Best H1, H4, H7, H11 Bulbs for Projector Headlights in 2022

A vehicle with well-designed headlights and perfect bulbs that produces enough brightness is ideal for night driving. Since manufacturers opt to install either projector or reflector headlight it is upon you to decide which kind you prefer on purchase.

When using a projector headlight you need to be keen when choosing the bulb type to use. In that case, you can choose from LED, HID, Halogen, Halo, and Xenon.

To get the best bulb check on brightness, longevity, energy-efficiency, and instantaneous lighting. In this article, we are going to give all details on making the best choice for projector headlights.

It dares to cover the following subject matters:

  • How to pick one for yourself?
  • A review of the leading projector headlight bulbs
  • The kinds of vehicles and lighting circumstances they are intended for
  • The cost of these lights
  • What are the distinguishing points on reflector and projector headlight?

In a hurry? Why not buy these top projector headlights?

AUTOSAVER88 Super Duty Chrome Headlamp – Compatible with 05 06 07 ford F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty/ 05 Ford

A Black Smoke OLED Neon Tube Projector HeadlightFor 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck

AmeriLite 2013-2015 Projector – For Altima 4Dr Sedan

AmeriLite Replacement Headlights Assembly – For 2009-2014 Ford F150

Black Bezel Dual Halo Ring LED Projector Headlights Left + Right Replacement – For Dodge Ram Pickup Truck

Akkon LED Daytime Running Lamp Bar Projector Headlights Combo – For 2006-2008 Dodge RAM 1500 & 06-09 Dodge RAM 2500/3500

Auto Dynasty LED Corner Headlights – Replacement for BMW E90 3-Series Sedan 09-12

What to Look for When Buying Bulbs for Car Projector Headlights?

led bulbs for projector headlights

Some of the things to pay close attention to any time you want to purchase a bulb for your car’s headlights include:

Type of the bulb.

There are various main bulb kinds from which you can make a choice. All these highly depend on the type of car that you own as well as whether you are doing your headlights upgrading or total replacement.

For an older car, they mainly use standard bulbs while modern vehicle types use either xenon, LED, or halogen lights.


When making your car’s projector headlight bulb you are supposed to keenly check for their compatibility.

To make sure your bulb choice works perfectly on your vehicle as its expected compatibility is key. This is because different designs can pose a challenge when fitting.

Aftermarket and OEM.

You need to be right about your projector headlights to make the right choice. In that case, you can take aftermarket lights because they tend to be better alternatives and less pricey.

For OEM headlights you will have a 100 percent guaranteed to fit.

For aftermarket, the bulbs can emit an output light brightness not enough for driving when installed.

Refraction of light.

You need to consider your car’s in-side projector light refraction.

For xenon projector, it has three parts each having its role, bulb light concentration, and reflecting it out perfectly.

Therefore, you need to check a bulb that can produce enough light brightness.

Sealed beam headlights.

When your car is having sealed beam headlights and they have gone out, then you are required to replace it with the bulb. That means the entire assembly needs to be removed and replaced.


If you are looking for an upgrade following your faded headlight lenses. In that case, be clear if you need modern or traditional lights.

Best Bulbs for Projector Headlights Reviews

Searching for a projector headlight bulb for your car? You have come to the right place.

The following part entitled the best bulbs for projector headlights is designed to help with helping you to make a suitable wise purchase.

AUTOSAVER88 H1/H3 Projector Headlight – Compatible with 2003 2004 2005 2006 Avalanche Silverado

Avalanche Silverado Classic Headlamp

Have a Silverado make of a car? This is the headlight we have for you as it is compatible with many variants of that car model. Its clear reflector ensures maximum visibility for you.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Wider compatibility – Even though this vehicle is limited to the Silverado makes of cars, it is nonetheless compatible with many of its variants.

Sturdy and durable – All the critical parts and components of the item are sturdy and durable for your easier engagements.

Plug and play installation – The task of installing the item is a breeze thanks to the plug-and-play installation mechanism.


  • Housed in a waterproof and durable casing
  • Comes with its own assembly kit
  • Retains its stability all the while of use

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A Black Smoke OLED Neon Tube Projector Headlight – For 2005-2011 Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck

led projector car headlight

Perhaps no other headlight is suitable for the pickup trucks than this one. Its size, shape, and configurations are all geared towards the enhancement of the views of the driver of this vehicle.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Sinister Black Edition – Comes about in some dark-smoked Polycarbonate lens. This matches with the matte black housing to deliver prolonged illumination.

