Best RGB Floor Lamp – Easy Peasy to Set Mood

Ready to change your room style? Installing RGB floor lamps is the easiest and cheapest way to get it done!

To get a relaxing, romantic, or entertaining atmosphere, RGB floor lamps are a wise choice. Then, how to choose the best RGB floor lamp fit for your purposes?

This post guides you to the best-suited RGB floor lamps to make your room well-lit, including contents:

  • How to choose the best RGB floor lamps?
  • What are the best RGB floor lamps to match different places?
  • How to DIY an RGB floor lamp?

What Is an RGB Floor Lamp?

best rgb floor lamp reviews and guide

An RGB floor lamp is a type of standing light designed with vibrant colors. From the view of the light spectrum, RGB ripple floor lamps can produce over 16 million total hues of light on the basis of red, green and blue light palettes.

Among RGB lighting, it is categorized as regular RGB floor lamps and RGBW floor lamps.

What differentiates the 2 is regular RGB floor lamps just produce a light color close to white light, not the pure ones. If you go for pure white light, go for an RGBW floor lamp.

In terms of the display light, it is classified as regular RGB floor lamps and RGBIC floor lamps. RGBIC floor lamps is a fantastic standing light for gaming rooms and entertaining rooms, as it can display multiple colors at one time.

Why Do You Need a Floor Lamp with RGB Design?

RGB floor lamp, 16 million vibrant light colors available, creates coziness and a fancy atmosphere.

This type of light is important for decoration and cheerful environment creation, especially when you have a party at home, and want to put your clients in the mood of cafes and bars.

Since RGB floor lamp adopts LED technology, it costs less energy and emits less heat, ensuring safety in use.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best RGB Floor Lamp

Choosing the right RGB circular floor lamp will be as easy as walking in the park after you read this section.

This part will guide you to choose an RGB ripple standing light from its types, control methods, height, brands, colors, etc.

1. Types

The type of RGB floor lamp is a crucial component to consider as different types of RGB floor lamp function differently.

The RGB floor lamps are categorized as color-changing torchiere standing lights, RGB tripod floor lamps and RGB corner floor lamps.

Clear your aims before buying colorful RGB floor lamps.

To decorate your industrial space? RGB tripod floor lamps are a great option to consider, as most of them are in a farmhouse style.

To enhance mood in your living rooms? With a slim lamp body and compact lamp base, RGB ripple corner floor lamps perform well and keep their position at corners in any room.

RGB torchiere floor lamp has an upward light that can be bounced off the walls and ceilings. So if you go for a floor lamp with bright light for dark rooms, RGB torchiere is a positive option.

2. Control Methods

Getting a convenient control method making brightness adjustment nearby. There are 2 primary control methods, remote controlled RGB floor lamps and app-controlled RGB floor lamps.

Both control methods can operate the RGB ripple standing lamps straightforward.

Remote control color changing lamp is more simple in operation, which will be more suitable for seniors.

Relatively complicated operations on phones will be more suitable for youths and middle-aged adults.

3. Height

Different types of RGB floor lamps feature different heights, which will affect the brightness.

RGB corner floor lamp gives prominence to a height of 40″ to 62″. 40″ to 62″ RGB color changing corner lamp is the perfect fit for gathering places, living rooms and gaming rooms.

It is a proper height that allows you to sit at sofas or chairs and won’t dazzle your eyes.

>> Buy the Lashahope 61.5″ corner floor lamp with triple control methods to add ambiance in living rooms and gaming rooms.

RGB torchiere provides you with a height of 66″ to 71″. RGB torchiere floor lamp in this height range is perfect for the bedroom.

With an upward torchlight shade, the colorful lights won’t be in your face. So if you want to add romantic air and keep your beauty in the bedroom, choose RGB ripple torchiere.

>> Buy HueLive 66″ torchiere standing lamp for tall persons.

RGB tripod floor lamps are about 62″ tall, suitable for living rooms and display rooms. This type is always characterized by a shelf lamp base, so you can put plants and decorations on it.

>> Buy JUNOLUX tripod floor lamp for farmhouse decor.

Generally, if you want to decorate your kids’ room with colorful light, a short RGB corner lamp is the best solution.

And if you are tall, try to get a 60″ corner lamp or 60″+ torchiere.

4. Brands

There are many RGB floor lamp manufacturers surged into the market as the prevailing need for colorful life and mood creation at homes, offices, and gaming rooms.

It is tested that Tacahe, Bermooda and Govee are the most preferable RGB floor lamp brands.

