Best Patio Umbrella Pole Lights and Solar Lighted Patio Umbrellas in 2022

Patio umbrella lights are essential for individuals with large backyards. The umbrella is essential and helpful during a sunny day but isn’t always useful at night.

Some manufacturers of patio umbrella lights ensure that you have the opportunity to use them as decoration for the night.

When purchasing the best patio umbrella lights, what defines the product to choose includes the LED count and the brightness in most cases.

Some models of the patio umbrella lights provide as many as 28 to 44 LEDs, which may play a significant role in aesthetics at night and during the day.

This article helps provide more useful information about the patio umbrella lights (including patio umbrellas with in-built lights and disc lamps for patio umbrellas) to make the best decision.

outdoor umbrella with lights

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Hot Sale: OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light with 3 Brightness Modes (Click here to buy)

Offset Type with Cantilever Bridge: Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED Lighted Patio Umbrella (Click here to buy)

Cost Efficiency: Suplit Solar Powered Cordless Parasol String Lights (Click here to buy)

For Large Patio Umbrella: ZHONGXIN Lights with 12 G40 LEDs (Click here to buy)

With RGB Changing Colors and Remote: HONWELL Outdoor Patio Umbrella Light (Click here to buy)

Which Is More Cost-Effective, Buy Patio Umbrella with Lights or Buy the 2 Separately?

Patio umbrellas with lights are very cost-effective.

Most brands combine both the patio umbrella and lights and cut down the overall price. Note that the exact price of the combination of a patio umbrella and lights depends on the number of LED lights and the quality of the material that makes up the product.

Purchasing the patio umbrella and LED lights separately ensures that you need to perform installation. When you factor in the cost of installation, getting them separately may be an unadvisable decision.

Overall, in most scenarios, purchasing the patio umbrella lights is a better option than buying them separately.

Warm or Cool Glow Patio Umbrella Lights?

There are different types of patio umbrella lights available. Some of them are typically cool, and others are warm, depending on your preference.

The most significant factor that determines whether you should go for the warm or cool glow patio umbrella lights is the outdoor décor of the home.

The warm patio umbrella light may be a better option in most cases because of the color tone.

Since the product uses warm light, there’s a tendency that it shows more outdoor décor and less dirt, compared to the cool glow patio umbrella lights.

Note that you can also go for a patio umbrella light that includes the two types of light.

Lamp Types to Choose from

There are different types of light available in the market for different purposes. The type of patio umbrella light you decide to purchase depends on your outdoor décor plans and other essential factors.

Here are the different options available:

String lights:

Just as the name sounds, the string lights are an array of LED bulbs in the form of a string. They are typically great options for interior and outdoor decoration due to the flexibility that they allow.

String lights are also available in different colors, including the conventional warm and white lights.


Table candles are common in homes and are typically placed on a patio table.

They are essential for beautifying the home and providing an additional source of lightning for a region in the home.

Hanging lanterns:

Hanging lanterns are common in restaurants and typically represent an antique form of indoor décor. You can purchase hanging lanterns if you want an interior décor that appears significantly old school with a touch of style.

Disc lights:

Disc lights are great sources of illumination indoors. Some disc lights are like fluorescents, while others use LEDs.

Disc lights can include different types of colors like the conventional warm, white light, and other options.

What to Consider in Buying the Disc Patio Umbrella Pole Lights?

led patio umbrella

When choosing a disc patio umbrella light, there are certain factors that are essential to consider to make the best decision. Here are some essential questions to ask for the best decision:

What is the Power Source?

Some Disc Umbrella Lights are AA battery-powered, while some are rechargeable, plug-in, and solar-powered.

If you plan to use your Disc Umbrella Light outdoors for certain activities, it’s more advisable to go for the rechargeable or solar-powered options.

What Are the Color Options?

There are various color options for Disc Umbrella Lights. You can switch between the warm, white, red, green, and blue lights. There are typically several color options for a conventional Disc Umbrella Light.

It’s essential to note that the color you choose depends on certain applications.

What Is the Best Color for a Patio Umbrella?

