How to Fix a Floor Lamp Pole?

how to fix a floor lamp pole

Good floor lamps add a great dimension to your home or workplace wherever you have used them for. Floor lamps do not require any support; they stand on their own, due to which sometimes the pole leans over and breaks too. After pole leaning or breaking, some people think that they need a new one. … Read more

Oil Lamp Working Priciples & Application Notes

how do oil lamps work and what fuel it uses

In the olden days, people used oil lamps as a light source. They figured out how turn various materials into fuel sources to light the lamps. Oil lamps helped people to see for thousands of years until electric lighting was made available. Today oil lamps are used primarily as a back up form of lighting … Read more

How to Light a Kitchen in Style?

how to layout your kirchen lighting

A kitchen is a place where you make food, so it should be clean, healthy, and bright for your usual work and proper visibility. However, most people don’t know exactly how to light a kitchen properly. Let me explain this so that you will get a clear idea about this. How to Choose Light Types … Read more

Do Light Switches Need to Be Grounded?

do i need to earth a light switch

Do light switches need to be grounded? This is a question that many people ask, and depending on who you ask, the answer may vary. The truth is, light switches themselves do not need to be grounded to function properly, but there are other factors involved that must still be considered. In this blog post, … Read more

How to Dispose of Different Types of Light Bulbs?

how do you throw out a light bulb

Did you know that lightbulbs are considered hazardous waste? This is because they contain mercury and other chemicals that can cause harm to the environment. These bulbs should never be thrown in your garbage! There are many steps involved with disposing of a light bulb, so read on for more information on properly disposing of … Read more

Why Do LED Lights Attract Bugs? How to Repel Them?

do led strip lights attract bugs

No one likes bugs, especially when they are in your home. You might not know it, but bugs are attracted to light. Insects like moths and fireflies will be drawn towards them. This is because they use a form of bioluminescence that relies on photons to create light and attract mates. LED lights also produce … Read more

Why Do LED Lights Flicker and How to Stop It?

how to stop intermittent flickering led lights

LED lights flicker for a variety of reasons. It can be caused by cable connection or faulty bulbs, and the most common is due to power quality. We will explain why LED lights flicker, how to diagnose it, and what you can do about it. Let’s get started! Can Flickering LED Lights Damage Eyes? LED … Read more

HID vs LED Headlights: Which One Should Buy?

difference between hid and led

Headlights are an essential part of the car often when the night falls. It is a challenging and scary experience with poor headlight while a whole lot of enjoyment if they are bright and of high quality. LED and HID headlights are the headlight you want to have in your car. Besides being bright and … Read more

How to Convert Fluorescent Light to LED?

how to convert fluorescent shop light to led

Fluorescent lighting has become nearly obsolete over the last few years as LED seems to be the preferred choice in most homes and workplaces. LEDs have more efficient and consume less energy compared with traditional fluorescent tubes. Another amazing thing about LEDs is that they last long enough to make you forget replacement. With all … Read more

What Does the Different Color of a Porch Light Mean?

hanging porch lights

Finding the right kind of lighting apparatus is not all. You have to figure out also the color of the light outputs that the apparatus exude as well. That is only possible if you know more about the subject of the porch light color meaning. We are here to help you to appreciate this subject better. … Read more