How to Choose the Best LED Tube Lights in 2022?

Lighting is an exceptional requirement for everybody whether in the daytime or at night. You need light for sight stimulation as well as visibility of things. LED tube lights are ideal in the production of a sufficient amount of bright light with the right intensity, hardness, and color.

The LED tube lamps are of the highest quality materials that are eco-friendly, durable, and long-lasting.

With the LED tube lamp you are assured of high output with minimal energy consumption.

In this article, we are going to tackle different aspects of the best LED tube lights.

best led tube lights reviews and buying guide

What Makes the Best LED Tube Lights?

1. Durable Construction

LED tube lights are crafted from the highest quality aluminum materials as a backbone and polycarbonate lens. This makes them durable and long-lasting.

2. Low Output

The LED tube lights utilize about 26 watts (W) and offer an output of 3334 lumens (lm), which is equivalent to 130 lumens per watt. That’s a huge amount of light.

3. Accurate Colors

LED tube lights resemble nearly the natural sunlight since all the color spectrums are in the LED chip.

Therefore, offers the brightest white with each output color replicating seamlessly.

4. Accessories Available

The LED tube lights have a range of available accessories which makes them the best choice tube light.

Some of them are electrode shields, glass stems, phosphor-coated glass, filament coils, etc.

5. Safe to Use

LED tubes are crafted from non-hazardous materials which are free from, mercury, lead, and more making this tube safer for use even when it breaks.

What to Look for When Buying LED Tube Lights?

1. Color temperature

Lighting color temperatures is a must thing you need to know before purchasing a LED light.

Although high-quality LEDs provide consistency in color, you need to know which color temperature is suitable for which area considering their range of 2400K to 6500K.

For example, 2700K to 3000K light range spans offer a warm and friendly mood with an orange and red tone. This makes it ideal for homes, restaurants, and hotels.

2. Maintenance requirement

Before deciding to purchase any type of light you need to understand all requirements for maintenance.

When it comes to LED lights such as the Led tube t8, you are assured of the least maintenance need, you just plug it in and it illuminates.

Therefore, LED lighting tubes are an ideal solution for industrial or commercial space.

3. Smart switches compatibility

When purchasing your LED lights tube, always ensure they are crafted with smart switches compatible in mind.

This follows the advanced technology enhancement of smart homes as the future of house automation.

It will prevent any lighting reconstruction later.

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4. Right panel

Although retrofitting tends to be expensive and time-consuming, it’s great when purchasing LED tube lights, you select the suitable one for the panel.

The possibility of getting an appropriate LED tube panel size is high since they are crafted following the set industry standards.

For the easier fitting, select T8 LED tubes to replace your indoor T8 fluorescent lamps.

3 Popular Used LED Tube Light Size

1. T5

T5 LED tube light type is tubular shaped which is just five-eighths an inch diameter-wise as denoted by the ”5”.

It has lower maintenance offering more light compared to other fluorescent bulbs.

T5 lights are ideal for residential projects.

2. T8

The ”T” indicates that this LED light is tubular shaped while ”8” denotes it is eight-eighths inch which is equivalent to an inch. T8 LED tube produces light via advanced electronic circuits.

It’s available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 standard foot lengths. Ideal for troffers and high bay fixtures.

3. T12

T12 LED tube light is a tubular older generation bulb that uses electromagnetic induction to produce light.

The method of generating light is less-efficient compared to electronic-based circuits.

The “12” indicates that it’s a twelve-eighths inch which is equivalent to 1½” tubes.

Reviews of the 5 Best LED Tube Lights

1. Dual Ended – Hyperikon T8 2 Foot LED Tube

hyperikon t8

An ideal choice for an LED tube light for lighting the garage, refrigerator, hallway, kitchen, or workspace is the Hyperikon T8 2 Foot LED Tube.

The LED tubes come in a wide array of sizes and colors for compatibility with different setups.

High lumen count and a wide beam

For an LED tube light that will cast a bright and wide coverage illumination, I would recommend the Hyperikon T8 LED Tube.

It delivers a high-lumen count of 1150, enabling it to light up your space with bright light.

Better still, the tube light can cast the light to cover a wide beam angle of up to 120 degrees so that it can illuminate a wide section.

Long-lasting and energy-efficient

An added advantage of the Hyperikon T8 2 Foot LED Tube is the long-lasting design. Ideally, the light uses LEDs with an estimated lifespan of 45,000+ hours so that the tube light can last you over 20 years.

Adding to that, LED bulbs are an energy-efficient lighting solution, which means that you can be sure to save much cash in the long run.

Easy to install

This LED tube light is easy to install, thanks to the Ballast-compatible design. Ideally, this design means that the light adopts a plug-and-play design for easy setup.

