5 Best Magnifying Floor Lamp for Macular Degeneration in 2022

Did you know that you can find the best magnifying floor lamp for macular degeneration? Right.

Once you get past 55 years of age, light might not fall exactly on the macula of your aye’s retina. This is what is referred to as macular degeneration.

Luckily, macular degeneration cannot limit you from doing what you love doing. With the right magnifying floor lamp, you can still read your favorite books and make your favorite fine art without squinting your eyes.

Below you can find your best magnifying floor lamp for macular degeneration reviews and all you need to know about this tool.

best magnifying floor lamp for macular degeneration reviews and buying guides

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What Is the Best Light Bulb for Macular Degeneration?

There are several light bulbs for macular degeneration on the market.

This makes it challenging to choose the best bulb if you have no idea about its construction, how they work, and its impact.

1. LED Magnifying Floor Lamps

LED magnifying floor lamps are by far the best light bulbs for macular degeneration. Their full brightness as soon as you light them up, enclosure in hard plastic to prevent breakage, and other improvements surpass incandescent and fluorescent lights.

Other crucial aspects you can count on LED magnifying floor lamps are better energy consumption, cool temperature, and low cost in the long run.

LEDs require less wattage compared to incandescent and fluorescent magnifying floor lamps. With the least watts and most lumens used, you can be assured of more energy-efficient, most brightness, and much longer durability than its competitors.

This explains why LED magnifying Floor lamps have the most robust magnifying glasses best for macular degeneration.

2. Incandescent Magnifying Floor Lamps

As much as LED magnifying floor lamps dominate, incandescent magnifying lamps are also available in the market and preferred by a few individuals.

The best thing about incandescent lamps is their initial cost. However, the bulbs demand high costs over time.

This type of lamp uses the most watts. High watts mean more energy consumption and a reduced lifespan.

With lower wattage encouraged in the modern age, incandescent lamps’ brightness is highly affected.

For instance, reducing an incandescent lamp’s wattage reduces its lumens, greatly affecting its brightness.

3. Fluorescent Magnifying Floor Lamps

Fluorescent lamps are another magnifying floor lamp you can get in the market.

This lamp comes second to LED magnifying floor lamps in many aspects.

For instance, this type of lamp uses more watts than LED lamps but less than incandescent lamps.

Secondly, Fluorescent magnifying lamps boast more lumens hence more brightness. They were the brightest bulbs until LED bulbs emerged. This type of bulb is suited for overall room lighting.

With fluorescent lamps, expect to wait for some time before they reach full brightness. These bulbs also do not work with standard dimmer switches.


Therefore, if you want more clear bright light with less energy consumption, LED magnifying floor lamps will perform better than the other 2 types.

How Many Lumens to Choose for People with Macular Degeneration? Why?

500 and above lumens are the best bet for brightness for people with macular degeneration.

This is about twice as much as a normal 20-year-old person will need.

Sight requires light. This means a person with macular degeneration will need more light to see clearer.

Warm Light or White Light: Which Is Better for Macular Degeneration?

Color is another important aspect for people with macular degeneration. Bulb color is usually measured in Kelvin(K).

Yellowish-white or warm light has a color temperature of around 2700K, which is not suitable for macular degeneration.

White light is more than 4000K. This color temperature is considered the best for macular degeneration.

This is because it offers a cooler and whiter appearance ideal for macular degeneration. This color temperature is also preferred where function is prioritized over ambiance.

Remember not to go for a too high value as the light will appear blue-white causing more glare.

What Lens Size of Magnifying Floor Lamp is Suitable for Macular Degeneration? Why?

Magnifying floor lamps for macular degeneration will require a lens size between 1.75X and 2.25X. This will offer enough field view.

This size is also perfect for providing comfortable reading and undertaking tasks related to higher magnification.

Why You Should Buy Magnifying Floor Lamp with Glass Lens?

You never know the activities you might do that require that magnifying floor lamp.

To be safer, it’s wise to choose a lamp with a versatile lens. That is why a magnifying floor lamp with a glass lens is perfect.

The plastic lens might have some of the best features for eyeglasses, such as being lightweight, less brittle, and less reflective, which is excellent for the outdoor environment and variety of frames.

However, most of these benefits are irrelevant with a floor lamp.

A glass lens guarantees superior scratch resistance. Besides, a glass lens offers precision clarity. That is why you will find this lens also synonymous with binoculars and microscopes.

In addition, glass is recommended for bifocal lenses. These features make a glass lens ideal for a magnifying lamp for macular degeneration.

