8 Best LED Floor Lamp with Remote to Ease Your Life

There’s nothing better than an electronic device that comes with a remote; you never want to get up every time you need to change or adjust something, especially if you’re already super comfortable on your favorite sofa.

Remotes make life easier no matter what device they’re for; from TVs to garage doors to LED floor lamps, remotes make every process quicker and less stressful.

This article reviews 8 of the best LED floor lamp with remote out there; we hope that your next LED floor lamp will be on this list.

best led floor lamp with remote reviews and buying guide

Benefits of Buying an LED Floor Lamp with Remote Control

There are many upsides to buying a remote-controlled LED floor lamp.

  • Ease of Use

Thanks to remotes, you don’t need to figure out the buttons on your floor lamp. Remotes are so easy that even your kids could use them.

Placing a remote-controlled LED floor lamp in your kids’ room will help them if they need to grab a glass of water from the kitchen during the night.

It also helps you easily switch to different mood lighting, whether your mood for the day is a soft glow to calm your nerves or bright light so you can relax and read your favorite book.

  • Safety

Depending on where your floor lamp is placed, having a remote can help you avoid tripping over the floor lamp’s wire or any other wire.

  • Better Productivity

Buying an LED floor lamp with a remote saves you the trouble of switching it on or off while working, which will increase your productivity.

8 Best LED Floor Lamp with Remote Reviews

1. Aachieve Mood Lighting – TACAHE Multicolored Corner Floor Lamp

tacahe corner floor lamp remote controlled

This unique remote-controlled floor lamp has a variety of incredible features. It stands out even when matched against some of the best floor lamps.

RBG Light Creates Great Ambiance

The RGB floor lamp allows it to display many vibrant colors, which will help you give a fun feel to your room. It can also be used to light up parties.

Because of its remote, you can easily change the colors without walking to it. This floor lamp has an operating distance of 30 meters so that you can switch between colors from across the room.

It also includes over 300 color patterns that you can adjust to whatever mood you’re in. With this floor lamp, you can create your own ambiance by choosing from the hundreds available.

It also offers a bright mix of white light that is more than enough to read or work with. The variety of colors available and the ability to switch between them will stun your party guests or any other guest you invite over.

The soft glow of this floor lamp means you could also use it as a night light for your little ones.

Remote Control Makes Light Shifting More Convenient

The remote of this floor lamp is particularly unique because it is touch-sensitive. Without pushing any buttons, you can adjust the brightness of your floor lamp or change the color pattern on display.

Minimalist Design is Suitable for Small Corners and Modest Space

This floor lamp is perfect for a minimalist decor; its thin, simple design allows it to fit into small corners, so it doesn’t get in your way. It also suits several other interior decors, including modern.

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2. Light up Tasks – Joly Joy Gooseneck Floor Lamp Suitable for Contemporary Interior Decor

dimmable floor lamp with remote

Stylish, versatile, and sophisticated, this remote-controlled LED floor lamp fits well with most interiors but is particularly suited to a contemporary design.

Its shiny black finish makes your room appear more chic and modern.

Small Frame goes well with a Minimalist Decor

The small build of this floor lamp allows it to fit in small spaces, making it suitable for a minimalist decor.

It produces a mild glow of light that can be used to read, computer work, or sew.

Adjustable Gooseneck can be Pointed in your Desired Direction

The adjustable neck of the floor lamp allows you to position it in the direction that needs the most light.

The gooseneck can rotate a full 360 degrees, which gives you various lighting options.

Remote Allows you to Change the Brightness Level Seamlessly

The remote has an operating distance of 10 meters.

Alternatively, you can switch between the brightness levels by touching the floor lamp.

There are five brightness levels available, so you can choose depending on what you need it for.

Arced Neck is Suitable for Reading

The curve of the neck makes this floor lamp great for reading bedtime stories to your kids. They can cuddle up around you while you read them their favorite stories, or you could use it to read in your living room on your sofa.

This floor lamp can also be used for making crafts even when it’s late because of how bright it can be.