Comprehensive headlight assembly – In its entirety, the item is packaged with all the tools that you have to assemble and set it up for use.

Truly bright series halo – All the bulbs that form part and parcel of this headlight are the halo kinds. They are subsequently brighter thanks to the 5,000K color temperature rating.


  • Serves both the driver and the passenger sides
  • Delivers truly bright lights
  • Greatly enhances your nighttime visibility

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AmeriLite 2013-2015 Projector – for Altima 4Dr Sedan

projector halogen headlights

If you have an Altima 4Dr Sedan, this is the headlight we would wish to draw to your attention. It is specifically made and intended for this very model.

Here’s what you’ll love:

High durability new material – All the materials that have been used to make it up are richer in quality. They are also stronger and less likely to fall apart too easily.

UV and Abrasive coating – This exists to preserve the interior metallic content from the damages of peel-offs that are largely occasioned by the corrosion by saltwater.

Safer and reliable – During its manufacture, the item is tested to see to it that it complies with the stringent SAE and DOT standards.


  • Manufactured by an experienced auto-maker
  • Well known for its higher quality
  • Tested and tried for maximum reliability

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AUTOSAVER88 Super Duty Chrome Headlamp – Compatible with 05 06 07 ford F250 F350 F450 F550 Super Duty/ 05 ford

h13 ford projector headlight

Like to go for excursions? You have to pick and use this awesome item. It fits the Ford motor vehicle very well thanks to its extra-rugged nature and the ability to serve you well.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Stylish design – Its exterior features some stylish design that is really great to behold. This makes it suitable for the matters of décor and aesthetics.

Tougher-than-nails construction – The construction of this gadget is tougher than that of the nail. Count on it hence to last longer and take you further.

Heavy-duty housing – Wrapping them all up is the heavy-duty housing. As you may probably note, the housing is what gives it strength and endurance.


  • Manages guaranteed quality thanks to tough makeup
  • Guards against the agents of moisture damages
  • Complies with all the prevailing safety standards

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AmeriLite Replacement Headlights Assembly – for 2009-2014 Ford F150

2013 f150 factory projector headlights

If all you have in your possession is the 2009-2014 Ford 150, you should not look up to any other variant than this one as it is specifically meant for it.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Long-lasting LED parking light bar – At its core is the long-lasting LED parking light bar. This sprays the rays of light far and abroad for maximum luminosity.

LED turn signal light – You may also use the headlight as a turn signal. Your use of the gadget hence brings about the highest returns on investments.

Switchback LED tube quad projector – Other than merely illuminating your spaces, the item also projects the light output to places afar off.


  • Greatly improves visibility
  • Enhances the safety and the appearance of the vehicle at a time
  • Made of enduring materials indeed

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For Black 09-14 Ford F150 F-150 – For Non-Projector Headlight

chrome truck projector headlight

Could it be that all you want is a non-projector headlight for your lighting needs? Look to none other than this one. It is packed with the traits necessary for the attainment of that end.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Direct bolt-on installations – In the course of installing the item, you have only to slot it in the bolted spaces that are provided for in the car.

Double compatibility – The item is doubly compatible with the Ford 09-14 and Ford F-150 models. Your purchase of it goes a long way in making you satisfied.

Factory Halogen headlights – Lastly, it is compatible with the factory halogen lights. You may pair the two to accrue truly bright light outputs for your journeys.


  • Comes about as a brand new packaging
  • Delivers crisp clear light outputs
  • Bolts on firmly on the grille when installed

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Black Bezel Dual Halo Ring LED Projector Headlights Left + Right Replacement – For Dodge Ram Pickup Truck

halo led projector headlight bulb

Choose this headlight for your Dodge Ram pickup. As you are about to note, its structure and overall makeup are both engineered towards this kind of car.

Here’s what you’ll love:

New Trend Projector headlight design – All throughout, the item comes about in a brand new design that is really spectacular to behold.

Proper material makeup – The above great design is also complemented by the proper material makeup that adorns the entire structure of the item.

Precise illuminations – By and large, the item delivers truly precise illumination given its possession of ultra-bright SMD LED chips.


  • Fits all models of the Dodge Ram pickups
  • Complies with all the necessary safety standards
  • Consistent with the left and the right-hand sides equally well

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AnzoUSA 121369 Black/Clear Halogen Projector Headlight – Exclusively for the Volkswagen Jetta

halogen projector headlight for Volkswagen Jetta

Just in case your car is the Volkswagen Jetta, you may not want to tap into any other set of headlights but this one.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Thermo-hygrometer – You will find the thermometer and the hygrometer embedded in the structure. This combination greatly cheapens the task of taking readings and staying afloat.

