Best LED Smart Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger in 2022

In the past, desk lamps were too big, bulky, and had only a single lighting option. However, with recent technological advancements, desk lamps have also transitioned well.

Currently, desk lamps include a number of exciting features and are more than just for lighting purposes. They include wireless charging, adjustable arms, different brightness, and color temperature settings, etc.

In this article, we have enlisted the best desk lamp with wireless charging and narrowed down the options for you.

Moreover, to help you in your selection, we have also mentioned important factors to consider. Hence, you can easily choose the best lamp with wireless charging.

best desk lamp with wireless charger reviews and guides

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Cheapest Option – Brightech Industrial Office Desk Lamp with Glass Shade (Click here to buy)

Most Versatile – Ampulla Bedside Lamp Compatible with Bluetooth Speaker (Click here to buy)


How to Choose the Best Desk Lamps with Wireless Charging?

The factors you need to consider include charging speed, adjustability, light intensity, etc. Check the details below:

How fast is the charging speed?

The first thing that you need to consider is the charging speed. Since you are relying on a desk lamp to charge your phone, you need to make sure it does this job effectively and fast.

Ensure that the light intensity won’t go weak when you charging your phones.

What are the best brands?

The two best brands for desk lamps are Ottlite and TaoTronics.

  • Ottlite lamps are especially suitable for reducing eyestrain and adjustable brightness level can enhance your mood and productivity.
  • Whereas, TaoTronics lamps are mostly popular for their versatility and amazing functionality. TaoTronics lamps are suitable for almost every task and come with efficient wireless charging capability.

Is the lamp head adjustable for studying or working?

An adjustable headlamp is an added bonus that allows you to direct the beam of light in a direction you want. It is an essential feature to have.

What watts are needed?

Generally, 10 watts is enough for the casual task of a desk lamp. However, for more precision working, 20 watts are recommended.

Does it waste energy?

One of the primary advantages of desk lamps is that it helps you save energy.

Moreover, a desk lamp that includes a rechargeable battery can even eliminate the need of replacing bulbs frequently. Hence, they are also a cost-effective option as well.

What is the price range?

Desk lamp with wireless charging can cost more than regular lamps. You can get a good desk lamp in the price range of $100 to $150 or even more depending on the features it includes.


You can also consider a few additional features in a desk lamp. This includes time, date, temperature updates, USB port for wired charging, Bluetooth speaker for entertainment purpose, etc. Remember that, more the features higher the price tag will be.

Best Desk Lamp with Wireless Charger Reviews

Look at the best table lamps to help you get your phone charged without cord.

Industrial Style – Brightech Office Desk Lamp with Glass Shade

Looking for a classy and lavish-style desk lamp? Consider buying this Brightech Elizabeth desk lamp with brass finishing.

industrial glass table lamp with wireless charger and usb port

What You Will Like:

  • Alexa And Google Home Compatible:

The best part about this desk lamp is that the light is compatible with Alexa and Google Home Assistant. It will be very convenient for you to use this lamp while reading or working.

  • Long Life Span:

Surprisingly, this desk lamp can last for about 20,000 hours which is more than 2 years, making it an ideal long-term investment. Besides, it includes LED bulbs that are 450 lumens, producing enough light to do certain tasks.

  • 3 Years Long Warranty:

Another reason to buy this desk lamp is that the manufacturers offer you a 3 years long warranty. It makes this desk lamp even more credible and worth buying. The chances of any disappointment are very less.

What You May Not Like:

  • Too Bright For Reading and Studying Purposes:

If you want to buy a task lamp for reading and studying purposes, then you should look for an alternative as this lamp can be too bright.

For office and other DIY work, this lamp will work just fine.

What Do Reviews Say:

Most users liked the design of this lamp as one of them writes, “A great looking lamp, stylish and well made.  Perfect for charging your phone and not include extra wires.”

Another user writes, “This is an amazing lamp for the price. The fact that it charges your phone is an absolute bonus. Very sturdy, has a unique look.”


  • Wireless charging allows charging your smartphone and other small devices
  • Comes with SMD LED that saves energy
  • Bronze finishing gives it a classy and attractive look


  • Does not include adjustable color temperature or brightness mode. (Check Solution)

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Most Versatile – Ampulla Bedside Lamp Compatible with Bluetooth Speaker

This is an ideal lamp for anyone who needs something more than just a desk lamp with wireless charging. You might not resist buying it as you get to know about its mouth-watering features.

desk lamp with charging station and clock and bluetooth speaker

What You Will Like:

  • Wireless Charging and Bluetooth Speaker:

This compact desk lamp has a lot of exciting features to offer to you. It not only helps you charge your phone with wireless charging but also a source of entertainment.

You can listen to music or your favorite podcast by connecting to its built-in Bluetooth speaker. Amazing, isn’t it!

