How to String Lights on a Christmas Wreath?

Lighted wreaths create a stunning glow that can transform any house into an instant Christmas wonderland, but they can cost a lot of cash than their standard, plain counterparts.

If you have a few plain or typical wreaths hanging around your garage spaces, give them a simple makeover by just wrapping them with lights.

And once you finish, you will enjoy a better and improved wreath and experience the extra festive d├ęcor in your home.

In this article, we are going to help you wrap string lights in your Christmas wreaths and help you transform your home into an amazing winter wonderland for Christmas.

Let’s move on to how to string lights on a Christmas wreath and finish it within 4 steps!

how to string lights on a christmas wreath

Step 1: Prepare and Dust Your Wreath

If your old wreath has been stored in a dusty or open place, unpack it and dust it off by brushing any traces of dust particles or cobwebs.

You might as well see some tons of berries, broken cones, or some scraggly bows.

Cut them off, or any worn-out or weathered sections suing a hiking knife or a pair of scissors, and discard them away from your home.

Cover your workstation with an old and clean cloth or newspaper, and place your home wreath on the table so that you can start working on the lighting.

Step 2: Secure the Plugs

Pick a string of your holiday lights that have a copper wire roughly the same size and color as your new wreath.

Measure the size between the house electrical outlet and the place you will have your wreath installed or hung.

Mark the measured dimensions along the wall string of lights, starting your measurements from the wall plug.

Attach the new area to the lower part of the wreath using a similarly twist tie or a colored craft wire; at this stage, the plug should be hanging loosely from the bottom of your wreath.

Step 3: Wrap the Lightings

Roll and tie up all strings of lights into the connection ball carefully while keeping the attached plug section in its original place.

Fix the wound ball through the plug hole and attach the lights around the edges.

Insert the ball extension bac through the wound holes and ensure all the windings are wrapped in the same direction; continue with the same pattern around the whole wreath.

As you continue with the extension of the light, try to move along the wreath so that you have a free covering space around the wound ball as you attach the end string with the craft cables.

Step 4: Disguise the Cable

Fluff inside out the greenery around the entire wreath to help disguise any necked or exposed cables.

If you like hot glue on your new berries or pine cones, then embellish the wreath and disguise any connection while ensuring that you don’t use a lot of glue on the cables.

Lastly, you should check for connection defects by using a tester or anything else to how a full flow of current the same applies before you connect your new wreath to power always ensure all the necked wires are insulated.

Final Words

With our guide, you can transform your home into an amazing winter wonderland by just spending less on purchases and enjoying the same environment with the other friends who spent more on the same.