How to Hang String Lights in a Tent?

When we consider any tent, whether a party tent, an event tent, or a campsite tent, illuminating a tent is essential nowadays.

Lighting additions in a tent can form a unique ambiance.

Hanging lights in a tent is easy, but as there are numerous methods to light and hang the string lights in a tent, you may need some guidelines to do it properly.

Here, we will cover everything you need to know about how to hang your light for a party as well as camping sites.

how to hang string lights in a tent

What Factors to Consider When Hanging String Lights in a Tent?

String lights are one of the best quick and easy solutions to light up a tent without any bother, minimal price, or tools.

They also transform the overall décor and ambiance of a tent.

Yet, many people find it quite hard to hang string lights in their tents.

There are so many ways available to light up your tent, and the process of hanging string lights to a tent is relatively easy.

But before knowing the method of hanging a string light, you have to consider some points like,

Consider Power Source: If your string is electric-powered, and if your camping tent has electrical access ports for USB chargers, keep it close to that source.

Check Length: Now, check the length of your string light and calculate the size you need to hang the lights. To decide on string light length, you have to consider tent size, the layout of the hanging string light, and the area you want to light up.

Decide Location: Now, decide where you want to hang the lights? Inside a tent or outside it? If it’s inside the tent, you can wrap it into a tent frame, but if you want an outside tent, you can use a tent pole or nearby tree branch, or another object to hang the lights.

Gather All Essentials: Now, ensure that you have everything you need to hang a string light like zip ties, velcro, magnets, charging wires, tapes, batteries, etc.

Test Lights: Before hanging the lights, test them to check if they are working well or not.

So after going through this process, we are now coming to the main point about how to hang string lights in a tent.

How to Hang String Lights in a Tent?

But if you want to hang it inside the camping tent, just run or wrap the string lights into the inner part of the tent frame and use velcro bands or magnets to hold it down.

You can also use zip ties to make the grip tighten with the tent frame.

You can also use drawing pins, blu-tack, wire suckers, adhesive hooks, taps to hang string lights in a tent.

To hang inside a wedding or event party tent, you can be as creative as possible, like you can hang them on party tables or wrap them around focal points or hang in various layouts as per your need to make the surroundings lighten up with some charm in it.

How to Hang String Lights Outside of a Tent?

To hang the string lights to the outside of the tent, you can use the pre-installed straps available on the top of your tent.

But if straps are not there, you can use magnets or velcro to hang string lights.

Just attach one side of the string light with one corner of the tent and then pass it through the strap on the top and attach another side at the other corner of your tent.

Secure string light at every 1 foot of the distance to secure it with a tent; otherwise, there are chances of falling down the light.

In camping tents, you can also find some objects around your tent like tree branches, poles, or others to hang lights from them in areas where you require the light.

In event tents, you can use a roof, tree, wall or any other object to hang the string lights to lighten up to the outside of the tent.

What Type of String Lights Are Suitable for Inside of the Tent?

When we talk about tent lighting, we have to decide the lighting suitable for inside the tent.

When choosing lights for inside the tent, we need to consider the safety level, brightness, size, etc.

It is good to go for battery-powered lights and doesn’t have any cords.

Choose lights that offer a soft glow and are bright enough to read, play games, and set up a sleeping area.

To use string lights inside the tent, you can go for some lights which offer some advanced features like some string lights have auto sensor features, so they will be lit up when there is any movement in a tent.

Or go for some remote-based or app-based lights, so you can operate them while lying down in a tent.

We recommend lightweight string light that is simple to set up, long-lasting and waterproof like,

1. Mini lights on a string: String lights are perfect for weddings and outdoor parties, but you can also use them in a camping tent. Many manufacturers are available that manufacture battery-operated string lights, so you do not need electrical plugs.

This light does not give more light, but they give enough to observe the area around you. They are just giving the right amount of ambiance to improve the experience of the tent.

2. Watt Lighting: Also named Edison Vintage Lights. These are also string lights, but these lights are large. These lights are four-watt light bulbs and are generally white. They are best for inside and outside the tent to provide proper lights.

