Best Dimmable Desk Lamp to Relief Eye Strain in 2022

Desk lamps are basically used for task lighting, reading, writing, studying, crafting, computer work, and more.

These are the work which needs an intense use of eyes and for that reason, a good desk lamp should provide a clear and bright light that’s easy to work beneath, and also relatively focused beam with minimal glare so that it will not affect the eyes.

Today we will be exploring:

  • Important things that you should consider when buying a desk lamp for eyes
  • Suitable desk lamp necks for different tasks
  • Best desk lamps that are good for your eyes
  • Important tips on protecting eyes by using a desk lamp

best buy desk lamps for eye strain relief

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Which neck is suitable for different tasks?

So, we perform a lot of tasks like reading, studying, and working during our time on desk and that is the reason best desk lamp is necessary with the suitable neck that will help to improve the overall experience.

There are different varieties of desk lamp neck which are suitable for different tasks, let me explain for better understanding;

Adjustable gooseneck:

Adjustable gooseneck is commonly used to position light for reading, or in industry, to provide spot illumination for machining operations.

These adjustable goosenecks are flexible and are best suitable for tasks like studying, you can adjust these at any angle which will help in enhancing the better viewing angles.

Swing arm:

These are also known as balanced-arm and consist of an adjustable arm that is connected by springs, helping you adjust the light up and downward.

Swing arm desk lamps basically let you place a light source in the exact spot you need it.

Also, swing arm has the ability to rotate at a certain angle and also helps to bring effective lighting to anywhere on almost any desk that is the reason these are suitable for reading, and lite working conditions.

Folding arm:

With folding arms, lamps can be easily stored and have little occupation on the desk. So, lamps with folding arms are commonly used for small desks.

Best Desk Lamp for Eye Strain Reviews

Hot Sale: TaoTronics LED Adjustable Desk Lamp

If you are looking for a desk lamp with Eye-caring, Dimmable, and adjustable features which can easily brighten your desk area without any issue then this product is the best choice for you.

taotronics led desk lamp with usb charging port

What you will like:

(a) It has a great touch response

This product has a very good touch response and you can easily change the functionalities of this desk lamp like intensity of light with just one click, also instead of a click it has a swipe gesture. These touch gestures can be easily operated by any age group (elderly as well as children).

(b) It has a great memory feature included

This product is very quick in adapting the lighting conditions and remembers the settings that you have set up, so next time when you turn it on it automatically gets to its lighting condition according to your settings.

(c) It includes 10 different brightness levels

This product has 10 different brightness levels that you can set according to your situation, which is actually an additional plus of this product.

(d) It also includes a USB charging port

This product includes a USB charging port which helps you to charge your phone and also you can either plug it in as usual or use a USB charging.

What you will not like:

(a) It does not have removable /replaceable bulb:

This product does not have a replaceable bulb option, so it might be a disadvantage for some people. But these lamps use LED lights which I think have a pretty good lifespan and you will not face any issue in long term.

What do reviewers say:

Many of the buyers said,” This lamp is truly awesome!!  It’s so adjustable and can be fully customized based on use.”

One of the buyers was so impressed with its touch feature and said,” I love this lamp!! The touch responsive way of changing the light intensity is so awesome!”

Perfect for:

  • Medium size table
  • Reading
  • Writing

Not best for:

  • Large desk space

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Highly Recommended: TaoTronics TT-DL16 Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp

This product is recommended to those people which are looking for a multi-tasking desk lamp for their home office work, studying. This product offers a great variety of features  with its adjustable nature.

eye protection led lamp with dimmable light

What you will like:

(a) It includes advanced memory feature

This product automatically saves your temperature and brightness settings, you do not have to change it every time.

(b) It includes a smart charging port

This product has a smart USB charging port which has an output of 5V that is very helpful in charging heavy battery smartphones, and tablets. The people which have long working hours, this really helps.

(c) It has very adjustable

Now get light according to your convenience!!

This product can be positioned at any angle, due to its adjustable base and rotatable neck you can easily adjust the lighting according to your requirement in any position.

What you will not like:

(a) Angles of arm are unstable

Due to its wide range of angle adjustable feature sometimes and on some angles its arm is unstable.

(b) No physical buttons

There are no physical buttons at all. You have to look at the base to know what you pressing.