The best color to show the outdoor decorations of a home is the warm light.

When you use the white light, there’s a high tendency of dirt becoming more visible around the home.

Other light options like blue or red are very suitable for outdoor parties or relaxation.

Remote Control?

Remote controls help the user in operating the Patio Umbrella Lights from a distance. It relieves the user from the stress of direct contact with the lights.

It’s more advisable to purchase a patio umbrella with remote control over those without one.

What LEDs Should I Buy?

There are different types of LEDs from various brands that are suitable for lightning-up patio umbrellas. Ensure that you purchase LEDs that are bright enough for their purpose and reflect the outdoor decoration of the home.

It’s more advisable to purchase an LED with various color options for lightning.

How Many Lumens Do I Need?

The number of lumens you have is an essential contributing factor to the brightness of the patio umbrella lights. Most times, the LED counts and lumens are connected.

A conventional patio umbrella light with 44 LEDs should have a brightness of around 450 lumens.

For a 10ft Patio Umbrella, you need around 200 lumens for appropriate lightning.

What Waterproof Rating Should It Be?

On every standard patio umbrella light, there should be a specific waterproof rating or IPX value.

Note that all patio umbrella lights have different specifications, and not all of them are waterproof.

Patio umbrella lights with IPX5 ratings are the most suitable. Note that this means they can resist water splashes or low-pressure water jet spray.

How Long Does the Light Run?

If your patio umbrella light uses batteries, it’s essential to consider how long it runs.

A conventional patio umbrella light should remain on for 18 to 54 hours after a full charge.

If the power source of your patio light is from an AC outlet, it means that they can run for as long as you require.

Advanced Features of Patio Umbrella Rod Lights

There are various advanced features of Patio Umbrella Lights for users. Ensure that you comprehend each of them before purchasing one of them. Here are the different advanced features of Patio Umbrella Lights:

Battery Powered: The battery-powered Patio Umbrella Lights are suitable for individuals that need illumination for outdoor activities. Note that a battery-powered Patio Umbrella Light may include the AA battery or the conventional rechargeable cells.

Solar Powered: The solar-powered Patio Umbrella Lights use rechargeable batteries, but some can also get direct power from the sun. Note that these products also include solar panels.

Remote Control: The remote-control feature in Patio Umbrella Lights helps in ensuring that users can control them from a distance. It relieves buyers from the need to have direct contact with the lights before setting certain controls.

RGB Colors: The RGB color is a combination of different light color patterns that provide maximum aesthetics outdoors.

Best Patio Umbrella Pole Lights Reviews

For the best choice in the various available Patio Umbrella Lights in the market, here’s a review of some top picks:

Hot Sale: OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light with 3 Brightness Modes

battery operated patio lights

Different Brightness Modes

The OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light has three different brightness modes. Users need to press the control button once for the dim light, twice for the bright light, and thrice for the brighter light intensity.

Various Functions

The OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light is a great choice for BBQ, playing cards, camping, and most outdoor activities. You can decorate the product to your taste for different events.

Available Source of Electricity

The available electricity source for the OYOCO Patio Umbrella Light is the 4 x AA batteries. So, you don’t need to worry about energy saving via conventional AC outlets.

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Dimmable: TOTOBAY Rechargeable Umbrella Pole Light

dimmable patio umbrella light

Easy Installation

The Patio Umbrella Lights can be installed outdoors easily. It includes a cordless design with a built-in flexible auto adjustable clamp. With this product, there’s no need for tools in creating a setup.

Two Brightness Levels

The Patio Umbrella Light has two different brightness levels, which include the dim and full lightning. For the dim lights, there are typically eight LEDs on, while there are 28 LEDs for the full light.

Adjustable Clamp

With the adjustable clamp, it’s easy and straightforward to use the Patio Umbrella. The pole-mounted fits pole size from 0.78 inches in diameter to 2.04 inches, which is perfect for most Patio Umbrellas.

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With RGB Changing Colors: HONWELL Outdoor Patio Umbrella Light

rgb patio umbrella light

Battery Operated and Remote Controlled

The HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light uses six different AA batteries. You can also work well with 24 keys remote control to ensure that the color of the light suits your mood.

