How to Hang String Lights on Cinder Block Wall?

Exhibiting great things were always supposed to be a part of the plan. However, it may be difficult to get such objects to adhere to a cinder brick wall. It’s difficult to nail or screw into a cinder block since it’s as hard as concrete. Because of the porous nature of its surface, the tape tends to come off.

However, there are a variety of short-term solutions for attaching and detaching those string lights. It might be difficult to hang Christmas lights on a brick facade.

The good news is that you may safely hang lights without harming the brick using certain materials and procedures.

To avoid the stress of decorating your house for the holidays, learn about your alternatives.

Let’s start with how to hang string lights on cinder block wall now!

how to hang string lights on cinder block wall

How to Hang String Lights on Cinder Block Wall with Drilling?

Step 1: Decide where you want to hang the lights and make a mark on the ground where they will go.

Step 2: Drill into the wall by placing the drill over the marked area. Make sure you drill in straight.

Step 3: It’s time to put your anchor in the hole.

Step 4: Allow a little amount of room for the screw to fit into the anchor.

Step 5: Hang up your string lights.

How to Hang String Lights on Cinder Block Wall Without Drilling?

1. Hot Glue Gun

Using a hot glue gun to temporarily attach Christmas lights to your brick is probably the simplest method.

The glue gun’s extension cable should go as far as you need it to before you begin, so make sure you have enough lights to illuminate the target area.

When you’re ready to put the lights up, all you have to do is dab them with hot glue and push them on the brick for 10-20 seconds to set them in place. Because of this, the glue will have time to cool and set.

You can simply remove your Christmas lights from the bricks by peeling off the hot glue that has been applied to them.

You may use rubbing alcohol to remove sticky adhesive if necessary.

2. Clips of Brick

Brick clips may be able to be used to hang lights. Lights may be hung from these metal clips that attach to the brick’s face.

The lip where a brick clip may be installed will be there as long as the brick and mortar are not totally flat.

To ensure a tight fit, check the height of your bricks before ordering a clip.

Brick clips are simple to install.

Start by putting the clip’s top end on the brick’s topmost point.

Afterward, push down until a snap is heard as the springs at the bottom of the clip snap into position along the brick bottom.

Using the hooks, you can then attach your lights to them.

Removing the clips is just as straightforward and won’t do any harm.

How Much Weight of String Lights Can a Cinder Block Wall Stand?

International building standards organization ASTM mandated in 2003 that all concrete blocks hold at least 1,700 pounds per square inch of weight (PSI).

This standard, on the other hand, merely specifies the basic criteria.

However, you can attach your string lights freely as all the types has a light weight.


It’s advisable to hire a professional to put your Christmas lights on your brick house rather than do it yourself.