What do reviewers say:

Many of the buyers said, “Amazing product!! But import charge and all included and high priced!!! Having fun, after investing lots of money for a lamp. But worth it.”

Also, one of the buyers was so impressed with its memory feature and said, “Awesome feature!! Really very helpful when it comes to learning my lighting condition, this product automatically adjust the settings according to my requirement set up which is really cool!!”

Perfect for:

Not best for:

  • Dentists

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Flexible with Gooseneck: TROND LED Desk Lamp

Those people who are trying to buy a desk lamp which is good for your home office, bedroom, kitchen, nightstand, and reading with a great range and glare free quality, then this is the right product to buy.

dimmable touch eye protection led desk lamp

What you will like:

(a) It has an adjustable gooseneck

This product includes gooseneck which is very adjustable in nature, commonly gooseneck is very reliable when it comes to easy adjusting part for a desk lamp. It is extendable and you can position at any angle you want.

(b) It is completely glare-free

As we know that lots of textbooks have shinning papers and surfaces that are shinning, which reflects bright light and effects the visibility and the person who is reading or doing some work gets affected by it because the things are not clear to his/her vision. This product is totally glare-free (matte) which helps in providing a clear light and vision.

(c) It also includes 3 lighting modes

This product includes 3 lighting modes which is very helpful for people while doing tasks on the desk. It includes a 6000k (cool white) for working, 4500k (daylight) for reading, and 3000k (warm white) for relaxing.

(d) It also includes dimmer switch

This product also includes a dimmer switch which is based on touch and is sliding. The dimmer feature adds a great advantage and control over the intensity of light and you have the full access to that control by just sliding the switch.

What you will not like:

(a) Bulb is not replaceable

You can not replace the bulb in this product which could be a disadvantage for some people, but I thing this product is durable and long lasting so you need not to worry about the bulb.

What do reviewers say:

Many of the buyers said,” Best product!! Durable and value for money”

One of the buyers was so impressed with its brightness level and said, “Awesome brightness!!You can use up to 7 brightness levels which is a great feature to have.”

Perfect for:

  • Tasks require adjustable focus light
  • Short budget buyers
  • Students

Not best for:

  • Large tables

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With RGB Lamp Base: Etekcity LED Desk Lamp

Those people who work for long hours and the students who study for long hours looking for a desk lamp with flexibility, and eye caring features, then this is the right product for you.

study lamp good for eyesWhat you will like:

(a) It has a flexible neck

This product includes a gooseneck which is easily flexible and you can position it in any direction you want according to your requirement.

(b) It can also run on a charge

This product includes a charger through which you can charge it easily and you can use it on a charge when not plugged in.

(c) It also includes a base light

This product also includes a base light with different color options so you can set the color according to your mood, which is great feature that helps in enhancing the overall mood.

What you will not like:

(a) Sometimes it is difficult to use the buttons (touch)

You basically have to tap it many times to turn it on of you don’t hit the right spot on the first go. So, it could be annoying sometimes.

(b) It has short charging time

You will just get few hours of charge when you plug it off and use it, so there is a slight issue. But, I think it could handle a few hours power cut pretty easily.

What do reviewers say:

Many buyers said, “Great Lighting Feature!! overhead light has three settings of brightness, and the base light has different color modes.”

One of the buyers said, “Great lamp!! Pretty handy and excellent brightness levels really impressed.”

Perfect for:

  • Studying
  • Office work

Not best for:

  • Dark places

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Most Durable: LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp:

People who are looking for a desk lamp which has high durability, long lasting with eye-caring feature for your Bedroom, Study Room and Office, then this is the right product you can buy. It provides a great strength with its metal base and adjustable arm.

best office lamp for eyes

What you will like:

(a) It includes a clamp

This lamp includes clamp and that is the reason that it can stand on the desk or you can clip on with the clamp. You can easily clip the lamp onto the table or shelves.

(b) It has an multi angle adjustable arm

This product can be positioned at any angle, you can also adjust its head at any angle you want it to be. Apart from head you can also adjust its arm at any angle for better viewing angles and clear lighting.

(c) Bulb is also replaceable

This product also includes a E26 size screw base so you can replace the bulb with higher intensity bulbs, but I recommend to use 4W-6W LED bulb, and 8W-16W energy saving bulb.

What you will not like:

(a) Bulb is not included in it

The bulb is not included in it so you have to buy a bub separately which is an extra expense with this product.

