How to Identify a Tiffany Lamp?

tiffany desk lamps

Tiffany lamps are the current beautiful things that most people choose for their decorative purposes. They are more than just art products that become famous during the early 20th century. They come in different styles, models, shapes, brands and colors, sometimes it becomes overwhelming and daunting when looking for a tiffany lamp, especially when you … Read more

Who Invented the Light Bulb?

who made the light bulb

When the sun sets that’s when birds go to sleep. Some of the best moments are made after the nightfall, of course with the help of artificial light. The electric light bulb, especially the incandescent one has become something we can’t live without. You must be wondering who invented the light bulb. Was it Thomas … Read more

Oil Lamp Working Priciples & Application Notes

how do oil lamps work and what fuel it uses

In the olden days, people used oil lamps as a light source. They figured out how turn various materials into fuel sources to light the lamps. Oil lamps helped people to see for thousands of years until electric lighting was made available. Today oil lamps are used primarily as a back up form of lighting … Read more

Best Table Oil Lamps for Illumination and Decoration in 2021

best buy table oil lamp

Oil lamps once ruled the households of yesteryears. They were the dominant sources of lighting to the average household every night. Even though they have been edged out by the electrical light bulbs, they still find relevance in our day and time. Mostly, they are used to reminisce the ‘good old days.’ We have hence … Read more

A Complete Guide on the Best Brass Oil Lamps

best brass oil lamps reviews

Have you ever thought about how much inconveniencing it could be if you had no lights in your house? From security concerns to less comfort, you will barely want to live somewhere with no lights. At this point, brass oil lamps step in, as they provide more than enough light. However, the biggest concern is … Read more

What Is a Trawler Lamp?

den haan trawler lamp

Have you ever lived in fear of darkness? From worrying about your safety to being uncomfortable, this is an experience you will barely want. However, sometimes, power outages become inevitable. Such will be the time for one to get a reliable and long-lasting lamp. But how about if you are on a boat? Nothing could … Read more