Best Magnifying Floor Lamp in 2022 – Recommended to Zoom Details

Floor lamps are used to produce light in darker areas. They are available in multiple shapes but the magnifying floor lamps are more efficient. This is because they help people to look deeply into things.

These lamps are best for people who have weak eyesight. But to properly use the magnifying floor lamp is too important to consider all the factors like material, lense, and your need. So that you can easily get what you desire.

In this article, we help you to select the lamp that will fulfill all your needs. So, let’s start the discussion.

best magnifying floor lamp reviews and guide

Why Do You Need an LED Magnifying Floor Lamp?

There are many benefits of the LED bulbs due to which you should use the magnifying floor lamp with LED Bulbs.

LEDs consume less energy than incandescent bulbs. This is because LEDs have more efficient diode light. LED bulbs use 75% less energy but generate more light as compared to normal bulbs.

In addition, LED bulbs have a long life due to their durable quality construction. Their improved performance takes care of the environment and works well in cold conditions.

The design of LED bulbs is unique and flexible therefore you can use these bulbs in different areas of the home and office.

Furthermore, these bulbs do not emit heat that keeps the area cool in warm situations.

If you go for more safe and bright light, Brightech Light View Pro LED magnifying floor lamp is a positive option.

brightech lightview pro led magnifying lamp

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4 Factors You Must Consider When Buying a Right Standing Lamp with Magnifying Glass

There are some factors that you should consider for the best magnifying floor lamp. We make it easy for you to buy the best ones by mentioning all the factors below. So have a look.

1. Color Temperature

Magnifying floor lamps are made with different light bulbs at different color temperatures. So that you can adjust the light according to mood.

This color temperature is measured from 1000 to 10000 on a Kelvin scale. Through the magnifying floor lamp color temperature, you can describe the feeling. Floor lamps are made with the 2 color temperatures that are following:

– 2700-3000K for Warm White

– 4000K and above for Cool White

The 2700K color temperature promotes relaxation that makes the atmosphere calm and relaxed. Therefore, these magnifying floor lamps are suitable to place in bedrooms and living rooms.

The magnifying floor lamps that have 3000K temperatures produce warm white, yellowish, and soft white light. It means you can use these lights for reading.

>> Check TOMSOO 3 in 1 magnifying floor lamp with warm white light for relaxing mood.

Furthermore, the 4000+ Kelvin magnifying floor lamps produce the bright white light normally referred to as daylight. These lamps are best to use in workshops and offices. So that you can view all the things in detail.

>> Check Brightech LightView floor lamp with magnifier that produces white and bright light to brighten up detailed tasks at hand.

2. Lumens

The measurement for the light brightness is known as lumen. Therefore, the bulb that has a high number of lumens can generate a brighter light. On the other hand, a bulb with fewer lumens will result in dim light.

For the average tasks with a magnifying floor lamp, you almost need 200 lumens as they can generate enough brightness in the area.

But for reading under a magnifying standing light, you require a minimum of 450 lumens. This is because for the study you need to put more focus to see the words on pages.

>> Check Brightech 540 lumens magnifying standing floor lamp for full page reading.

On the other hand, cross-stitching is a more detailed task and needs more lumens. Therefore, for cross stitching and crafting, you need a floor magnifier with light more than 800 lumens.

>> Check Brightech LightView Pro 800 lumens and 6 wheel rolling base magnifying floor lamp to get bright light and move conveniently for tailors and craftsmen.

But if you want to do some heavy-duty work like soldering and the detailed technician then you may need magnifier floor lamp with 1000 to 1400 lumens. The reason is that with more light you can efficiently handle the work.

>> Check OttLite Ultimate 3 in 1 Standing Lights with Magnifier and 1300 lumens light for welders and electrians.

3. Power

The power of the magnifying floor lamps depends on the voltage and battery.

You should select the floor lamp with a power cord if you want to have consistent brightness in the area.

The power cord will make sure the voltages do not fluctuate and your light does not dim.

>> Check Light It by Spectrum standing magnifier lamp with power cord that always provide bright and even light.

On the other hand, rechargeable magnifying floor lamps generate brightness according to charging level.

When the charging is full then the lamp will brighten up the area. But when the charging starts to get down then the light becomes dim. So select the floor lamp according to your light requirement.

However, there are very few rechargeable magnifying floor lamp on the market, but if you still want a rechargeable one, try the Raweao desk magnfier light for close work.

4. Arms

The magnifying floor lamp arms have a little effect on the light from magnifying floor lamp. You can adjust the arms according to your light requirement and do the work.

A swing arm lamp has 3 arms. Compared with gooseneck magnifying floor lamp, swing arm standing lamp with magnifier has a longer neck and longer reach, so if you are working on a large workbench or want to make it cover more lighting area, swing arm magnifying floor lamp would be the best choice.

Brightech LightView Pro Swing Arm Magnifying Floor Lamp with Swing Arm for Large Illumination

led magnifying floor lamp with swing arm

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On the other hand, the gooseneck lamps do not have more length but they are flexible. The flexibility of the magnifying floor lamp makes adjustment on light directions more simple and effortless. So, it is more suitable for seniors, females, and children to operate .

