How to Choose the Right Lamp for Your Bedroom?

cool bedside lamps

Bedroom lights are essential components in any bedroom. They have two main functions one being the appealing atmosphere in your bedroom which is part of your home décor. Bedroom lamps are also responsible for providing adequate light used for bedroom activities like reading. The question ‘How to choose the right lamp for your bedroom?’ can … Read more

LED Color Temperature and Kelvin Light Scale

led light bulb color temperature

LED bulbs have become quite popular over the previous years due to their brightness and energy conservation. However, LED lights generally come in various color temperatures whose suitability varies from room to room. These color temperatures are typically measured using a Kelvin scale and labeled on the bulb’s box. However, though marked, you might end … Read more

How to Convert Fluorescent Light to LED?

how to convert fluorescent shop light to led

Fluorescent lighting has become nearly obsolete over the last few years as LED seems to be the preferred choice in most homes and workplaces. LEDs have more efficient and consume less energy compared with traditional fluorescent tubes. Another amazing thing about LEDs is that they last long enough to make you forget replacement. With all … Read more

What Does the Different Color of a Porch Light Mean?

hanging porch lights

Finding the right kind of lighting apparatus is not all. You have to figure out also the color of the light outputs that the apparatus exude as well. That is only possible if you know more about the subject of the porch light color meaning. We are here to help you to appreciate this subject better. … Read more

LED vs CFL vs Incandescent

difference between led and incandescent

A couple of decades ago, the only bulbs that were present to light homes were incandescent bulbs and the only choice you had to make was wattage, where you would pick a bulb based on the level of brightness needed. In recent years, however, new bulbs have emerged due to advancements in technology hence replacing … Read more

What Are the Types of Lamp Oil?

what are the types of lamp oil for home lantern

Oil lamps are among the first invention that came up during the development of lamps. However, they have not yet grown out of fashion, as most people still use them for many other reasons. As the name indicates, they are oil lamps, and thus they use oil as their primary source of fuel; with so … Read more