How to Make String Lights Brighter?

String lights are used for aesthetic and decorative purposes, indoor and outdoor. Not getting the desired quality and brightness of the light can be against its festive look.

So how to make string lights brighter?

It is important to note that string lights are not heavy-duty lights, and they can only be bright to a certain extent.

There are ways you can help the light have its maximum intensity without affecting its life.

The first and foremost factor is handling and maintaining the lights.

Once their life is not affected, you can make it brighter by replacing the dim bulbs and providing the proper voltage.

Read on to know more about the ways to make these lights brighter!

how to make string lights brighter

How to Make String Lights Brighter?

String lights can lose their actual light intensity over time. Moreover, Incandescent or filament string lights tend to burn out faster than LED lights.

To get brighter string lights, start with a pair of LED string lights.

Moreover, there are cases when a particular bulb in the light is dimmer compared to others.

The only solution is to replace the dim light bulbs in such a case.

Replacement bulbs for LED lights can be found on the market even if the manufacturers use a specific kind.

Increasing the voltage also increases the brightness of LED string lights, but the increased amount of voltage can shorten the light’s life.

Why Are My Fairy Lights Dim?

Fairy lights are a great addition to elevate the look of your surroundings, but how to keep it from losing its spark and energy.

You will notice certain fairy lights tend to dim and lose their actual light intensity over time.

There are certain reasons for that:

1. Quality of Light

The quality of light you are purchasing affects its overall performance.

You’re mistaken if you wish to buy fairy lights for a cheap cost thinking they don’t last anyway.

The fairy lights have a good life if of the right quality and material.

Hence, buying good-quality fairy lights is crucial.

2. Varying Voltage

The amount of voltage feeding into the lights decides its performance in the long run.

If the lights are not getting enough voltage, they tend to not light up to their maximum capacity, which can cause them to appear dull.

Moreover, a high amount of voltage also causes the resistors in lights to burn, which eventually causes the light to burn out and stop from lighting up entirely.

3. Type of Resistor

Knowing the type of resistor in the light is essential before plugging it into any power source.

Under certain circumstances, the resistor is provided with a higher voltage than it can handle, which results in failure and dimming of the light.

4. Battery Fairy Lights

Fairy lights powered by a battery can get dull and lose intensity due to running out.

The solution is to replace the worn-out batteries with new ones.

How to Keep String Lights Bright for Longer Time?

String lights come in handy on different festive occasions. Thus, once you buy string lights, you wish for them to last longer and brighter, so you don’t have to spend some money now and then to buy better quality lights.

String lights require low maintenance, and with a bit of care, you can make them last longer.

But how to keep the string lights bright for a longer time?

Since the lights tend to dim over time, is it possible for them to be brighter for longer?

String lights dim over time due to improper current or improper use of the lights.

If the lights are kept running for the whole day, you can quickly expect it to be dim or burn out within a week. So, turn it off when you don’t use it.

Moreover, to keep the light shining with the same intensity it had first, it is crucial to make sure the voltage provided to the light is sufficient and stable, so it does not burn out its resistors.

Thus, using the lights only at required times and keeping them in a safe place when not in use can keep its wires safe and intact, which can help the light last longer and brighter.


1. Will higher voltage make LED string lights brighter?

Increasing the voltage can increase the light intensity in LED string lights.

Hence you can make the LED string lights brighter by increasing the voltage.

2. Do LED fairy lights dim over time?

LED fairy lights are the most durable type of fairy lights, and they last over the years, up to 5-6 years on proper use.

Hence when appropriately used, the LED fairy lights will start to dim slowly only after a long period of use.

3. Can you cut off extra string lights to make the remaining brighter?

It is possible to cut string lights to get a certain length, and once repaired and plugged back in, and they do work.

However, cutting the extra string lights does not make the remaining ones brighter instead; it will lead to their failure eventually.


Bright string lights serve the purpose you had for buying them.

However, do not consider throwing out these lights when they burn out and lose their actual intensity.

There is still a solution for that. You can easily replace the dim bulbs with fresh ones, and specific changes in maintaining the light can make them comparatively brighter.