(b) It also has a slightly heavy base

This product includes a metal base which is heavy than others which could be a disadvantage for some people.

What do reviewers say:

Many of the buyers said, “This is an attractive lamp!! it seems well built and it is pretty flexible.”

One of the buyers was so impressed with its size and range and said, “Awesome lamp!! Great size and range really impressed with it”

Perfect for:

  • Office Work
  • Studying
  • Writing

Not best for:

  • Short desk space

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Highly Adjustable: Phive LED Desk Lamp:

If you are looking for desk lamp which is highly adjustable with long lifespan and eye care technology for your Office, Craft, Studio, and Workbench, then this is the best product you need to buy. This product is useful for students and office working professionals.

clamp eye friendly table lamps for home office

What you will like:

(a) It includes dimming feature

This product has dimming feature through which you can easily control the intensity of light and set it according to your requirement. This feature is pretty helpful while doing work on your desk.

(b) It also has memory function

So, if you set your brightness level according to your need in different situations of your tasking the product will automatically learn and apply these settings next time you turn it on, this is great feature for those people which usually works or study for longer period of time.

(c) It is Energy efficient also

Now say goodbye to expensive electricity bill!!

This product uses LED lights which are highly energy efficient in comparison to others and saves a huge amount on electricity in long term.

What you will not like:

(a) It gets warm

 A slight disadvantage of this product is that it gets warm if you use it for longer period of time.

What do reviewers say:

Many of the buyers said, “Great style and lighting!! Awesome all around.”

One of the buyers was impressed with its Dimming feature and said, “Awesome feature!! It is very easy to adjust and dim your intensity of light anytime you want.”

Perfect for:

  • Reading
  • Studying
  • Intense work

Not best for:

Buy on Amazon

What to consider when buying a desk Lamp for eyes?

1. What desk lamp you want to go for?

Generally, everyone gets confused about what desk lamp is best and suitable for them.

This confusion is due to some basic factors like lack of knowledge, understanding the need and the most important is the variety of products in the market which creates a big confusion in the minds of every person trying to buy one.

So, let me clear the things for you…


These types of lamps are generally made with a solid material which helps it to be very sturdy. This type of desk lamp is a perfect choice for small spaces because it consumes very little space.

It is perfect for close up illumination which helps in maintaining decent light which is very helpful and good for your eyes.


The clamp table lamp has a clamp or clip on the base where you can clip it on any table or any desk. The clamp or clip on the base can be clipped anywhere and are these are very adjustable.

So, you can adjust these clamp-on lamps at any angle and in any direction, you want which helps to improve the view and creates less pressure on your eyes.

2. Is it glare-free/shadow-free?

You have to keep this thing in mind that the desk lamp should be glare-free。

This is because many textbooks have shinning pages and also many of the surfaces on your desk or working area has a shining face that glares out.

They reflect bright lighting which affects your eyes and also increase the strain level for your eyes, so keep in mind to choose the desk lamp with a glare filter technology.

3. What lumens are suitable?

During the daytime commonly 400 lumens and during the night you will need 1100 lumens for doing the tasks.

4. What color temperature is comfortable for eyes?

During the daylight hours, it is better to have relatively cool with a color temperature of 4,500K.

At night, the color temperature should be warmer, and around 2,700K.

5. Is it dimmable?

The desk lamp must be dimmable, so that you have the control to change the intensity of lighting according to your requirement and it also helps to maintain a decent lighting according to your task.

6. What CRI rating?

Ideally your desk lamp has to be between 85 to 100 CRI ratings.

7. What brand is famous for eye-care table lamps?

There are a large variety of table lamps in the market and so far, and it has become pretty difficult for people to select the best for them.

TaoTronics is one of the best brands in eye-care table lamps.

TaoTronics basically provides a wide range of features in their products and when it comes to desk lamps, they have perfect lux of brightness enough to give you better lighting on your desk keeping the safety of your eyes and complete any task you’re on.

This brand is actually famous for utilizing the latest technology in easy-to-use devices.

Most of its desk lamps have the smart touch feature which makes it easier for the consumer to use its desk lamp without any complication.

Also, TaoTronics provide some additional features in their desk lamps like memory function and timer which automatically sets up the brightness level according to your usage and settings which completely enhance the overall user experience with ease.