OEM-style weathertight connectivity – The connections of the various parts and constituents are made possible by this weather-tight connectivity feature.

CCFL technology – Its manufacture utilizes the newest halo design technology that gives off a higher degree of brightness for you.


  • Confers to you some clean and great matches
  • Truly simple to set up for eventual use
  • Conforms to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards

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LED Daytime Running Lamp Bar Projector Headlights Black Combo – For 2006-2008 Dodge RAM 1500 & 06-09 Dodge RAM 2500/3500

ram 1500 projector headlight bulb

Of all the headlights we have, this is the most comprehensive. It is subsequently suitable for the use of and by many people.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Projector headlights – This gadget is able to spray the rays of light very far and beyond. This is thanks mainly to its projector character. Count on it to scatter all the darkness away.

Quality make lens – Complementing its ability to serve you better is the set of the quality makes the lens. They amplify the intensity of the light rays for your maximum visibility.

LED chips – A set of LED chips exist at the core of the gadget. They are used to enhance the quality of the light output that the item eventually gives off.


  • Fits many closely-related models of cars
  • Requires zero modifications prior to usage
  • Fixes and fits easily onto the vehicle

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Pair of Chrome Housing Amber Corner Projector Headlight Assembly Lamps Replacement – for Sonata 11-14

h7 high and low beam corner projector headlight bulb

Do you have the Sonata 11-14 car series in your possession? Get hold of this item and incorporate it in your car use.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Plug-n-play operations – With this system, you are good to go! All you have to do is to plug it and there you have it.

Variable usage – You may dedicate it to the user as a replacement or as the direct bolt-on fitment. The pleasure of maximum ends is yours to leverage.

Beauty enhancements – Outside its core role of illuminating your spaces, the item also enhances the beauty of your vehicle and the surrounding areas.


  • Maintains steady performances throughout the incidences of use
  • Lets you see the road well even in clear weather
  • Upgrades to allow for continued operations and use

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ORACLE Bright Bi-LED Projector Headlights – Compatible with 2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL and 2020 Jeep Gladiator JT Models

Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator projector headlights

Jeeps are tougher and more enduring. They subsequently need a set of projector headlights that are similarly tougher and enduring as them.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Higher visibility – Perhaps no other set of lighting apparatus is guaranteed to manage the higher visibility for you than this one.

Maximum road safety – Past users of the item have pointed out that it guarantees maximum road safety for the drivers.

The simplicity of installation – You need not go through elaborate installation exercises with this item at your fingertips.


  • Generates a higher level of visibility
  • Guarantees maximum road safety for you
  • Truly simple to set up for your eventual use

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Spyder 5009494 – Chevy Silverado 1500 07-13 2500HD/3500HD 07-14 Projector Headlights

led projector headlight with high and low H1 bulb

Want to ensure maximum safety and engagements on your part? You want to tap into this similarly safe and comprehensive lighting apparatus.

Here’s what you’ll love:

Innovative design – All throughout, the item comes about in a truly innovative design. This lets you obtain higher levels of aesthetics while also yielding forth great functionality.

Simple bolt-on installation – To set the item up for eventual usage, you only have to tap into the simple bolt-on installation.

LED (Replaceable LEDs) – Its illumination gears are made possible by the many LED replaceable lighting bulbs. They ensure prolonged engagements for you.


  • Ups the safety measures of your vehicles
  • Adjusts well to allow for seamless visibility of the road
  • Equips your car with adequate lighting

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LED Corner Headlights – Replacement for BMW E90 3-Series Sedan 09-12

3D Halo Chrome Projector Headlight

The world has moved on. It is only a matter of wisdom to move on with it too. That is only possible if you similarly tap into the 3D lighting gadget of this kind.

Here’s what you’ll love:

White LED 3D halo lights – Its most dominant light output is the white LED 3D halo. This is really bright and able to scatter all forms of darkness very far and wide.

Amber LED turn signals – You may also employ this gadget as a turn signal thanks to the fact that it fixes at the corner of the front grille.

Multiple bulbs – To supply you with the necessary light output, the item makes use of the H7 low beam and the H1 high beam bulbs respectively.


  • Projects the rays of light far and abroad
  • Encased in a strong and enduring housing
  • Comes ready for use as it demands no installations

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What Kind of Bulb Goes in a Projector Headlight?

1. LED.

Light Emitting Diodes has successfully won vehicle headlights. LED bulb types are highly effective, efficient, compactible, and aesthetic. They are also used by car designers due to their smaller size.