Among the listed 3 brands, Tacahe and Bermooda are committed to manufacturing RGB corner lamps.

Govee explores broader in producing RGB floor lamps, including RGB torch standing lamps and modern RGB corner floor lamps.

5. Colors

Color trends change all the time. The coated color of RGB floor lamps tells your customers your tastes.

Choosing an RGB floor lamp fit for your rooms will not make your interior finish look obtrusive.

The popular finish color to match any type of room style is white and black. These neutral color RGB floor lamps are less prominent and can blend in your interior space well.

To Improve Your Plain Life, Top 3 Functions You Should Consider for an RGB Circular Standing Lamp

Here are several direct recommendations for you to reference when choosing a special needed RGB circular floor lamp.

1. Consider Smart RGB Floor Lamp

A smart RGB floor lamp means you can connect it with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, hub and control it by your smartphone and even your voice.

What makes smart RGB floor lamps beat their counterparts is convenient usage. You can switch the lights on or off remotely, without a distance limit.

Not only that, scheduling your smart RGB floor lighting from anywhere is feasible. You can set up a routine that turns it on in advance and turn it off at a specified time even you are not at home.

If you always forget to turn off your lamps or want to get welcoming light when entering your home after dark, smart RGB floor lamps are your best lightings.

Govee Smart RGB Corner Lamp with App Control

govee app controlled rgbic floor lamp

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If you have AI smart speaker, it is noteworthy that you can connect your RGB standing lamps with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice control.

Here is a video about the step-by-step guide to connecting the smart speaker to your smart light.

2. Consider RGB Circular Floor Lamp with Remote

Controlling your RGB floor lamp with a remote indicates you don’t need to turn it off while in bed or on the sofa.

Without lifting a finger, you can control its brightness settings, color settings, light effects and speed parameters, etc.

The maximum control distance by the remote is 30 meters.

Compared with a smart RGB floor lamp connection, the operation of the remote-controlled RGB floor lamp is more simple and straightforward.

If you want an RGB floor lamp with easy-peasy operation, consider color changing standing lamps with a remote.

Tacahe Modern RGB Floor Lamp with Remote

tacahe remote controlled rgb corner lamp for ambiance

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3. Consider RGB Floor Lamp with Music Sync Function

With musical RGB floor lamps, while enjoying the color-changing light, you can also throw yourself in a set of music ocean.

When you are hosting a party at home, the RGB floor lamp with music sync function will enhance the atmosphere as the colorful light will pulsate to the rhythm of the music.

However, not all RGB floor lamps are compatible with Bluetooth and or have built-in high-sensitive mic and music mode.

Generally, a majority of RGB corner lamps feature this function.

EJ’s Super Car Musical Multi Ligthing Modes Corner Lamp for Party Atmosphere

modern rgb floor lamp for bedrooms and gaming rooms

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3 Reliable Brands That Make the High-Quality RGB Ripple Floor Lamps

1. Tacahe

Tacahe is an expert in producing RGB mood lightings, including RGB floor lamps and RGB ring table lights.

Today, Tacahe corner lamp lives up to a high expectation, which features a sturdy metal base and minimalist design.

Dimmability is what Tacahe makes their corner lamp outshine other RGB lamps in its class.

Considering its dimmable light, thin structure and convenient remote and app control, the Tacache corner lamp is at an unbeatable price, in the price range of $40 to $80.

So, if you are looking for a dimmable floor lamp with colorful light for living rooms, the Tacahe corner lamp is an impressive choice.

Cheap Tacahe Dimmable Floor Lamp

tacahe remote controlled rgb corner lamp for ambiance

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2. Bermooda

Bermooda is another RGB corner floor lamp manufacturer whose color ripple lamp is a popular choice for gamers.

Its stability and bright light are the outstanding features that most of its owners are fond of.

Bermooda design their RGB corner lamps with premium metal alloys. What makes it more superb in stability is iron legs. All the metal build contributes to the fact the Bermooda doesn’t lean or wobble.

For another, Bermooda has state-of-the-art LEDs which have a high color intensity/saturation and are 30% brighter than its competitors.

By the way, You can control multiple Bermooda RGB corner lamps with the same Bermooda remote.

If you have pets or naughty children in houses, Bermooda RGB floor lamp with high stability is a wise choice.

Bermooda Durable and Stable RGBIC Corner Floor Lamp with High Brightness

bermooda corner floor lamp

The corner lamp is designed with 55″ tall, which is a comfortable height that won’t hurt your eyes.