5 Best Magnifying Floor Lamp for Macular Degeneration Reviews

1. Hot Sale – Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Floor Lamp

magnifying floor lamp for reading elder

Brightech LightView Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best magnifying floor lamps for macular degeneration.

The adjustable magnifying floor lamp comes with a gooseneck you can bend according to your preference to keep the magnifying glass and light at the best angle freeing your hands for the work you engage in.

This lamp features hands-free extra-wide magnifying glasses that offer a good view of a full book or crafts you are working on.

The lens provides clear focus up to a distance of 13 inches and magnification of up to 1.75X.

In addition, you can enjoy this lamp’s LED lights for up to 20 years.

The 9-watt lamp produces 540 lumens that offer bright light for macular degeneration.

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2. Dimmable for Multi Tasks – Brightech LightView Pro 6 Wheel Rolling Base

large magnifying light

If you are looking for the best magnifying floor lamp with a dimmable feature, you might want to look at this lamp.

The big magnifying light features a built-in dimmer switch offering you the ease of controlling the amount of light you want.

This lamp features a 3-inch diopter glass magnifying lens that can magnify 1.75X. Besides, the lamp comes with built-in 9W LED lights with 800 lumens.

With this lamp, no macular degeneration can stop you from doing what you like.

Its 6 wheels roll, pivoting head, and flexible arm keeps both of your hands-free to let you focus on your work or hobby.

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3. Remote Use – LIGHT IT! By Fulcrum LED Floor Magnifier Lamp

full page magnifier floor lamp

Now LIGHT IT! By Fulcrum offers increased flexibility right there beside your table and away from home or workplace.

The lamp ideal for macular degeneration has a metal flex neck you can adjust from 24 inches to 43 inches.

The lamp also offers an option to power it with an AC adapter or use it remotely using 60 hours of energy-saving batteries.

LIGHT IT! By Fulcrum features 5-inch magnifying lens that offers a wide viewing area. Besides, it can reveal the finest details. Thanks to its 6X Bifocal lens.

The 12 built-in floodlight LEDs are ideal for brilliant glare-free light that will last 100,000 hours.

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4. Flexible Use – TOMSOO 3-in-1 Magnifying Glass Floor Lamp

led magnifier floor lamp for macular degeneration

TOMSOO 3-in-1 Magnifying Floor Lamp has been made with convenience in mind.

The best lamp for macular degeneration features 4.4 inches of glass that offers a clear view and a magnification of 2.25X.

The lamp also features 60pcs SMD LED with 960 lumens providing a bright light even on the viewing area.

This lamp’s design ensures that both of your hands are free. Thanks to the swing arm adjustable up to 32 inches, metal tubes, a sturdy base, and a clamp.

Its 3 knobs and 4 springs keep it steady to allow you to focus on your job.

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5. Glare-Free – Brightech LightView Pro 2 in 1 XL Magnifying Floor Lamp

magnification floor lamps for low vision

This is yet another magnifying floor lamp from Brightech you can acquire for macular degeneration.

The lamp offers an extra-wide lens of 6 by 4.5 inches and a magnification of 2.25X. The best thing about the lamp is its ability to keep your hands free by steadily standing on your desk or joining the leg and base to use it as a floor lamp.

With this lamp, you get 900 lumens LEDs that offer light color of 5000K, ideal for macular degeneration.

If you are worried about possible glares, you can take advantage of the built-in dimmer switch to control the lighting.

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Do Lighted Magnifiers Help with Macular Degeneration? How?

Lighted magnifiers help with macular degeneration a great deal.

Compared with a magnifying glass, the lighted magnifiers offer clearer vision and improved visual acuity.

With these objects, a person with macular degeneration will benefit from both light and magnification.

How to Use Magnifying Floor Lamps with Macular Degeneration?

Magnifying Floor lamps come in different heights. They also have varying adjustment techniques. However, a great deal is on how to use it after setting it up.

Below are tips to help use the magnifying floor lamp for macular degeneration.

1. Understand the meaning behind various parts of the magnifying floor lamp.

For instance, understand the diopter (amount of curvature) you will need and the focal length (distance between the lens and the object in focus) that will work for you.

2. Like you will use a pair of prescription glasses, use both eyes every time you use a magnifying lamp.

3. Position the lens so that the glass will be 8 to 10 inches away for the best magnification and least amount of distortion.


Magnifying floor lamps are great for anyone working with very small details. For macular degeneration, they are the perfect choice for offering light and magnification conveniently.

I believe this article gave you a great reference for finding the best magnifying floor lamp for macular degeneration and a bit of extra information that can be useful.