How to Raise a Floor Lamp?

Everyone needs to do good research before doing any home decoration to decide the perfect place for any decor item to make it look good.

Keeping the wrong thing in the wrong place can throw off the whole look of a space.

Here, if we consider floor lamps, then set the lamp at the height from which the base of the lampshade is at or above eye level and not be lower than it.

So if your floor lamps are not at the proper height, we will discuss how to raise a floor lamp to guide you to the right height of lamp use.

how to raise a floor lamp

When Do You Need to Raise Your Floor Lamp Height?

A floor lamp’s height is one of the essential things to be considered while home decoration to avoid discordance and disharmony of the entire look.

Although, as per the rules, the lampshade bottom can be at or above eye level while sitting position of a person.

And as per the standard, the ideal floor light height is 58 to 64 inches when a person is seated to have the possible lighting effect and make good your home decoration.

So if your floor lamp is lower than this standard height, you have to raise your floor lamp height to have maximum lights from lamps in the room.

But, sometimes, if slightly taller or shorter floor lamps work well with your home decoration, you can go for it.

How to Raise a Floor Lamp?

So, if your floor lamp height is lower than the eye level rule, you do not have to worry.

You can raise the height of a floor lamp easily using wood. Maybe you feel this task is complicated, but believe me, it’s a very simple process.

And all you have to do is have some wood pieces, some screws, a cable, and a drill.

So let’s go through some steps one by one to make a floor lamp taller.

Step 1: Gather Required Materials

So, first of all, you have to find out and gather all needed materials like wood pieces, screws, cable, or any related hardware things to start the process of making your lamp taller.

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Now, pick a woodblock from the wood pieces and cut it into two equal parts.

Keep the wood length between the place up to where you want your lamp and the bottom of your floor lamp.

Step 3: Attach the Wood into the Lamp with Screw

Now you have to use a screw to join two wood pieces together.

First of all, ensure that the base of the wood piece is flush with the floor lamp base.

Step 4: Make a Hole in Top Wood Piece Using a Drill

Now make a hole in the top wood piece using a drill so that an extension cable cord can go through it.

Ensure that hole is in the center of the wood and big so that the cable can go through it.

Step 5: Set it all Properly

Now it’s time to put the top wood piece on the bottom piece.

Keep that so that the hole in the top wood piece faces downwards, so the extension cord passes by it.

Step 6: Check it and Start it

Once you do these all things, now it’s time to check that everything is completed well.

Then plug the floor lamp into the extension cord to check how your floor lamp looks at a raised position and how it impacts your home look.

What to Put Under a Floor Lamp to Make It Taller?

1. Use a Taller Base:

One of the methods is using a taller base. Risers are the items that make decorating wonder in a home, and you can use them to make your lamps taller.

Most of the lights are available with a base of 13 to 18 inches high.

Also, they have mostly a switch box to switch on or off at the cord end.

And if your lamp already has a base, remove that old one by unscrewing and replacing it with the old base.

Once you add a new base, it’s time to secure it using screws or bolts.

2. Use an Extension Pole:

One more thing you can do is add an extension pole to make your floor lamp taller.

So, first of all, decide which kind of pole is best for your lamp by considering the base, lamp shade etc. and add an extension pole. It will also make your place look good.

3. Use Your Creativity:

If you have any creative ideas and resources available to make a table taller, then do it with your ideas like you can use metal poles or PVC pipes for the same.

You can do it by using your thoughts or finding out ideas online. For this, you may need some material, tools, time, patience and perfect dimension ideas.

Any Additional Methods?

So if you are finding some ways that make your floor lamp taller, then put here some items under it, like

1. Wooden Stool or Frame or Wooden Frame:

When we use wood at any place, it gives an elegant look to a room.

You can use a wooden stool or wooden frame with a table lamp to make a lamp taller.

Such tables are available in so many sizes so you can choose as per your need and also, it will give a unique look to your home decor.

Also, wooden stools are sturdy with long life. You can always go for wooden rounds to make a great riser.

Make a stack of wooden rounds and create a beautiful decor piece.

2. Books:

You can use books you have read or do not often need underfloor lamps to make them taller.

We can consider this very simple as books are easily available, affordable, and functional.

Choose hardcover books to add stability. Books available under floor lamps motivate people to read and make your place elegant in look.

Try to use books that match your home fixtures to make everything look perfect.

3. Plates:

You can use dishes to raise the height of your floor lamp. You can use dishes with the same or different colors and sizes and make a stack with them.

It is a perfect idea for kitchen floor lights.

For What Occasions, You Just Need to Raise the Floor Lamp Shade, Not the Whole Floor Lamp?

To have adequate lighting at a place, you can make a layer of different components to make the good feel good, and that doesn’t mean that you have to consider lights only, but you need to think about lampshade as it has an impact.

The ideal lamp and lampshade combination can convert a corner to an attractive spot in your room.

Sometimes you do not need to raise the lamp height, but increasing the height of the lampshade will also help you.

Here you have to decide for which purposes you are using the light like for reading, activities, living room, dining room, bedroom, office, etc.

And then decide how much light you need and make a proper combination of lamp and lampshade by adjusting their heights.

There are three rules to set lampshade:

  1. Lampshade width must be equal to the lamp base height.
  2. Lampshade height should be two-thirds of the lamp base height.
  3. The lampshade must be more comprehensive than the broadest part of the lamp base.

What Is the Best Height for A Floor Lamp?

Generally, we have to buy a floor lamp with a height between 58 to 64 inches to sit on a chair or sofa to get some rest.

And also, consider eye level like for a seated person, the lampshade should be at or above eye level.

When your lampshade is not at a proper eye level, a person may feel discomfort while doing any activities at home or seated.

In a living room with a ceiling height of 9 feet, a floor lamp should be 69-72 inches tall to amplify and not conflict or overshadow in a living room.

Torchiere floor lamps are suitable for living room lighting without glare which directs light upwards towards the ceiling.

For reading or craftwork, task lighting is best for sufficient illumination. They are mostly more direct and attentive light than others.

Mostly for reading, floor lamps are placed behind or to the side of a couch or chair to light directly on the work area.

The top of the lamp will generally be 60 inches high from the floor for reading purposes.

You have to set a floor lamp that doesn’t spread glare in front of your face for studying.

Here you only have to remember not to buy a lamp taller than yourself, and for perfect height, you can go with the hand test.

Hold one arm extended in front of you with fingers spread upwards, and then touch the lamp at eye level.

You can set your study lamp at 15-36 inches above your desk.


As discussed here, making a floor lamp taller is a really easy process of steps to follow one by one.

You can do it by using some easily available tools, materials and other resources.

So check your floor lamp height now, and make it perfect.