Plus, Bermooda lamps are built with exceptional-quality LEDs, so they can last for over 10 years if you use them for 10 hours per day.

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3. Govee

Govee is a productive brand to make RGB lamps, their color changing lamps include RGB table lamps, RGB floor lamps, RGBIC wall lights, and even outdoor RGB strip lights, RGB car lights.

RGB corner lamps and RGB torchiere floor lamps are the primary 2 types of Govee RGB standing lights.

Regarding to the RGB corner lamps, different from its counterparts with a slim “L” lamp base, Govee makes its RGB corner lamp a compact round lamp base, taking up less space in your rooms and being more stable.

>> Check Govee Corner Lamp with Round Heavy Base to keep its position.

As for the RGB torchiere, Govee manufactured its torchiere floor lamp with a height of 68″ to 71″, which stops direct glare from hurting your eyes.

>> Check Govee Tall Standing Torchiere with bright and eye-friendly light.

Combined with smart control, the Govee RGB lamps cost you higher than the above 2 brands, at the price rate of $80 to $150.

If you have a high budget and go for more functions, it is worth considering Govee RGB circular floor lamps which can return you with a great value.

Use These 3 RGB Color Changing Floor Lamp Types to Improve Your Home Lighting

RGB corner floor lamps, RGB tripod floor lamps and RGB torchiere floor lamps are the backbones of the RGB floor lamp marketing.

1. RGB Corner Lamp – Light up Your Dim Corner

An RGB corner lamp is designed with a slim lamp pole and a reasonable “L” lamp base or a heavy round lamp base.

With a thin and minimalist build, RGB corner lamp is suitable to create color scenes in the corners. The “L” base gets closely to the walls so that the lamp won’t take up your room space.

If you have a small room to brighten, an RGB corner lamp is a good choice. To keep it stay its position, or in case of falling down, you can stick it into your floors with glue.

ELUM INNOVATION RGB Corner Lamp with Minimalist Design

rgb led corner lamp

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2. RGB Tripod Floor Lamp – Radiate High Brightness Lighting

The high brightness and focused light are the areas where RGB tripod floor lamp shines.

RGB tripod floor lamp is built with a tripod stand and hemispherical lamp shade. A saucer-shaped shading sheet helps concentrate the colorful light and directs it to specified spots.

So, if you want to get bright color-changing light, try the RGB tripod floor lamp, then you will throw yourself in brilliant light like that in clubs.

These tripod floor lamp with high brightness is ultra suitable for a home party in living rooms, backyards and on the decks.

LUSTORM 1 Tripod Floor Lamp with High Level Brightness

modern rgb tripod floor lamp

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3. RGB Torchiere Floor Lamp – Provide Diffused and Even Light

RGB torchiere floor lamps are composed of a vertical stand and an upward lamp head, designed to occupy little floor space but provide general light.

The special construction of the torchiere is beneficial to a sleep person.

Directing light upward, the diffused light never hits your face and never blinds you. At the same time, you can enjoy a glamorous lighting atmosphere that is pleasing to your eyes. And the cozy ambiance helps you wind down and go to sleep quickly.

If you want to relieve your stressful nerve from work at night, an RGB torchiere floor lamp would be a help to you.

Addlon RGB Torchiere with Lampshade for Bedroom Use

addlon rgb torchiere floor lamp with voice control

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Spice up Your Home with the 2 Popular RGB Floor Lamp Exterior Colors

Black and white RGB floor lamp are the 2 colors that most of the customers are fond of.

1. Black RGB Floor Lamp – Mature Effect

Black RGB standing lamp, make the house look more stylish on the one hand, and more serious on the other hand if you have white painted walls and wooden furniture.

So, if you aim to make the RGB lamp blend in your modern or retro space, choose black RGB floor lamps.

Xianfei Black RGB Floor Lamp for Nordic Rooms

xianfei rgb mood floor lamp with black shade

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2. White RGB Floor Lamp – Lively and Casual Effect

RGB floor lamps coated with white colors are the omnipotent lights to match brightly colored walls and white and grey floor tiles, as white lamps make light color furniture and walls more vivid.

If you have a minimalist room and want it to be attractive, white RGB floor lamp is the most pleasing choice.

Want to balance the sober environment which features a wooden interior finish? Choose a white-coated RGB floor lamp that can brighten your rooms visually.

Tacahe White Floor Lamp with Color Changing Light to Make Your Room Interior Alive

tacahe white corner floor lamp with even light

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Choose Your Right RGB Floor Lamps To Fit for Different Rooms

For different using places, it tends to consider different functions.