Quick Install

It’s easy and straightforward to install the HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light due to its cordless design with a built-in auto adjustable firm clamp. Users don’t need additional tools for installing the HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light outdoors.

16 Color Changing Options

The Patio Umbrella Light allows for different color-changing options, including a high and low setting for outdoor activities. Due to the color options, the HONWELL is a perfect choice for camping, BBQ, and other events.

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Warm White Light: INKEER Battery Patio Umbrella Light

warm patio umbrella light

Bright Light Source and Energy Saving

INKER incorporates energy-saving LEDs in their Patio umbrella. The product ensures maximum energy saving and environmental safety. Even with this feature, the Patio Umbrella light is suitable for different brightness levels.

Applicable in Several Scenarios

The INKEER Patio Umbrella Light is a unique product for providing light and decoration outdoors. It’s useful for applications like playing cards, BBQ, and camping.

Three Available Lighting Modes

There are three different lighting modes, which include the four LED lights dim, 20 LED lights bright, and the 24 LED light for super bright illumination.

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With Hanging Hooks: HONWELL Remote Controlled Patio Umbrella Light

hanging and clamp patio umbrella pole light

Remote Control

The HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light is controllable from a maximum of 20 feet distance. It’s efficient in memorizing the previous color status and brightness when turning on the Patio Umbrella.

Easy to Install

The HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light is easy and straightforward to install with a built-in self-adjusting clamp. You can also decide to hang the HONWELL Patio Umbrella in any position with two different hooks.

Wide Range of Applications

The HONWELL Patio Umbrella Light is suitable for outdoor applications both day and night. It’s useful for party decoration, barbecue, balconies, and camping tents.

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For Large Patio Umbrella: ZHONGXIN Lights with 12 G40 LEDs

patio umbrella pole light with larger bulbs

Durable Material

The Umbrella Light is made of durable ABS material and quality batteries. It has an excellent impact, chemical, and abrasion-resistant. Note that ABS material has a superior level of stiffness and strength.


The Umbrella Light includes energy-saving LED bulbs. It’s designed with 12 G40 bulbs, which includes three warm white LEDs. Note that they are also environmentally friendly and cozy for users.

Fundamental Installation Technique

You don’t need tools to install the Umbrella Light outdoors. It also doesn’t require utilizing an electrical source of power. Due to its build, the Umbrella Light is easy to carry and fit into the Umbrella pole.

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Reviews of String Lights Alternatives for Patio Umbrella

If you wanna reach a more decorative purpose, try to use the string lights.

Cost Efficiency: Suplit Solar Powered Cordless Parasol String Lights

solar led patio umbrella light

Solar Powered Alternative

The Suplit Solar Patio Umbrella Light cuts out the need for an electrical source of power. By pressing a button, the Patio Umbrella automatically charges by solar panels. Impressively, there’s no need for additional batteries for the Suplit Solar Patio Umbrella Lights.

Installable in Different Regions

The Suplit Solar Patio Umbrella is installable in different regions, which is impressive due to its overall features. There’s no need to use tools while setting up the Patio Umbrella Light.

High-Quality Solar Panels

Users can enjoy the upgraded solar panel, which is larger in size compared to the conventional panels. After full charge using the 22 solar panels, the Suplit Solar Patio Umbrella lights for over eight hours during the night.

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Customized Size: POOCCI Cuttable Fairy String Lights

patio umbrella string lights

Remote Controlled

For convenient control, the POOCCI Patio Umbrella Lights come with standard remotes, which perform standard functions.

Examples of some of the common operations include switching light effect, circulation switch, and brightness adjustment.

Suitable Decoration Lights

The POOCCI Patio Umbrella Lights are perfect for decoration due to the light and color options. It comes with a built-in eight lightning modes and various brightness adjustments that help in different scenarios.

Waterproof Design

The POOCCI Patio Umbrella Lights has a waterproof battery box and light strips. Due to the waterproof rating, there wouldn’t be damage due to water splashes when outdoors.

