How to Make a Glitter Mason Jar Night Light?

A glitter mason jar night light is a great addition to your family which can spice up your bedrooms and living rooms.

Diy such an ambient light is as easy as pie.

This post talks about how to make a glitter mason jar night light with simple steps.

how to make a glitter mason jar night light

Materials Needed

How to Make a Glitter Mason Jar Night Light? – Detailed Steps

Step 1: Open the Jar and Spray the Inside with Adhesive Spray

First, ensure you have everything, open all the packaging, and put enough pledge floor cleaner inside.

Switch all around the jar until every side is covered with adhesive spray.

Once the entire jar is covered.

Let the jar sit upside down for a few minutes to ensure all the products in it pour out.

Step 2: Pour glitter into the jar

Add glitter to the jar. You can use a tiny cone or other convenient equipment to put the glitter back inside the jar.

Ensure to pour extra glitter to make sure all the inside is covered and that there is no empty spot missing in the glitter.

Step 3: Close the Lid

Swish the jar around to make sure it sticks well and close the lid. Hold it by the window to see any light is shining through it.

Step 4: Shake Until Glitter Coats the Inside of The Jar

If you notice any shining, add more glitter, use your thumb to cover it and shake the glitter until all the holes are covered with glitter.

Step 5: Allow Drying, About 10-15 Minutes

After filling the jar with glitter, let it dry for 10-15 minutes and put the cap back on.

Use the font choice of the Cricut design space to write whatever saying you want.

Step 6: Place Lights Inside the Jar

Place an LED string light inside the jar and glue it to ensure it stays in place.

Where to Put the Glitter Mason Jar Night Light?

You can place the glitter mason jar night light at the nightstand in your kid’s room. It can also be used as a wedding, party or holiday ambiance.

If you want to use the device without worrying about changing the battery, you can use the solar string lights.