Additionally, the tube light is compatible with a range of existing and nonmagnetic electronic ballasts for instant installations.

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2. Waterproof – Airand Linkable LED Tube Light

waterproof led tube lights

If your definition of the best LED tube light is a durable tube light that is easy to install and operate, the Airand LED Tube Light is an excellent option.

It adopts a technique that lowers energy consumption by up to 85% of the electric costs.

Additionally, the tube light features a PC housing. As a result, it is durable, thanks to the corrosion-resistant and fade-proof design.

Ability to cast a super bright illumination

This tube light uses high-quality LEDs. The LEDs can cast light with a 1800lumens output, which means that you can rely on this light fixture to illuminate a wide area.

Better, the LEDs have an 18watt low power consumption for energy savings up to 85%.

Linkable design

If you need the best LED tube light that will cast light to cover an extended area, the Airand LED Tube Light is an excellent option.

It features an extendable design. This means that you can connect up to 18 tube lights using 7” connector cords for wide coverage.

Better, the tube light provides a 180° wide-angle beam for extended light coverage.

Safe certified, waterproof and dustproof

For an easy-maintenance LED light tube, the Airland tube light is a perfect option.

It features a waterproof, dustproof, moisture-proof, and double insulation design. As such, you can rest assured to have it work perfectly in bathroom and damp areas.

Additionally, the tube light delivers a non-flickering and non-UV light.

Thus, you can be sure to have opted for a light fixture that is safe to use.

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3. With Beam Angle – CNSUNWAY Ultra Bright T8 LED Light Fixture

CNSUNWAY LIGHTING plug in led tube lights with on and off switch at power cord

The CNSUNWAY T8 LED Light Fixture is an excellent option for an LED tube light that is easy to install.

It features a plug-and-play design, while it comes with snap joints. Hence, you can opt to hang it up or plug in the light and put it on.

Also, the light includes two power cables for added convenience and efficiency in large spaces.

Linkable design

This tube light features an extendable design. You can connect up to 12 LED light tubes using the included connectors.

This design helps to reduce the wiring and installation costs while making it possible to install the light over a wide area.

Dual row chips

Besides that, the LED tube light integrates dual-row chips. The chips deliver a 40% more lumens output compared to LED tubes with a single row.

Therefore, you can opt for this light when you need the best LED tube light that will illuminate your space with bright light.

V-shape design

The two strips of LEDs are attached to the aluminum strip in a V shape. Because of this, the light chips can cast the light in a 270-degree angle design.

Thus, you can rest assured to have the tube light cast light over an extended area to eliminate the need for installing more tube lights.

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4. Frosted Cover for Eyes – PARMIDA 4FT LED T8 Hybrid Type A+B Light Tube

parmida 18 watts led tube lights

Responding to high-quality LED tube lights that are easy to install is Parmida LED T8 Light Tube. The light tube adopts a single or double-ended connection design.

Thus, it can install directly into the fixture’s original shunted sockets to eliminate the need for retrofitting the tube light with non-shunted sockets.

Ballast compatible

This is a ballast-compatible type of LED tube light. This means that the light features a plug-and-play design for smooth installation.

Besides that, you can install the light tube without a ballast for direct installation.

Reliable and energy-efficient

The tube light uses LED bulbs.

The LEDs do not consume much energy to help you save energy bills in the long run.

Also, LEDs are long-lasting, which means that you do not have to waste all cash on high energy bills.

Shatterproof design

The T8 Light Tube is one of the best picks for a durable LED tube light.

The light features a frosted shatterproof film-protected glass housing. This means that you can be sure to install it safely in fixtures with or without wire guards.

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5. For Commercial Use – Bbounder 4 Pack Linkable LED Utility Shop Light

Bbounder tube light for home garage

The Bbounder is a pack of four Utility LED tube Lights. These tubes can cast a bright light with a 4000lumens brightness.

The tube lights are designed to last, thanks to the ability to last for up to 50,000 hours.

The tube lights deliver an illumination with a CRI 80+ rating, making it easy for you to view the real colors of the images.

Linkable design

Do you need an LED tube light that is designed to cover an extended area?

If so, the Bbounder LED tube light is an excellent choice. It features a linkable design.

Thus, you can connect up to four LED tubes to illuminate an extended area.

Easy to set up

The Bbounder LED tube light is easy to install. It comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide for a fast and effortless setup.

Adding to that, the tube light includes two hanging chains, two mounting screws, two ceiling hooks, two plastic anchors, and a 4.8’ power cord with a plug.

Thus, you can mount the light directly to the ceiling or suspend it from the ceiling.

Energy-saving and safe tube light

This lamp uses LED bulbs. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not consume much power, which means that you can expect to save energy bills in the long run.

Better, the LEDs emit a non-flickering light for an illumination that is safe on the eyes.

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What Are the Different Types of LED Tubes?

1. Direct wire or ballast bypass LED tubes

This is arguably the most installed option and can at times be referred to as “Type B.”

Amazingly, this is a cheaper option since it only requires the user to entirely bypass the ballast rather than building circuitry within the ballast to function.

During installation, the direct wire will run off the voltage line without going through the ballast.

However, caution is required when interacting with the line voltage.

For this reason, standards have been established to guarantee safety during the installation.

Two types of tubes have also resulted due to some reason, single-end powered and double-end powered.

Single-end powered means that power is only wired at one end of the tube as opposed to double-end where power is wired in both ends.

2. Electronic ballast compatible tubes

Electronic ballast compatible tubes, “Type A” or “plug and play”, give a new option to the existing ones.

This option is intended to work where electronic ballasts have been installed hence seize to function in absentia of electronic ballast or in presence of magnetic ballasts.

These tubes are becoming popular because they are easier to use, you just plug the old tube and replace it with a new LED tube.

For you to replace it’s best to know whether the LED tube you are buying is compatible with your electronic ballast.

Although type A tubes are easier to install, they are costly and stop working once the ballast fails.

3. Hybrid linear tubes

These are tubes that can work with both ballast or non- ballast installation and are often referred to as “Type A+B.”

Since hybrid tubes can work with electronic ballasts or when wired directly, they are flexible because they keep illuminating light despite ballast failing.

As a result, people are shifting to hybrids when it comes to acquiring new tubes.

The advantage of bypassing ballast when it fails makes them the best choice to go for.

Comparison between direct and plug and play

Plug and play is the simplest option because no technical work is required of you.

After buying your tube that is compatible with the existing ballast, you just plug it and you good to use your light.

In the case of direct wire or ballast bypass, the ballast is removed and some wiring is done. As such, an electrical technician is required to help you make it a bit easier.

Direct wire often uses a line voltage that is directly off ballast.

However, plug-and-play tubes are expensive compare to using the direct wire option. 

What Is the Cost of Tube Lights?

The Cost of Tube Lights highly depends on the brand each having a specific price range. For example, LED tube lighting costs $10 to $40 generally.

However, T5 LED tube lights cost between $1.02 to $5.85, T8 LED tube lamps range between $0.79 to $ 7.47, and T12 LED tube lights cost on average between $1.63 to 2.99.

The CFL lamps cost about $3 to $5 on average.

Other brands such as Philips tube lights cost about $1.36 to 13.59, while Syska tube lamp price ranges from $2.72 to $8.34 on average.

6 Reliable LED Tube Light Brands

led tube strip lights

1. Sunco Lighting

The Sunco LED lights have a clear lens or cover with a G13 basement.

It’s a t8 LED tube type offering immediate bright light with dual fluorescent tube performance.

2. Hyperikon

Hyperikon LED tube light is well constructed with ECO green energy efficiency, instant-on without flickering, high output, shatterproof, a fluorescent equivalent of 40W, and no IR or UV radiation.

It is made from aluminum and epoxy resin alloy for durability and a more than 45,000 hours life rating.

3. Philips

Philips LED tube light is excellently designed to enhance installation speed and ease.

The MASTER value Philips LED tube t8 universal is capable of all electronic ballasts types’ compatibility.

It has the highest efficiency degree and long life servicing.

Its lighting applications fit those of fluorescent tube light making it an ideal replacement option.

4. Syska

Syska LED tube light kind has a simple and easy installation guide since its fixtures are undoubted for regular use lighting. T

Syska LED tube light is Eco-friendly as it minimizes Co2 emissions, lowers energy consumption ideal for conventional fluorescent replacement, and offers about 50,000 hours of life-span.

5. Havells

Havells LED tube light is perfectly constructed with a huge range of energy-efficient aesthetics enough to match your house decoration.

This achievement leads to significant electricity bill saving. It can be used for varied requirements such as room or garden lighting.

They offer superior illumination and it’s long-lasting.

6. Crompton

Crompton LED lighting tube is crafted from quality polycarbonate material with a cool daylight color.

Its slim LED batten integration allows fluorescent lamp fitting replacement. Its end cap gives an aesthetic-look.

Which Is Better: LED Tube Light or LED Bulb?

1. LED Tube Light

LED Tube Light is used in areas like office luminaires, and more.


  • Energy efficiency:

LED Tube Light gives between 80 to 90 percent energy efficiency in estimation compared to an incandescent light bulb.

This means that when the LED light lamp is on, approximately 80 percent of its energy goes into illumination, while 20 percent is used to generate heat. This saves on electricity consumption and money.

  • It’s environmentally friendly:

This is because LED tube lamps are not constructed from any hazardous chemicals such as mercury as in other fluorescent lamps thus there is no need for a special way of disposal.

About 95 percent of Led lights can be recycled since they are eco-friendly.

  • Long lifespan:

 LED lamps have an incredibly long life. Unlike other fluorescent lights that last between 750 to 20,000 hours, some LED tube lamps can stay for about 100,000 hours.

Also, LEDs are highly durable as their crafting materials are not fragile.


  • Color limitations
  • Costly
  • Sensitive of temperature

2. LED Bulb

LED Bulb is crafted for numerous applications like signage.


  • LED bulbs are long-lasting and high energy efficiency.
  • Stylish looks like a normal bulb.
  • They are affordable.


  • Led bulb is not always perfectly dimmer compatible.
  • They have blue light color shading.
  • Their brightness keeps depreciating.

Fluorescent vs LED Tubes

Both fluorescent and LED tube lights are perfect and good, however when it comes to science and hard facts one will end up being better.

Here are some factors to compare between the two lights.

1. Efficiency

Fluorescent lights can offer approximately 50 to 100 lumens per watt.

This is as a result of more energy being used in the heat-generating instead of light.

LED Tube lighting cuts energy costs drastically producing about 130 lumens per watt.

This is because LED lights use about 80 percent of their energy for lighting, while 20 percent for heat.

2. Materials

Tubular fluorescent lights are crafted of glass, plastic, mercury, and metal. Mercury and glass is a very hazardous kind of material which is dangerous to everyone in case the fluorescent breaks.

LED Tube lighting uses an aluminum backbone, quality electrical components, and polycarbonate lens. The tubular Energy Focus LED is constructed without any hazardous materials making them safe in case of tube break.

3. Recyclability

Fluorescent tube lighting cannot be recycled due to mercury crafting. Since mercury is highly toxic, it should not be put in a landfill.

LED Tube lighting is recyclable as its components are not hazardous. You can disassemble it and take the plastic and aluminum materials recycling center. Then drop off the electrical components at the e-cycling center

Single-Ended vs Double-Ended LED Tube

1. Single-Ended LED Tube

A single-ended LED lighting tube is a lamp with neutral and live pins being crafted on the same lamp side. This end of the single-ended LED lamp will therefore be the “Input” end.

In the case of using this kind of light tube as a retrofit, then you are required to remove the ballast and replace the lamp holders.

The 500D series LED lamp has an advanced circuitry design that limits input current and connects directly to the main power source thus no need for ballast.

This lowers failure points, minimal energy consumption, and unnecessary hardware removal.

2. Double-Ended LED Tube

A double-ended LED lighting tube is a lamp with neutral and live pins being crafted on the opposite side of the lamp. This makes both sides of the lamp input end.

Fluorescent lighting lamps are double-ended typically, this makes it easier for retrofit applications with double-ended LED tubes.

The double-ended lamps require the use of a shunted lamp holder to ensure the live side contact pins are shorted together and no voltage difference.

The upgraded Double-Ended Ballast Bypass (DEBB) LED lamp incorporates a direct-wire installation mode while allowing utilization of the existing tombstones whether shunted or non-shunted.

This enables the customers to have a significant saving through retrofit installation average time reduction.

This kind of double-ended lamp assists in the reduction of points of failure as well as minimal maintenance requirements. It’s long-lasting, high-quality, and sustainable.

How to Upgrade Fluorescent Tubes to LED Tubes?

To upgrade your fluorescent tubes to LED Tubes you can do it easily through the following ways.

1. Fluorescent tube replacement with retrofit LED tubes: This method is cheaper than the whole fixture replacement. It needs fixture rewiring to bypass the ballast making it more energy-efficient.

2. Fluorescent tube replacement with magnetic LED strips: This method is cheaper as the magnetic LED drive and strips adhere easily to the metal fixtures. You just need to connect house power to your driver which then connects to the strips via cables provided.

3. Fluorescent fixture replacement with LED-ready T8 fixture plus LED tubes: This method is easier as it doesn’t require any rewiring and works perfectly with all LED tubes. You just need to pop in the tube.


When you want to purchase a light bulb always consider LED tube lamps since they are highly incredible.

This kind of light tube is crafted from durable materials consisting of Aluminum which is not hazardous thus recyclable.

They have minimal maintenance requirements especially the double-ended tube lights.

Furthermore, these tube lights have high efficiency as about 80 percent of their energy generates light.