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The patio umbrella rod lights come to an end here.

If you are going to design your gardens and patios with an umbrella and lights, lighted up patio umbrella is here to meet your requirements in one go!

Let’s dive into it!

How to Choose the Solar Lighted Patio Umbrella?

led patio umbrella

When selecting lighted Patio Umbrellas, there are imperative questions that you need to ask to make the right choice.

Here are some essential factors to consider to pick correctly:

Which Shape to Choose from?

There are various shapes of Patio Umbrella Lights. Ensure that the shape you select is a perfect choice for your final result in terms of decoration.

Here are some of the common shapes, designs, or types to consider:

  • Table Patio Umbrella
  • Offset Patio Umbrella
  • Sail Umbrellas
  • Tiki Umbrellas

Cantilever and Available Materials?

The cantilever in a patio umbrella is a long beam that provides support or serves as a pole for the umbrella. The cantilever is an additional aesthetic, depending on the purpose of the entire structure.

One of the most prominent and durable materials for the patio umbrella is steel, unlike aluminum.

Windproof and Waterproof Feature?

The windproof and waterproof feature is critical because it defines how long the lights will last or stay in place.

Patio Umbrellas are typically exposed to a series of weather conditions, including rain and windy conditions.

It’s advisable for your Patio Umbrella light to have an IPX5 rating for the sake of durability.

What Color Patio Umbrella Should I Choose?

The color of the patio umbrella you choose should depend on your personal preferences and other factors like outdoor décor.

It’s also essential that you select a color that is best for sun protection during the day.

The best option for a Patio Umbrella is the vivid dark colors because they are more protective.

Solar Powered? AC Adapted?

Solar-powered light is a better option for individuals who need to use patio lights in regions that are difficult to connect to AC outlets.

Solar-powered lighted patio umbrellas are great for outdoor activities, especially when there’s a need to save energy.

How to Choose the Stand and Base?

The stand and base that’s advisable to select for the lighted patio umbrella are the steel ones.

Selecting aluminum stands is also great since they will be lightweight and highly durable. Note that aluminum stands are also recyclable, which makes them environmentally friendly.

Is it Easy to Install?

The easier it is to install your lighted patio umbrellas, the better it is to transport them from one location to the other. Note that your lighted umbrella patio should never be difficult to put in place.

Best Lighted Patio Umbrella Reviews

The Lighted Patio Umbrellas are essential for providing a source of light and also appropriate decoration outdoors. Here are some of the top picks of a lighted patio umbrella:

Offset Type with Cantilever Bridge: Best Choice Products 10ft Solar LED Patio Umbrella

offset patio umbrella with solar lights

Easily Adjustable

The Hanging Patio Umbrella features a hand-crank lift and an easy-tilt system. Due to these features, users can easily adjust the shade and block the effects of the sun at any suitable angle.

Durable and Versatile Shade

The shades of the Patio Umbrella are versatile or suitable for various applications. You can use them for outdoor events like parties, business meetings, weddings, and other significant activities.

High Stability Level

The Patio Umbrella features a significantly large wind vent that permits the flow of cool air. The base support also uses a quality material that stays firm on the ground when the wind blows.

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With 3 Tiers: Klismos 10FT Weatherproof Patio Umbrella for Backyard

blue patio umbrella with solar lightsWaterproof Fabric

The Klismos 10ft 3 Tiers Patio Umbrella is made from unique polyester fabric that is both wind-resistant and waterproof. Due to the IPX rating, it’s highly advisable to purchase the Klismos for various outdoor activities.

Three Tiers Design

The Klismos 10ft Patio Umbrella comes with three different tiers of design for a cool temperature and prevention of wind. It ensures that users can enjoy the constant flow of air, including hot air and wind, through different vents.

Aluminum Ribs for Durability

The Patio Umbrella features eight different aluminum ribs for maximum durability. It includes a rust-proof powder-coated pole for the best user experience.

