How to Hide the Battery Pack on Fairy Lights?

Whether it’s fairy lights or string lights, the ambiance and vibe these lights provide is very calming.

We love to decorate our places with string lights mostly on some of our special events.

Not just do these lights look good in reality but they look perfect in pictures too.

But at the same time, your pictures or special moments can be ruined because of the battery packs of these string lights.

Most people don’t pay attention to these battery boxes but it’s 100% true they don’t provide you with a clean look that’s why you need to hide them.

Now you might be wondering how to hide the battery pack on fairy lights because they are quite large in size.

Below mentioned are some of the ways through which you can easily hide these battery packs without any difficulty.

how to hide the battery pack on fairy lights

How to Hide the Battery Pack on Fairy Lights?

1. Hide in the vase rim:

At the time of hanging these string lights make sure that the lights are long enough so that they can reach the vase rim easily.

But remember that the vase rim is not transparent; it needs to be opaque. After hanging the light, put the battery pack in the vase rim and make sure it doesn’t touch the water at all.

If you don’t have a vase you can buy it or you can even turn any good vine or another bottle into a vase.

But make sure that the battery pack fits inside the bottle perfectly.

2. Hide it behind the furniture:

If you are not okay with the vase option then there is no need to panic because this tip is even easier.

At the time of hanging the string light keep the arrangement of your furniture in mind.

You can easily hide the battery packs behind your furniture, for example, you can hide the battery packs at the back of your bed crown, behind the cupboard, underneath the side tables, etc whatever suits your string lights setting the most.

3. Hide inside the trees or bushes:

Decorating the gardens or yards with these string lights give a very appealing and pleasant look.

Hiding the battery packs outside is much easier than hiding them inside it. You can easily hide them inside the trees or bushes.

Finally, you get to know about the correct ways to hide these battery packs but you also need to know how you can hang these string lights easily so let’s solve your problem and answer it.

How to Hide a String Light Battery Box on the Wall?

Hiding a string light battery pack is very important because not only does it look messy but it can tear up the wire so hiding and securing it is very important.

You can easily hide or secure it by applying the Velcro glue strip.

You can even hide the battery behind any object like a mirror, clock, frames, etc.


String lights look very attractive and give a very calm feel. These lights are bendable so you can easily create different designs with them.