How to Refinish Old Metal Floor Lamp?

  • Isn’t it serene to fall in love with the floor lamp that brightens up your room with light and decor?
  • But for how long can you stay attracted to its aesthetics?

Once that shiny tint on the lamp fades, it loses its value as a decoration, and you can only see it as a source of light.

Well, we will not advise you to replace your old metal floor lamp with a new one, but we will also not suggest you stay idle with it.

Why not paint and refurbish your old metal floor lamp into a new one?

This article guides you on how to refinish old metal floor lamp in simple steps.

how to refinish old metal floor lamp

Can I Paint a Metal Floor Lamp?

There are no drawbacks to painting your old metal floor lamp into a brand new one or giving fresh life to a secondhand bought lamp that has some wear and tear.

Moreover, it is a cost-effective method, and you can get selective with the colors to shade on the lamp, keeping in mind your room’s aesthetics.

How to Refinish Old Metal Floor Lamp?

Step 1: Get the necessary tools beforehand

Before you start, gather all the essential tools and materials you will need in the process beforehand.

In this exercise, you need screwdrivers and pliers for dismantling and assembling the metal lamp effectively.

As for cleaning purposes, fine-grit sandpaper, rags, and steel wool will work best.

Moreover, respirators, safety glasses, and gloves for safety measures are a must-have.

Step 2: Clean the lamp

Once you are ready with your tools and materials, the first step is to clean the lamp.

Ideally, your old lamp is dusty and covered in cobwebs, but if you take good care of your in-house decors, you may not relate to this.

Carefully remove the lampshade and gently wipe down the dust particles with a piece of cloth.

Next, take the shade stand and clean it with a cleansing wipe.

Alternatively, take a solution of vinegar and water and use a rag to wipe the stand.      

Step 3: Paint the lamp

Before painting the lamp, take fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool and scrub the lamp to remove any surface rust.

Next, place a coating of primer followed by many thin coats of spray paints for even and smooth refinishing.

Once you have shaded your lamp with colors, put it aside overnight to let it dry before assembling the parts back. 

Check the video below for visual effects:

Tips to Refinish Old Metal Floor Lamp

While your shade stand is drying, get artistic with your lampshade.

Refurbish or customize it in ways that match and fit the room’s aura.

For instance, you may paint stars and moons on the lampshade.

Upon glowing up, it will give a nice nighttime and peaceful theme.


1. Can I spray paint the base of the metal lamp?

Yes, you can use spray paint on any metal part.

If we talk about the metal lamp base, a fresh coat of spray paint will make the base glow and shine better. So it’s always a thumbs up.

However, use a metal spray primer to assist the spray paint to stick properly.

2. Do I need to sand the metal finish before updating my old floor lamp?

Some old paint residue likely remains on the metal even after you clean it with vinegar and water.

Therefore, use sanding on the metal surface to clean it and prep it for smooth and uniform spray paint.

3. How do you restore an old brass floor lamp?

Step 1: Safety comes first. Wear rubber gloves to prevent any mishaps, take a piece of cloth, and cover it with brass polish and 2 to 3 drops of ammonia solution.

Step 2: Wipe the cloth on your old brass floor lamp smoothly and uniformly.

Step 3: Next, you can flaunt on your factory-new-looking floor lamp.