Petromax vs Britelyt Oil Lamp

Both Petromax and Britelyt oil lamps are one of the most famous oil lamps in the market today. However, you might wonder how these lamps work, or the difference between the two: either to know which is of higher quality or which meets your preferences.

But don’t worry because this article will provide you with detailed information about the two oil lamps, as well as a comparison between Petromax vs Britelyt oil lamp. Let’s dive in!

Petromax vs Britelyt Oil Lantern

Petromax oil lamp is a type of pressurized oil lamp that uses paraffin or kerosene to create light using a mantle and designed by the Petromax brand, while the Britelyt oil lamp is a powerful liquid fuel lantern, designed with the most innovative liquid fuel lantern technology, and designed by the GSI/Britelyt brand.

Unlike the Petromax lamp that uses paraffin only, the Britelyt oil lamp is designed to use multiple bio-fuels.

Petromax lamp was first designed in 1910 by Max Graetz in Germany and modified to the current pressurized oil lamp, similarly to the Britelyt lamps that have been in the market for over 100 years.

Despite these two products being both pressurized oil lamps, there exist several differences between the two brands.

These differences are well visible in the latest models from both brands with the main difference being the types and/or the number of fuels that can be used by each oil lamp.

However, before getting to the comparison between the petromax oil lamp and the Britelyt oil lamp, it is important to know more about the two oil lamps.

Petromax oil lamp

Petromax is one of the leading companies producing oil lamps, with the Petromax HK500 being their most popular oil lamp all over the world.

To have a better understanding of this pressurized petromax paraffin lamp and how it works, you need to know the working principle.

First, the paraffin is pressurized and then conducted into a carburetor, where the evaporated paraffin is reacted with the mantle.

Ideally, the mantle is embedded with luminous salt. It is out of this reaction that a bright warm light is produced, providing excellent illumination.

To ensure that this principle works excellently and reliably, over 200 parts of the petromax oil lamp are assembled by the use of hands.

The petromax oil lamp consists of a borosilicate glass cylinder, made by Schott, that is resistant to extremely high temperatures making it a very reliable light source.

The paraffin lamp is also ideal for all weathers, hence, suitable for multiple uses and at different locations.

Petromax oil lamp is designed to produce 400 watts light output using a unique high-pressure method.

Combining the intense light produced and reliability with the elegant and nostalgic design, this lamp is not only ideal for globetrotters, retro design lovers, and outdoor lovers, but also armed forces and humanitarian aid organizations.

The petromax paraffin lamp is high-quality and durable.

Britelyt oil lamp

The Britelyt brand has proved itself a top leading oil lamp company with its innovative, powerful, and reliable liquid fuel lanterns.

The Britelyt oil lamp has won its place in the market due to its most innovative liquid fuel lantern technology that has made it possible to use most bio-fuels, besides kerosene and gasoline.

Britelyt oil lamp is made of high-quality material construction, that include thicker brass, stainless steel, Viton rubber, heavier assembly, and more, to ensure durability, performance, and reliability.

Another great feature about Britelyt oil lamp is that both its construction and operation has been engineered to provide a powerful liquid-fueled lantern at affordable prices for all, without compromising performance or quality.

Petromax vs Britelyt oil lamp

Comparison between Petromax vs Britelyt kerosene lamps

– The first comparison between the two is the tank capacity. Petromax oil lamp is mostly designed with a tank capacity of 1-liter, while the Britelyt oil lamp has a tank capacity of about 1.65 liters, hence holding more fuel that adds to more hours of burning.

The burning time is also another feature that brings a difference between the two oil lamps. As mentioned earlier, the Britelyt oil lamp has made an outstanding move in the market due to its most innovative technology.

The Britelyt oil lamp has a burning time ranging between 8 to 25 hours, while the Petromax oil lamp has a burning time of 8 – 10 hours.

Illumination is also a factor to consider while comparing the two. The Petromax oil lamp produces illumination of 400 watts light output, while the Britelyt oil lamp produces 10 to 550 watts of light output.

Warranty is a key issue that helps to determine the quality and durability of a product. The Petromax oil lamp comes with a 2-year limited warranty, while the Britelyt oil lamp comes with a limited lifetime warranty. This is a very great difference between the two oil lamps.

– Finally, the major difference between the Petromax oil lamp and the Britelyt oil lamp is the fuel compatibility. The Petromax oil lamp is designed to only use paraffin or kerosene oil to produce light.

On the other hand, the Britelyt oil lamp brings all the fuel versatility into work: the oil lamp is compatible with most bio-fuels including kerosene and gasoline.

This makes the Britelyt so versatile and functional. These fuels include diesel, kerosene, paint thinner, biodiesel, white gas, gasoline, mineral spirits, lamp oils, lighter fluid, all JP fuels, citronella oil, Coleman fuel, and many more.


In conclusion, the above article has explained the details about the Petromax vs Britelyt oil lamps, as well as the comparison between the two lamps.

However, there are fewer Peteromax and Britelyt oil lamps on the market. If you go for quality and stylish lamps, Dietz and Coleman are also good choices.