LED bulbs last for about 15,000 hours with illuminating white light and converting its energy to light.

2. Halogen.

Halogen bulb kind combines low cost with a longer lifespan of about 1000 hours.

Also has a stronger beam compared to normal tungsten bulbs.

This type of bulb consumes a power of about 55 watts. Although they aren’t used mostly by a projector, they are smaller and offer just enough illumination at a cheaper cost.

3. Halo.

Halo type of bulb is designed with distinctive light arrangements. They have a circular pattern for their headlights. Halos allow customization thus making the car’s front part appear worthy.

4. HID.

The high-intensity discharge bulb type creates an arc of electricity to generate light.

They are capable of producing double light with less energy consumption.

It doesn’t fit perfectly for a halogen-designed reflector. HID requires about five seconds to attain its optimal brightness.

5. Xenon.

This kind of bulb produces a brighter light about three times compared to halogens. Xenon headlamps are designed mainly to be used in cars of high-end.

However, this headlamp has less power consumption capacity despite being brighter. The Xenon bulb enhances better visibility in dark areas.

Projector Headlights Pricing

Projector headlights are very costly considering even the cost of production. These headlights are widely used today by a majority of vehicle designers. In that case, they have attained an equivalent high market edge thus pricey.

Putting into account mass payment, PO matching, tax compliances, and more they become more costly.

1. LED Projector headlights pricing ranges from $50 to $250 depending on the car model. It has features such as instant illumination effect, an output of about 12,000 lumens, 25,000 hours lifespan, and blue-tinted white.

2. Halogen projector headlights are cheapest, as low as $10 per kit. Some of its features are 450 to 1000 lifespan hour, 3100 to 8000 lumens production, and yellowish color temperature of 2700K to 4000K.

3. Halo headlights price ranges from $90 to $300 per kit depending on the car make. It has all rainbow colors to choose from, durable, IP67 waterproof and shockproof, a beam of 3000 to 4800 lumens, and a 50,000-hour lifespan.

4. HID Projector headlights have a price range of $30-$200 per kit. It has features like color temperatures ranging from 3000K to 15000K, about 2500 hours lifespan.

5. Xenon headlights have a pricing range of US $300 to $1,000 as per car make. Some of its features are bluish tint, produces about 3000 lumens, and double lifespan.

What Is the Difference Between Reflector and Projector Headlights?

h4 led projector headlights

1. Projector Headlights

What Is?

Projector headlights are a type of the car’s front light which is the newest invention of headlight technology.

In the 1980s, projector headlights were mainly used in exceptionally luxury cars which were done on a large scale basis.

Then, this kind of headlights increased in popularity and used on all vehicle types since that time.

Similar to reflector headlights, projector headlights have a steel bowl for housing bulbs as well as mirrors. These mirrors are contained in the casing to enhance the reflecting role.

Although the projector headlight contains mirrors as reflectors, it has a lens that acts perfectly as a magnifier. This enhances the increment of light beam brightness.


– They are brighter. Unlike reflector headlights, projector headlights are exceptionally brighter. This makes them ideal to use when driving on the highway at night. They have an in-built halogen light which enhances bright light projection.

– Emits even lights. Projector headlights are designed using advanced technology thus, giving off more light which is even. They have no weak spots as light is spread out with a lot of consistency throughout. This gives safer night driving due to wide view provision.

– Not too bright for other drivers. The projector headlights are less likely to affect the oncoming drivers. This is because projector headlights design directs them downwards to the road, therefore they don’t shine or blind the oncoming traffic.


– Highly expensive option. To manage the purchase of projector headlights you need to have a huge budget since you have to meet the price range.

– More space is needed. This is a result of various components used in the construction of this kind of headlight. The bigger the headlight the more space it requires limiting the number of vehicles to use them.

Who Should Buy?

The use of projector headlights has increased due to their capacity to emit exceptional brightness ideal for drivers.

2. Reflector Headlights

What Is

Reflector headlights are a kind of car front light that is old styled for cars manufactured before or early 2000s. They are taken as standard lights on vehicles since electrical headlights invention.

This type of headlight contains a steel bowl for bulb casing. The bowl has mirrors for light-out reflection to the road.

The lens was perfectly placed to determine the light beam shape for the older headlight reflector. This kind of headlight is also known as a sealed beam headlight, in that case, replacing a burnt bulb requires entire assembling.

This is because the casing is not removable. Advancement in technology has enabled the production of mirrors housed into a reflector headlight mainly for beam guiding.