8. What additional features?

There are various features that are already included in desk lamps which made them very useful, but here are some additional features a desk lamp must have which can enhance your overall experience and also improve the quality of the product;

Control methods:

By having control method, you would have easy access to the lighting controls which include local switching and dimming, presence detection, daylight linked and time operated.

For the most convenient control, a remote one or touch table lamp are wise choices.


By having this additional feature of timer, you can easily set up the time for every lighting condition at every particular time which is a great feature to have while working of long hours.

Memory functions:

By having this additional feature, you can adjust the suitable and perfect brightness for your reading, working, relaxing.

With this feature, the lamp can easily remember your settings and when you turn on the lamp next time, you will access to your ideal light directly.

With organizer:

A desk lamp with an organizer is the best feature, as you can get concerned about having adequate light on your desk while doing any kind of work or using a computer.

What Kind of Desk Lamp Is Good for Eyes?

desk light types that good for eyes

LED: Generally LED lights are pretty energy efficient and now also with the advancement in the technology LEDs emit light in the visible spectrum, and so are not any more harmful than other types of lights. LED light is one of the best choices when it comes to eye safety.

Halogen: I do not recommend using a halogen lamp because it tires the eyes and, over time, can cause a decrease in vision. These are high intensity lights which could affect your eyesight very badly.

CFLs: Ideally CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) are okay for your eyes, as well as being much more efficient. They do emit UV rays, but a much smaller amount.

Incandescent: These are also fine for your eye, but many people are looking for more energy efficient and they shift to LEDs or Halogen lights which are not entirely good for your eyes.

Eye Protection Watts and Lumens for Different Ages:

Age Incandescent Halogen  Fluorescent LED
For 5-12 years     ≤ 40 watts       ≤ 20 watts ≤ 9 watts 3-5 watts
For 13-24 years     ≥ 60 watts  ≥ 50 watts or 37 watts IR lamp ≤ 9 watts ≤ 5 watts
For 25-55 years     ≥ 60 watts      ≥ 50 watts ≤ 9 watts 5-10 watts
For 50-75 years     ≥ 100 watts ≥ 50 watts IR lamp ≤ 13 watts ≤ 5 watts

Also keep in mind that as you age, the more light you will need.

For example, if you are under 55, you would generally need around 450 lumens. If you are of age 55 and above, you need 800 lumens, almost double as before.

What Causes Eye issues?

Mostly, high-intensity lighting and glare affects the eyes and started causing eye issues.

Actually, you need to have proper lighting according to the requirement like when you are reading you need slightly bright light so that everything is visible.

But if you use lower intensity light in that situation, it will cause stress in the eyes because of lower visibility.

Tips on protecting eyes/relieving eyestrain by using a desk lamp

– Do eye exercises if you working/studying/reading under lamps for so long.

– Put your table lamps behind the laptop so as to reduce the shadow and get evenly distributed light.

– Use a dimmable desk lamp for different intentions. For instance, a warm glow for reading at night while white light for computer work.


1. How Desk Lamp Affect Your Eyestrain?

The desk lamp basically has limited intensity lighting which is suitable for reading, writing, studying, and working.

Most of the desk lamp use matte to reduce the glare effect which decreases the strain on your eyes, also these lights are adjustable with dimming feature inbuilt which helps to maintain decent lighting which does not stress out our eyes.

2. Is Lower Brightness Better for Eyes?

No, lower brightness is not better for your eyes.

Because it does not give you the proper visibility that is the reason it causes stress to the eye to look much deeper because of the less brightness.

3. What Desk Lamp Height Is Best for Eyes?

Ideally, the desk lamp must be 20 to 36 inches tall, as long as it is not too tall that it shines directly to the diner’s eyes.

4. What Kinds of Light Is Harmful to Eyes?

Ultraviolet light has the shortest wavelength and is known to be dangerous.

Mostly ultra bright white and cool fluorescent tube bulbs and incandescent bulbs emit the most UV radiation and cause the most damage to your eyes.

What Is the Best Desk Lamp for Eyes?

Phive LED Desk Lamp is the best desk lamp. These include memory function which is very helpful in managing the lighting automatically once you have set up the changes for lighting modes.

If you are looking for a desk lamp with great lighting and brightness levels with enhanced and modern features like smart touch, dimming, smart charging port and you are the person who work or study for long period of time in one sitting then I highly recommend TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp.