How to Make String Lights Blink?

Christmas string lights are available in a variety of different colors, shapes, and sizes but there are two other kinds of Christmas lights: blinking lights and non-blinking lights.

Non-blinking lights as the name suggest don’t blink or flicker.

If you prefer strings lights in blinking form, then it is not rocket science to fix this problem.

There are several approaches to rewire the lights and made them blink.

This post will guide you on how to make string lights blink.

how to make string lights blink

Why Does String Light Not Blink?

There are two different methods to wire the string light. The string lights are wired in series or parallel connections.

If the lights are hooked up in the series approach of connection, then the entire string of lights does have a single circuit.

If the one bulb goes faulty, then the entire string wouldn’t work.

This is a simple wire connection but it has more disadvantages.

Another approach for wiring the string of bulbs is setting them in parallel connection.

In this connection configuration, each bulb behaves as a separate unit and a circuit in itself. 

If the one bulb blows, then it won’t affect the entire string. Other bulbs, of course, would continue to work properly. 

It is less frustrating than the series connection. 

These connections are complex and cost relatively more than the series connection.

Sometimes there is a flaw in one bulb and the entire string doesn’t twinkle. This is mostly the case with series connections and the bulb is needed to replace forthwith. 

Alternatively, the connection is converted into a parallel configuration to make blinking possible again without replacement.

Sometimes the string connection is missing a special bulb called ‘flasher’ which bestows the entire connection capabilities to blink.

This bulb is usually different than the other ordinary bulbs of the string and it has a red tip.

A flawed flasher can prevent the string from blinking. 

If the connection of the string is in series then you need only one flasher. 

Contrary to that, if the connection is in parallel wires then there would be multiple substrings. Each substring would have its separate flasher bulb.

Can You Make Non-Twinkle LED Christmas Lights Twinkle?

Yes, it is possible.

All you have to do is introduce a red-tip flasher in the string of lights and the entire connection will blink on and of.

It is not possible to make an individual bulb in the string blink.

How to Make String Lights Blink/Twinkle?

You can flash the entire string of lights on and off using the red-tipped flasher bulb.

Step 1 – Grab your set of string lights. Prepare your string lights replacement bulbs and a red-tipped flasher in the pack.

Step 2 – Test the string for any faulty mechanics. The string of lights is tested at the beginning of the lighting process.

Step 3 – Check for any flawed bulb which is not glowing and replace it with a replacement bulb in the pack.

If everything is alright, then unplug the switch from the power source. 

Now remove one of the ordinary bulbs from its slot with meticulous care.  

To make sure you have not plucked out just a glass bulb only, pinch your nails around the base. This would ensure the entire bulb along with the base comes out.

Step 4 – The base of a red-tipped flasher is depicted. Ensure the copper wire should be flat against the base.

A wee bit of twist can be introduced in those little copper wires.

Step 5 – Insert the red-tipped flasher in the slot emptied from the plucking out ordinary bulb.

Step 6 – Plug the switch into the power source and wait a few seconds before the string starts to blink.

Here’s a small clip that demonstrates the entire spectrum of flashing frequency.