This made it easier for bulb replacement since the casing was not sealed.

Furthermore, a huge number of vehicles are manufactured with reflector headlights.


– They are much smaller. This kind of headlight is designed with a deeper space for housing lighting devices within the vehicle. This makes them more compact and ideal as they take less space in your car’s front part. They fit perfectly if you have a smaller car.

– Cheaper. Reflector headlights are used more often by the majority of manufacturers since they are less expensive to make.

– Easier installation. When it comes to the installation of reflector headlights the technical work is not complex. Therefore, you don’t have to worry since you can manage it yourself.


– Halogen bulb requirements. To make sure you have safe driving you require the installation of halogen bulbs due to their brightness light source.

– Light beam blind spots. Reflector headlights contain some blind spots in their beam, meaning some parts of your driving way won’t be lit. This poses a problem on a darker night.

Who Should Buy?

Nowadays the use of reflector headlights has increased as a large number of vehicles are compatible and designed with them. Therefore, you can purchase as a driver, mechanics, and for housing when with LED.

3. Projector vs Reflector Headlights

– Brightness.

Projector headlights are designed to produce a large amount of light with more brightness. Their beams have even light distribution and focused on a spot. However, reflector headlights brightness fades away, and inconsistent beam light.


Reflector vs projector headlights pose a huge discussion about which has great output. However, both will give out similar output in terms of the amount of light with only headlight unit differences.

– Color Temperature.

The two kinds of headlights can work perfectly with a color temperature of 5500k or above with a pure white hint. Furthermore, with very yellow 3400k Halogen.

– Lifespan.

Reflector vs projector light bulbs last depending on the bulb type. For a reflector, a halogen light bulb can last for about 1000 hours. LED headlights are of the higher life of up to 15,000 hours thus you don’t have to replace them more often.

– Others.

With reflector headlights, you can use either LED or halogen light bulbs. However, the projector headlight is more advanced and you can use lightbulbs of LED, HIB, and Halogen.

How to Replace Halogen Projector Headlights with LED?

9012 led bulb for projector headlights

Step 1: Ensure your LED kit conversion has all the components which include two ballasts, wiring, and two LED bulbs.

Step 2: Take some photos. You need to take some pictures of the installed halogen projector headlight for later comparison.

Step 3: Perfectly locate your front bulbs. Before doing that secure your car and disconnect the plastic wiring.

Step 4: Remove the Halogen bulb by anti-clockwise twisting after getting rid of the metal clip.

Step 5: Install your LED bulbs in the socket then clockwise twist it gently. Avoid touching it with your bare hands.

Step 6: Connect the ballast wiring with one end to your new bulb while the other end to the initial wiring.

Step 7: To successfully check out your cut-off, you need to power the headlights up and follow the manual carefully.

Step 8: Ensure you have secured the ballasts with a plastic zip tie or tape double-sized.

Step 9: Test drive.

How to Assemble Projector Headlights?

To put together a projector headlight is not difficult having all the necessary information and skills.

Step 1: You can use an online clip for guidance and you will be in a position to have excellent assembling. When doing this ensure you are familiar with the three wires red, black, and green to ensure correct connection.

Step 2: Then check you have successfully placed the bulb and LED cables to the driving cables.

Step 3: Leave positive and negative cables for driving lights.

Step 4: Keep the resistor in place and avoid damaging it.

Step 5: Place the connectors and replace the bolts.


1. Can I Use LED Bulbs in Projector Headlights?

Yes, you can use LED bulbs in projector headlights.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) bulbs have taken the market by their increased application in projector headlights.

This is because LED Bulb is more efficient, effective, and brighter making it an excellent option for halogen and HID bulbs.

2. Are Projector Headlights Legal?

Yes, projector headlights being exceptionally brighter compared to reflector headlights they are road legal. This is because when installed perfectly they can’t dazzle oncoming vehicles.

3. Which Is Better for Projector Headlights: HID or LED?

To determine which type of headlight bulb is better between High-intensity discharge (HID) and Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) you need to consider the following;

Brightness. In this case, both bulbs offer high illumination.

Immediate start-up. HID bulbs take up to 20 seconds to attain their full brightness, while LED takes about 5 seconds or instantaneous lighting.

Efficiency. When it comes to energy efficiency, HID bulb requires 35W while with advanced technology LED uses the power of about 15 to 18W.

Longevity. Here LED bulbs offer unmatched longevity, unlike the HID bulb type.

Therefore, considering brightness, efficiency, longevity, and instant start-up the LED bulb is the best choice.