  • Adjustable Brightness and Amazing Functionality:

You can easily adjust the brightness with a sweep of your finger.

Besides, this is an ideal lamp if you do not have a big desk or bedside table due to its compact design. The sound quality is amazing, ensuring a pleasant listening experience.

  • Minimal Design

The lamp comes in a tree-like design with a wooden lampshade (made with plastic). This gives the lamp a minimal and attractive design, making it suitable to place beside your bed or desk.

What You May Not Like:

  • Does Not Include USB Port:

Overall, it is an amazing desk lamp incorporating several useful features, however, it does not include a USB port for wired charging.

What Do Reviews Say:

Most users seemed to have a very pleasant experience using this desk lamp, “A wonderful addition to any desk space. Very contemporary appearance and effective tools built into a well-lit lamp. Portable and well built, the lamp seems like it will last a very good time.


  • Soft, ambient lighting makes it ideal for reading, sleeping, etc
  • Speaker sounds great
  • Durable and quality construction makes it worth buying


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Sleek Design – LumiCharge LED Smart Adjustable Desk Lamp

If you are looking for a smart and sleek design desk lamp with wireless charging, then LumiCharge is what you need.

wireless charging cell phone smart desk lamp

What You Will Like:

  • Innovative Features For Optimal Functionality:

You will be glad to hear that this lamp has an innovative lighting system that allows you to switch between 10 levels of brightness and 3 different hues.

This is the most for any desk lamp included in this list. Moreover, you can also adjust the lamp for directional lighting.

  • Versatile Lamp Suitable For Everyone:

Whether you are a student, worker, artist, etc, this is one of the best desk lamps for you.

Due to its vast adjustability options, this lamp is suitable for almost any task from reading, crafting, or precision tasking.

Besides, it can even charge your phone with great efficiency

  • Amazing Battery Backup:

Another worth highlighting feature of this desk lamp is its amazing battery backup.

In case of an electric breakdown, this desk lamp will provide you with a great backup and you can continue your task with no hindrance.

What You May Not Like:

  • Foldable Arm:

While the foldable is adjustable too, but it is not as flexible as a gooseneck.

What Do Reviews Say:

Users seem satisfied with this desk lamp, “I love this lamp! Well worth the money. It has helped me focus on my reading material, and comes with adjustable brightness and hues.”

Another user loved the versatility its offers, “Bright and very easily aimed the beam of light. Versatile desk lamp and chargers included in the base. ”


  • Amazing features like date, time, and temperature display
  • Great customer care service in case of encountering any problem
  • Modern and sophisticated design


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Why Do You Need a Desk Lamp with Wireless Phone Charger?

Why settle for ordinary desk lamps when you can have innovative and smart desk lamps?

If you are involved in creative work, DIY work, or love to read, write and study, then a desk Lamp with a wireless phone charger will bring you a lot of conveniences.

Desk lamp with wireless charging allows you to easily access your phone and check some important information or go through your notes. This is also a safe method.

How? Well, in wired charging it is risky to use the phone while it is being charged because it can explode and harm you.

However, in wireless charging, the phone gets disconnected when you pick it up. Once done using, simply put your phone again on the charging place and your phone will continue to get charged.

Besides, such lamps also include several viable features as well including time, date, temperature updates and much more.

How Does a Wireless Charging Table Lamp Work?

The wireless table lamp has some amazing features that you would love to discover. It helps in increasing the workflow, one of them is the wireless charging function.

All you need to do is plugged in via the included USB cord. Take the wireless charging devices like newer smartphones and place them right on the base of the lamp.

This function will help you in charging your phone completely wirelessly.

However, a lot of new phones are moving in this direction. If you have an older phone that doesn’t use wireless charging there is a USB pass-through on the side which you can use to charge your phone.

Moreover, there is another amazing feature called the illumination mode that gives different lightning.

It includes a warm yellow light, a bright white light, and a white light with a cool blue tint.

You can easily switch between the illuminations according to your preferences along with a dimmer to turn the brightness up and down.


How Do I Know If My Phone Is Qi-Enabled?

It is easy to find out whether your phone is Qi-Enabled or not by checking the battery settings.

If your phone is Qi-enabled, then your phone will be able to charge wirelessly with the help of Qi-standard. Besides, the location may vary depending upon the phone model.

Can Wireless Charging Go Through Wood?

Most of the wireless charging can withstand the distance of 10mm charging signal but requires a professional installation.

Although it is not easy to install a charger under the desk, kitchen, etc.

But with the right wireless charger with a maximum distance of charging signal you can easily charge it through wood, glass, and stone, etc.

What Are the Best Desk Lamps with Wireless Charging?

Masdio by Ampulla Bedside Lamp is one of the best desk lamps with wireless charging. It also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that allows you to enjoy songs and listen to podcast.