solution for the sewing room as they are durable, long-lasting, and encased in plastic.

They are said to be more energy-efficient than many others as they produce energy using light-emitting diodes.

The energy they produce is more than any other fluorescent and is equivalent to incandescent.

LEDs are more likely to bright the room completely without any warm-up delay. Its frequent switching does not reduce the life span because of the fluorescent lighting. The output decreases gradually over time.

As it is latest in the lightning technology it is more color accurate than others. LEDs are more long-lasting than fluorescent or incandescent lighting apart from their cool appearance.

  • Incandescent

One of the iconic bulbs that were used when introduced to the market before the LEDs. It is an electric light with a wire filament that glows once heated enough. They are not as luminous as others as their efficacy is of 10-17 lumens with a short life span.

However, they do not require external regulating equipment and works efficiently on direct current or alternating current.

This type of bulb is mostly used for commercial lighting and household as their manufacturing cost is low as compared to others. The light of this bulb is warm yellow while the bulb gets very hot because of the filament.

  • CFLs

It stands for Compact Fluorescent Lamp which is an alternative option to incandescent light bulbs. It uses a tube that is either curved or folded into space.

They were designed to replace incandescent light as it has a compact electronic ballast in the form of a lamp. It uses one-fifth to one-third of the electric power which helps them in lasting for a longer duration.

The price of the CFL might be expensive but it can save up to five times electricity of its purchase price.

However, it consists of toxic mercury which can be dangerous if it breaks as the mercury will evaporate. It has an improved perceived color of light which makes them LEDs a competitor because of the high efficiency

What Lamp Color Is Suitable for Sewing Room?

Ambient is more likely to have a preferred choice for the sewing room because of the soft white color.

We would highly suggest avoiding yellow or orange lights in the sewing room as it can easily lead to eye strain and fatigue.

Ambient or natural are the recommended source of lighting in your sewing room as they are the best sewing room option!

This is because using a white light that brightens the room completely will help you in making your work easier and the things are more visible.

Lamp Types You Can Choose from for Your Sewing/Quilting/Embroidery Room

There are different types of lamps available that you can choose from for sewing, quilting, or embroidery room.

Lamps are different on the basis of their energy efficiency, operating principle, and materials. The lamps may include,

1. Clip-on lamp

It makes the lamp easy to move as it comes with an adapter.

The purpose of this is to prevent the eyes from direct light from the lamp that can cause eye strain or fatigue. Hence you can focus better on your work.

2. Floor lamp

This type of lamp is another good option to brighten the sewing table completely. It enhances the intimacy in the room and making the task area more functional.

One of the effective parts of a floor lamp is that you can add as many lights as you want within the cost.

They have a strong effect on the mood and can be placed easily beside you to have a full illumination.

3. Desk lamp

It works as a portable task light to illuminate the required area. This type of lamp is a good choice that not only prevents unnecessary shadows but helps in focusing better.

The best part of the desk lamp is that they provide adjustable illumination to enhance vision and ensure workplace efficiency.

It helps in accomplishing tasks like sewing, painting, knitting, drafting, etc.

What Lamp Brand Is Best for Sewing?

OttLite is the best lamp brand for sewing. This lamp effectively prevents eyestrain, helping you maximize your productivity and concentrate better.

Moreover, its ambiance is very light and easily adjustable. You won’t feel any heat and it will boost your mood.

How to Choose the Right Sewing Lamp for Seniors?

As we grow old the eyesight is also reduced which means the eyes become more sensitive.

However, when choosing a sewing lamp for seniors make sure to look for the light with less contrast, indoor lights that mimic nature, easy to adjust, etc.

It is necessary to consider the right sewing lamp for seniors as it can also lead to eye disease easily. This is because of the increase in the floaters and decrease in the pupil size due to the harsh lighting like hardening yellow.

Here are a few things you can look for in the swing lamp when buying for seniors,

  • The lamp must include ambient lighting and a bright task light for activities like reading instructions.
  • Try to add as many lights in the home because of the change in the photoreceptors in the retina.
  • Look for the lamp with less contrast as the older the eyes get harder it becomes to deal with the contrast.
  • Look for the lamp that has a warm effect.
  • Easily adjustable especially when doing a specific task with a limited work area.
  • Indoor lighting that mimics nature helps in getting better sleep patterns and promotes health.
  • Make sure the switch is easily accessible to them.

Tips for Setting up Sewing Room Lightings

An organized place with all the essentials will always result in higher productivity. Here we have arranged a few important tips that will help you in setting the sewing room effectively,

1. Use Natural Light

Make sure to use as much natural light as possible because they are the best source of illumination in the sewing room. Natural light has the potential to make the visibility clear and helps in focusing. The best part of such lighting is that they protect your eyes from the strain that most people complain about.

2. Avoid UV rays

Similarly, keep this thing in mind to avoid UV rays as it can ruin the fabric or make it look faded. Make sure to balance the natural light.

3. Try Ambient Light

Ambient light is another good option for the sewing rooms as it can illuminate the room entirely. Using a white light helps in getting things done easily and it also improves visibility.

4. Avoid Harsh Color Light

Avoid using yellow or any other harsh color as it results in fatigue, eye strain, and headache.

5. Use Task Lights

You can also use task lighting for sewing purposes as they are specially designed to light the work area. It helps in exposing the real hues of the material or fabric you are using. Look for companies that offer high-quality bulbs so that you can do your work easily.

You can also use the task light in the area especially where you are working for a longer period.

6. Use LEDs

You can also use LEDs or ring lights with LEDs as they tend to give full illumination in the room. Besides, LEDs are a very good option when it comes to sewing.

10 Sewing Room Lighting Ideas

While sewing, you need enough lighting to remain focused on the task. Below, we have mentioned 10 lighting ideas that you can try in your sewing room.

1. Built-in Light

lighted sewing machine

If you are using a modern sewing machine, then it is likely to have a built-in bright light. If it does, then you don’t need to spend much on lighting.

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2. Table Lamp

best desk lamp for sewing

A window in a sewing room can solve your problem of lighting. Though you can buy table lamps for extra lighting.

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3. Recessed Light

You can set up plenty of recessed lighting if you don’t t want to buy a table or floor lamp.

4. Multi Lamp Layouts

sewing room lighting design

Table lamp, a couple of lights on the ceiling, and a big window for plenty of sunlight. Your sewing room will have the optimal lighting as in the above picture.

5. Focused Light

directional light for sewing table

If you are low on budget, then a focused lamp above the sewing machine can do the job.

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6. LED Strip Lights

led strip light for sewing room

You can set up strip LED lights if you have a bookshelf above your sewing machine.

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7. Fairy Lights

fairy string lights

Fairy lights are another great option for lighting your sewing room as in the above picture.

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8. Floor Lamp

ottlite floor lamp for sewing room

If you have a small sewing table, then you can buy a floor lamp for lighting your sewing room.

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How Do You Put a Light on a Sewing Machine?

The first thing you should do is keep all the materials required for installation in one place. For good output, you can also use two clips to fasten the wire to the back of your machine.

  • Take your switch and unplug it so that you have the two ends. Plugin the from the plug to the switch and then from the light to the switch.
  • Take the LED lights around and put them on the back of the machine and bring them to the arm of the machine.
  • You can either check them by switching them on where you want the lights. With the firm pressure just press them up into the arm of the machine.
  • Take the clips and install them at the back of the machine so that the wire stays stable.


Having said that, the guide to the sewing room ideas came to an end. Make sure that the lighting you choose is not hurtful to your eyes but turns out to be a productive option!