An Ultra Guide on Choosing the Best Oil Lamp Shades in 2022

Lampshades are specifically meant to offer eye protection from the bulb’s glare and the direct light from the lamp’s bulb in a room. There are many different models and sizes of oil lamp shades.

A good example is the oil lampshades, which use kerosene or paraffin, abased lamp oil. However, when you use purified kerosene, you can use it both indoors and outdoors, but unpurified kerosene can only be used outdoors.

What Are the Types of Oil Lamp Shades?

oil lamp shades and sizes

Oil lamp shades existed back in the 17th century. They were first introduced to Paris and Italian cities streets; lamps were used to light the dark pavements, then reflectors and covers were placed above the oil lamps to reduce the excess brightness brought about by the oil lamps.

Several oil lampshades have several models that vary depending on their manufacturing period and the features they own. The following are some of the most popular oil lamp shades:

1. Aladdin Lamp Shades

Aladdin lamps are considered to be among the brightest lamps using kerosene as their primary source of fuel. Aladdin lampshades are always available in different shapes and sizes; however, the commonest ones have a rounded top and a round base, which is quite heavy.

The tops and the bases are squared; it is essential to note that the shape of the shade affects the working capabilities, but it only affects its general look.

If you are looking for a more classy Aladdin lampshade, you should consider the rounded designs, which are also in the highest demand.

Aladdin lampshades’ finishing determines their final looks; however, most people do not concentrate much on this, but it is the most crucial thing that adds flavor to your internal décor. There are various finishing, each with a different meaning to your room space.

If you are looking for traditional, elegant, and more refined finishes, you should consider the fluted shades; for a casual and homier vibe, consider the pleats shades. The scalloped shaped edges are perfect for a relaxed and more ambiance atmosphere.

Best for Traditional Room – Hipowe Aladdin Genie Oil Lamp

2. Chimney Lamp Shades

They have been designed to quickly flip over the glass chimney, mostly in hurricane or oil lamps. Without the right size of a chimney lampshade, there is a possibility of low functioning and flame lighting; there are about twenty-one different chimney lamp shades.

There are many reasons why people tend to choose these lampshades as compared to others. Most of them happen to be durable and can be used for many years regularly without fading or losing any of their feature performance.

The chimney lamp shades have many characteristics that make them remain the unique lampshades; they are flexible and can be molded into various shapes as per the user’s likes and preferences.

They come in many different designs that perfectly blend with your interior décor to give you the desired taste.

Best Durable – B&P Frosted Glass Chimney Oil Lamp Shade

3. Glass Oil Lamp Shades

These are the most classy oil lamp shades everyone would love to have; glass is among the materials that display royalty and classiness.

The glass oil lampshades are available in many colors, which can suit different home décor or even different occasions at home, such as home parties and Christmas.

They come in different shapes and finishes; therefore, one is able to choose from their preferences and budget.

The best thing about these oil lampshades is, despite them being fragile and delicate as they can easily break in case of falls, they can be easily replaced with perfection.

However, they need special attention when it comes to maintenance; they can also be used for multiple functions such as decorations and lighting.

Best for Modern Room – Firefly Transcend Clear Glass Oil Lamp with Holder

4. Victorian Oil Lamp Shades

Do you want the best classy and unique oil lampshades? Then the Victorian oil lampshades are the thing meant for you.

They offer the highest performance everyone would love, and they can last for a longer period without reducing their performance quality. Their different range of colors and models makes them perfect for décor.

With the Victorian oil lampshades, one can develop the different desirable types of endings with different meanings.

For example, they can be molded to form different types of flowers and at the same time be painted or colored to give an exact resemblance of the desired flower, or they can be shaped to form the king and queen shapes or any other beautiful shape.

Their prices are a direct representation of their quality; they are highly durable and easy to maintain.

Best for Bedroom – Billy Vintage Lamp Set with Brushed Nickel Finish

5. Fabric Lamp Shades for Oil Lamp

Sometimes this sounds awkward to some people; it is not easy to find fabrics used as lampshades.

However, the invention of lampshades has been made of stretched materials with a wireframe, and then it has been enhanced further with a finish of beaded hanging as from its bottom.

They were among the first lampshades to appear in the early 19th century where electricity had started becoming popular, but they were first used for oil lamps.

For them to be useful in oil lamps, they were shaped into vase-like designs to fit in and not interfere with the complete lighting of the oil lamp. The shade is made to fit above the receptacle, whose purpose is holding on the wick, which contains the burning oil.

The best thing about these lampshades is that they can be easily managed and because anything their replacement is easy.

6. Hurricane Chimney Lampshade

The hurricane chimney lampshade is always available in clear and explicit glasses, with cut patterns that faithfully display the old American cuttings’ re-creation.

Most of them being made from glass means that they have more desirable features than any other lampshade.

They provide sufficient house lighting since the glasses used are more transparent; however, some are made from fabrics and other desired materials.

They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors as per the user’s preferences and taste. Their prices are relatively lower than others; they are more protective and are mostly attached to the wall candle bracket or the candleholder.

Before kerosene was developed in the mid-19th century, candles were at their peak, however as the revolution went on, kerosene and oil were discovered. They could be used to light oil lamps; then there came the invention of chimneys.

Best for Outdoors – Dietz #76 Hurricane Oil Lantern for Camping

7. Paper Chimney Lampshades

These types of lampshades are made from translucent or semi-transparent papers; they purposely diffuse the light; however, they allow warm glowing rich light to reach the surroundings.

The paper can be made more durable by just oiling them; they are the easiest type of lampshades one can make for themselves by following simple steps.

Paper chimney lampshades are the cheapest lampshades one can have, plus they do not need any special attention when cleaning them or maintaining them.

They require simple, cheap materials to make them. They come in different shapes, sizes, and finishes; their design enables them to slip over the glass chimney of oil lamps.

8. Vintage Oil Lamp Shades

During the early 1880s, the earliest oil lampshades were made, with so many different styles that tried to entice people and fir their preferences.

It was accompanied by the viral spread of electricity, which was then discovered a few years back; the manufacturers never thought too hard; they just looked at their surroundings to get design motivations; they mostly revolved around plants and animals.

If you are looking for a naturally diversified oil lampshade, then this should the most recommendable for you.

Due to the highly advanced technologies, most oil lamp shades manufacturer has advanced their manufacturing style too.

The vintage oil lampshades are made with a spectrum of colored glasses that have been either hand-cut to make intricate and perfect patterns. On the other hand, they can be blown into many natural-like forms such as flowers and sorts.


The different types of oil lampshades cannot be all exhausted; however, among the commonest ones for their high performance and durability are above.

It is essential to know and understand the different models available in the market and the values they are likely to give. Each model and design is meant to perform another purpose and work in a specified environment; it can be either outdoors or indoors.

Getting the best oil lamp/oil lamp shades guarantees you the best results.