Daylight24 Gooseneck LED Floor Magnifier with Light for More Flexibility

craft floor lamp with magnifier and gooseneck

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Choose the Right Lens Standing Light with Magnifier to Get a Clear Vision

magnifying floor lamp for macular degenerationv

Magnifying floor lamps are more efficient than floor lamps because of the magnifying lens. Therefore, you need to select the right size lens and the magnification power.

Here, we will tell you how you can get the right lens for your magnifying floor lamp. So have a look.

Lens Size – Consider 3 to 5 Diopter

The lens size is related to the focal length which is measured in mm. The unit of measurement of the optical power of the lens is known as a Diopter. It is equal to the inverse of the focal length.

A higher focal length means a bigger zoom. However, the lower number means that lens can be used for wider shots. The magnifying floor lamp lens receive the parallel light rays and reflects them so that they can converge.

Due to this, an illusion of the image is created and it looks bigger than the real image. The common size of the lens in the magnifying floor lamps is the 3 Dipoter (1.75x) and 5 Diopter (2.25x).

This is because it offers a large field view and helps in reading and doing the work that is related to higher magnification.

While people with macular degeneration need the magnifying floor lamp with more powerful magnification lens. You should select one with 2.25x magnification so that you can easily view smaller things.

>> Check Brightech LightView Pro magnifying standing lamp available with 1.75x and 2.25x Lens Options

Furthermore, for reading purposes, it is better to select the lens with 1.75 magnification. It is a safe distance as it does not affect eyesight.

To do the needlework, you need lenses with 2x and 4x magnification.

>> Get the OttLite magnifying floor lamp with 4x spot viewer for sewing.

In addition, to do the crafts and soldering work, it is better to use lenses that have a magnification between 2.5x and 10x, and of course, magnifying table lamp would be more suitable to light up your tasks at hand because of the short lighting distance.

>> Get FULLSWXY magnifying glass light with 5x and 10x lenses for detailed work.

Power Magnification – Consider the View of 0.5″ – 1.5″

The ratio between the object and the dimensions of the image is known as power magnification. All the magnifying floor lamp with lenses are biconvex therefore they are thicker at the center.

The power of magnifying lamp gives a detailed view of all objects. You can easily understand and see the things that you see from a large distance. The power magnification of the lens in the floor lamps is usually 4.5.

In addition, the 5x magnification gives the field of view of about 1.5″. These lenses are the first choice of the average users that want higher magnification without compromising the field of vision.

You can use the lenses with 5x magnification to read the book, newspaper, and to view the things that have detailed work.

On the other hand, 10x magnification gives a field of view of about 0.5″. You can use these lenses to get a detailed view of objects. But these lenses do affect the field of view.

These lenses with 10x magnification are used for differentiating and analyzing samples of a glass slide.

Magnifying Lens Material – Consider Glass Lens

People still get confused between magnifying floor lamp with plastic and glass lenses.

Plastic lenses are more durable and do not break easily. However, they reduce glare due to which people sometimes do not get a clear view.

The glass lens on the other hand provides clear vision. Since they are made by using a thinner material.

However, due to the magnifying floor lamp with plastic lens is not friendly to eyes, most of you tend to buy a standing light with glass magnifier.

Innqoo Magnifying Floor Lamp with Glass Lens and Dimmbale Light for Clear Vision and Perfect Light

standing magnifying lamp with glass lens

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Why Dimmable Magnifying Floor Lamp Is the Most Preferable?

Dimmable magnifying floor lamps have many benefits and provide convenience. They have energy-saving features and increase the lifetime of LEDs.

Therefore, it is important to consider the dimmer while buying the floor lamps as it helps to manage the light.

Also, people who want to save electricity and use LEDs for a long time go for floor lamps with dimmable lights.

You can use dimmable floor lamps in daylight or at night when you are not doing anything.

Brightech Floor Lamp with Lighted Magnifier and Dimmable Light

led magnifying floor lamp with swing arm

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Use the Right Floor Light with Magnifier to Relieve Machular Degeneration

lighted full page magnifying floor lamp

If you are looking for the best magnifying floor lamp for macular degeneration then consider the following properties.

1. Bright light over 450 lumens

Macular degeneration needs more light than normal vision because of weak eyesight. Therefore, you need something to get a better view and do the work.

For people with macular degeneration, a magnifying floor lamp with a light over 450 lumens is more suitable, which is a great light level that won’t cause any harmful effects and make you recognize words or see details without efforts.

2. White color temperature over 5000K

For macular degeneration color temperature over 5000k is considered good.

This is because the light looks as natural as the midday light. In this bright light, people with macular degeneration can easily do any work they want to do.

3. LED bulbs with non-flicker light

LED magnifying floor lamp with non-flicker light are best because they do not cause any harm. They do not create itching in the eyes or cause headaches.

Plus, the LED standing light with magnified light aims to provide a consistent light that allows them to see properly.

4. Full page reading magnifying light

If you suffer from macular degeneration, you needs more light than normal vision because of weak eyesight.

Full page reading magnifying floor light works well for you because this light is built with extra wide rectangular lens (8″ x 10″) that can cover your full page of a book.

Daylight24 Full Page LED Floor Lamp with Lighted Magnifier for Reading

full page floor magnifying lamp for reading

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