1. Living Room – Consider a Decorative Lamp

The living room deserves a more attractive interior design. You and your family members, friends spend hours on this space, so your living room needs to be outfitted with various and reasonable decorations.

The most appropriate RGB floor lamps are tripod floor lamps and corner lamps.

For RGB tripod floor lamps, the black matte photoelectric coated tripod stand and brass coated inner lampshade add up elegance and style to your living room.

If you use tripod floor lamps, put them in the corner, against the wall or next to the sofa.

Note positioning it at the center of the room is incongruity and it will tip over easily.

>> Here is a popular LUSTORM 1 tripod floor lamp with a shelf for you to choose from.

With a minimalist and unobtrusive design, corner floor lamps perform well for any style of room as they can blend in modern, vintage, farmhouse and industrial style.

When using a corner lamp in the living room, you can put it in corners and on both sides of the TV cabinets.

Note if you plan to put on both sides of the TV cabinets, try to get RGB floor lamps with heavy round bases. If you prepare to put it in a corner, make sure the legs of the corner lamps close to the walls tightly to prevent it from tilting.

Click to get the most stable Govee corner floor lamp for your living rooms.

2. Bedroom – Choose a Dimmable RGBW Floor Lamp

Given the use of color changing floor lamps in bedrooms, you should consider buying a standing lamp with dimmable light.

In bedrooms, you may read books, take a nap, write articles and even work in the bed, these activities call for task light.

RGB floor lamps can function as mood lighting and task lighting. And a dimmable light will provide you with a better lighting environment for working and relaxing.

So, buying a dimmable RGBW floor lamp for bedrooms is a wise choice, in this way, if you want a soft light, you can get a low intensity colorful light.

If you desire to make it light up your workbench, you can change it to high-intensity white light.

Chiphy RGBW Floor Lamp with Dimmable Light and White Light to Light up Tasks in Bedrooms

chiphy rgb floor lamp with white light for bedrooms

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Attention, the best color light to help your sleeping is yellow light, red light, green light and orange light.

On the other hand, bright purple, dark grey and brown light should be avoided as these colors break your periods of sleep.

3. Gaming Room – Pick up an RGB LED Floor Lamp with Long Lifespan

RGB light can set a right mood for gamers. The colorful light makes the gaming room unique, and elevates your surrounding to show your personality, more importantly, makes you more relaxing and immersive.

Since it is likely to radiate your gaming rooms with colorful light for hours, you should buy RGB floor lamps with high-quality LEDs.

A good RGB LED light can last for at least 50,000 hours.

If you put RGB floor lamps in the corner or next to your table, notice that do not make lights shine your eyes directly or form light glare on your screen.

Tacahe Minimalist RGB Standing Lighting to Enhance Mood in Gaming Rooms

tacahe rgb floor lamp with color changing mood light for gamers

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Why All RGB Corner Floor Lamp Are Built with a Minimalist Design?

Since all the RGB floor lamps are designed to place against a wall or in a corner, these lamps should be minimal and unobtrusive.

For another, since the stylish itself brings, the RGB standing lamps function as a contemporary decor as well.

If you have a modern room and want to get colorful light, the minimalist RGB floor lamp never disappoints you.

Dewenwils Minimalist RGB Floor Lamp for Modern Rooms

modern rgb led floor lamp

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How to DIY RGB Corner Lamp?

Manufacturing an RGB standing corner lamp by yourself is a daunting task, but if you are a craft enthusiast, you can follow the steps and have a try.

This section will describe a step-by-step guide to help you build your own RGB corner lamp at a beatable price.

Tools You Will Need

1. LED light strips (Check the best buy)

2. 5V power supply (Check the best buy)

3. Wireless Bluetooth controller (Check the best buy)

4. 3 pieces of the wood

5. Glue and brad nails

Steps by Step Guide

Step 1: Connect the wood lamp pole and wood legs. Sand the finish and make it sleek to prevent fingertip injury. Build the lamp base with glue and brad nails. (Size suggestions: 0.75″ x 2″ x 2′ for lamp base and 0.75″ x 2″ x 4′ for lamp pole)

Step 2: Attach the LED light strips. Attach the LEDs to the lamp pole with glue.

Step 3: Add the controller. Connect the power supply with the LEDs. Note you need to connect the wires of the same color together.

Step 4: Test. Turn off your light at home and enjoy the colorful light.

Below is a video for reference: