How To Make Santa Cam Night Light?

The Santa cam nightlight not only helps your kids sleep at night but also keeps them on their best behavior during the day.

The Santa cam nightlight is a nightlight with a fake camera lens that tricks your kids into thinking Santa is always watching them, even while they are sleeping.

And of course, your kids will behave like angels because they don’t want to end up on Santa’s naughty list. Who does?

You can buy one online but if you would prefer to make it yourself then you can because the Santa cam nightlight is also incredibly easy to make and can easily be done in your spare time.

how to make santa cam night light

How to Make Santa Cam Night Light?

To make a Santa cam Nightlight you will need:

  • Ordinary LED plug-in nightlight
  • Red gloss (Or any color of your choice)
  • Camera Lens (This can be printed out if you have a Cricut machine)
  • Glue

If you own a craft cutting machine, like the Cricut machine, you can download a Santa Cam SVG file or use Design Space to create your Santa Cam design. For this method, you will need:

  • Black Adhesive Vinyl
  • Transfer tape
  • Cricut weeding tool
  • Standard Grip Mat
  • Brayer

If you do not own a craft cutting machine, you can still make a Santa Cam nightlight, all you will need are some alphabet stickers or a Santa hat sticker.


1. Download a Santa Cam SVG file online or log in to Design Space and design your Santa Cam graphics.

If you have never used a craft cutting machine before, follow these steps:

2. Place adhesive vinyl on the standard grip mat. The mat holds the vinyl in place while the Cricut cuts your design.

3. Use the brayer if you need a little help with it sticking.

4. Load the mat into your Cricut Machine and select the vinyl material in Design Space.

5. Send the design to your Cricut cutting machine.

6. Press the flashing button on your Cricut machine to start cutting.

To make the Santa Cam night light, all you need to do is;

7. Order a regular plug in night light from Amazon, Etsy, or any vendor of your choice.

8. Paint the transparent part of your night light with a few layers of red gloss or you could leave it bare or even cover it with glitter.

Now to decorate the body of the nightlight,

9. Remove the mat from the Cricut machine and then remove the vinyl material from the mat.

10. Use the Cricut weeding tool to remove all the excess iron-on material that is not part of your design.

11. Use the transfer tape to place the words on the painted part of the nightlight.

12. Add some glue to the edges of the fake camera lens and glue it down.

And your Santa Cam nightlight is done now!

Check the video to get the steps more understandable:

The Santa Cam Nightlight is how “Santa” keeps track of who’s been naughty or nice, or at least that’s what your kids will think.

Make it at home and send it to your kids now!