What Type of String Lights Are Suitable for Outside of the Tent?

If we consider string lights for the outside of the tent, then, first of all, you need to think about the waterproof factor or weather-resistant.

Also, during the winter season, you need to ensure that the wires and light bulbs are insulated and won’t freeze.

Another essential thing to consider is how string lights operate, like most lights are battery-operated. So you have to analyze how long the battery of a string light will work.

Also, if possible, you can go for lights that work on electricity outside of the tent light, so plug in, and it works.

You can also go for solar-powered string lights in which wire is connected to a small solar panel. This panel captures the sun’s energy and transforms it into fuel for the light bulbs.

To use string lights on the outside of the tent, some of the types are like,

1. Vintage String Light Bulbs: These are generally warm golden lights to offer an intimate atmosphere, so they are the best lights for the outside of the tent to create a romantic ambiance.

2. LED Rope Lights: These bulbs are insulated in a protective PVC jacket, so they have weather-resistant features and protect them from frost.

Some string lights are available that work both inside and outside of the tent-like rope LED string light, so decide your requirements and pick one best for your needs.

How Many String Lights Do You Need?

Now you may have a question about calculating string light length for tents and how to decide how many string lights you may need.

So let’s go through some guidelines to make it easy for you.

The length of a string light depends on the size of the area you need to illuminate and how intricately you wish to decorate.

1. For Camping Tent

Now, the length of the string light mostly depends on the area you want to cover for lighting.

Most tents are small or medium-sized in a camping tent, so string lights with shorter lengths will also work here.

Many string lights are also designed with cords, which we can link together to make a long string light.

If you want to set up a string light inside your camping tent, you generally need a string light with 10 feet.

It is the maximum string light you may need to light up inside your camping tent.

But if you are planning to hang string light outside the tent, find out the length of the tent’s outer side frame and then divide it by the length of a string.

A camping tent is always average in size, so the maximum length of a string you may need is 25-30 feet to lighten up the outside frame of the tent.

But if you want more lights, you can add more string as per need.

2. For Party Tent/Wedding Tent

how to hang lights in a wedding tent

A party tent or wedding tent is always large compared to a camping tent, so string light is also required to be large here.

Now the length of the string light depends here on the layout and density of the lights.

Different kinds of layout to set string light include:

  • Perimeter lighting
  • Corner to peak lighting
  • Radial lighting
  • Zig-zag lighting
  • Parallel lighting
  • Deluxe tent lighting
  • Full canopy lighting

So which layout you choose and how much density of light you want will decide the length of string lights.

Generally, you can combine 5 strings altogether, which makes 60 feet.

But as per your requirements, you can go from a few dozen to thousands of string lights.

What Can You Use to Hold up String Lights in a Tent?

Luckily, many alternative things hang string lights in a tent.

Installed hooks: The most effortless method to hold the string lights is the pre-installed hooks which are mostly available inside a tent. But if there are no hooks, then go for other options.

Magnets: You can use magnets to hold your lights. Put one at a string light and attach the other magnet or a metal piece to the top of the tent using tape.

Velcro: You can also use velcro, just like magnets. You have to stick one piece of velcro to the light using glue and then stick the other velcro piece to the inside of your tent.

Zip Ties: You can also use a few zip ties to hold the string lights with your tent frame.

Drawing Pins: You can also use drawing pins by pushing them between the twisted wires to the tent surface.

Blu-tack: The string light itself must be pressed into the blu-tack at different intervals. For small string lights, blu-tack is ideal.

Wire Suckers: A wire sucker is generally pressed onto a surface, and it has a hook or other feature to hold a string or wire where you can grip your string light.

Adhesive Hooks: You can stick these hooks to your tent surface, and it will not put any mark on your surface. You can hang your lights on it.

So these are some of the alternatives you can use to hold your string to the tent.


1. Can You Use Tape to Hang String Lights for Tents?

Yes, you can use tape to secure the string lights to the tent.

2. How to Tape up String Lights for a Tent?

Secure both ends of the string light with a tap and use a 1-2 feet distance to make it more secure.