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With Crank Open System: EliteShade Sumbrella 9ft Lighted Patio Umbrellas

outdoor patio umbrella with solar lights

Aluminum Umbrella Frame

The EliteShade Sumbrella Solar Umbrellas is 20% stronger than the conventional Patio Umbrellas in the market. It comes with a 1.5 inches diameter aluminum pole that ensures firmer support than the conventional round poles.

LED Lighting from the Sun

The EliteShade Umbrella has a dual switched hub light with around 80 rib lights, which is more than the conventional LED lights of Umbrellas around the market.

Crank Open System

One of the significant advantages of the Patio Umbrella is that it’s easy to open and close by using the crank handle. Ensure that you appropriately press the push button for tilting in the position of the sun.

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Most Solid: Blissun 9ft Black and White Steel Patio Umbrella with Lights

large patio umbrella with solar lights

Energy Efficient

The Blissun 9ft Solar Umbrella is energy efficient due to the presence of four different LED lights on each rib, solar-powered 32 LEDs, and the 8-steel rib construction. It provides excellent support and a  push-button connector that is durable.

Available for Various Places

You can decide to use the Blissum 9ft Umbrella 32 LED Lighted Patio Umbrella in picnics, BBQ, garden parties, camping, beaches, and for relaxation under the shade.

Easy Tilt

The Patio Umbrella operates an easy tilt system that uses breathable fabric to avoid harmful UV rays and protect against water for long-lasting protection.

With the easy tilt system, it’s easy to set up the umbrella and take it down when you require it.

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Able to Tilt: Trademark Innovations Deluxe Pink Solar Powered LED Lighted Patio Umbrella

trademark innovations deluxe solar powered led lighted patio umbrella

Tilt Option

The Trademark Innovations Deluxe Solar Powered LED Lighted Patio Umbrella can be tilted into the right position to avoid the impact of the sun. It also features a crank operation for a better experience.

Electricity Free Operation

The Trademark Innovations Deluxe Patio Umbrella doesn’t use electricity for operation but requires solar energy. It features a square solar panel at its top to provide glowing light for nine to twelve hours.


The overall weight of the Trademark Innovations Deluxe Patio Umbrella is 15.5 pounds. Compared to a significant number of Patio Umbrellas, the weight of the Trademark Innovation’s product makes it easy to carry and transport.

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How to Hang Lights on a Patio Umbrella?

Hanging lights on your Patio umbrella is straightforward but requires precision and a level of accuracy.

For better understanding, here are steps to follow to hang lights on your Patio Umbrella appropriately:

  1. Remove the Patio Umbrella from its stand.
  2. Place clips appropriately in the Umbrella rib to hold light strands in position.
  3. Use ties with the clips and tighten them, so that it stays firm on the umbrella rib.
  4. Wrap the collar appropriately around the umbrella pole
  5. Hang the lights appropriately
  6. Ensure that the cord is in the right position
  7. Connect the system to a power source (Not needed if you use battery-powered lights)

How Do I Decorate My Patio Umbrella with Lights?

Decorating your patio umbrella with lights is more complicated than hanging lights on the umbrellas.

Now, you need to take outdoor decoration seriously for the best result. Note that it’s essential to purchase a quality patio umbrella to avoid sudden glitches in their operation.

Here’s a guide to decorating your Patio Umbrella with Lights:

Avoid using white light if you’re unsure about the yard’s detail

In most scenarios, white lights bring out the detail in a place. So, it’s essential to avoid using them when you don’t want too much detail to be obvious.

Consider the RGB Colors

Using multiple colors helps in switching things up, especially for a quality night experience. RGB Colors will also be useful during parties or some random outdoor activities.

Use string lights if you want to cover a large space

String lights are essential when you’re trying to cover a large space or region with decoration or illumination. The string lights are the perfect “go-to” source of illumination if you need creativity in your decoration.


Patio Umbrellas have an essential purpose, which is providing shade for individuals during the day. When appropriately decorated, these umbrellas can also be a source of aesthetics and illumination at night.

If you need to use Patio Umbrellas outdoors for a trip, it’s advisable to go for those that use rechargeable batteries or solar energy.