Sturdy Base Makes it Safe Around Children and Pets

In addition, this floor lamp has a sturdy base that keeps it stable and prevents it from falling even when your kids or pet bumps into it.

Its classic design lets it be moved around easily, so you can place it wherever you need it.

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3. Reduces Energy Consumption – DIMUNT Wide Range Adjustable Floor Lamp

standing lamp with remote

Finding the right floor lamp is always a rather difficult process because there are a lot of factors to consider.

Beyond the basics, such as light intensity and floor lamp style, it is also important that you consider energy consumption when making your decision.

This LED floor lamp is built with 15 watts of LED that last for 50000 hours so that you won’t be replacing the bulb anytime soon.

It consumes a lot less energy than a halogen lamp.

Remote Control Allows you to Alter the Brightness Easily

With the remote, you can adjust the brightness and the color temperature of this floor lamp. There are a variety of brightness levels and color temperatures to choose from.

The remote has an operating distance of about 10 meters, so you can choose the brightness level and color temperature without leaving the comfort of your seat.

This floor lamp also has a timing option that you can use to help your kids fall asleep faster.

Moveable Neck can be Set in Any Direction

Like the floor lamp above, it also has an adjustable gooseneck that allows you to adjust it to whatever angle you need.

It offers more than enough brightness to read or work even late at night.

This floor lamp would be perfect for night owls who get most of their work done when everyone else is asleep.

Strong Base Keeps it from Falling

The lamp’s base is heavy and stable, so it is not easily knocked over.

The bulb of this LED floor lamp does not heat up, so you won’t get burnt when you or your kids touch it.

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4. For Scandinavian Style Living Rooms – Xianfei Minimalist Floor Lamp

led colorful corner floor lamp with remote controller

Simple yet stylish, this corner floor lamp is a statement piece that ties together any minimalist home decor.

Its subtle design helps it blend well into your home’s decor, and its small frame means it can fit into small corners in your home.

Lamp Parts are Easy to Assemble

Although it does not reach the brightness levels that the pictures lead you to believe, it makes up for it with its easy to assemble parts.

Even someone without prior knowledge of floor lamps can follow the instructions and assemble this floor lamp in no time at all.

Remote Allows you to Choose From Several Color Patterns

Another downside to this floor lamp is its remote. The remote is a bit complicated, and not everyone might be able to use it.

On the bright side, it has an operating distance of 30 meters.

The LED strip displays RGB colors, and you can use the remote to choose between the various color patterns.

The price of the floor lamp is also a bit on the high side, but if it doesn’t fit your budget, several other remote-controlled LED floor lamps will.

Color Patterns can be Used for Parties

This stylish floor lamp offers a variety of color patterns which makes it a perfect party light, especially in clubs.

Lamp Produces a Cozy Light for your Home

You can also use it to cast a soft glow in your home. Unfortunately, it does not have a proper white light setting which makes it difficult to use as a reading or crafts making lamp.

If you’re looking for a floor lamp to use while you work or read, then you might want to try a different one.

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5. Memorize Your Last Setting – Tenergy Torchiere Floor Lamp Designed with Built-in Memory Feature

tenergy torchiere dimmable led floor lamp with remote

This remote-controlled floor lamp is everything you hope for in a floor lamp and then some.

Energy Saving Bulb cuts your Light Bill in Half

It is built with an energy-saving bulb that blasts even more light than regular floor lamps. You can dim or intensify this floor lamp depending on your mood or sensitivity.

Remote Makes Brightness Altering More Convenient

The remote allows you to switch between brightness levels from an operation distance of about 20 meters.

Built-in Memory Feature Helps you Avoid the Stress of Setting it Again

It can also be turned on and adjusted by touching it, and the floor lamp keeps the memory of the brightness level you chose even after switching it off.

The remote is the preferred control option because it is a lot easier to use than the touch-sensitive body of the lamp.

Controlling the lamp from its body is frustrating for most people because it tends to respond late or sometimes not at all.

On the other hand, the remote has simple buttons that are straightforward to use.

Magnetic Remote Body Lets you Place it on Metal Surfaces

It also has a magnetic body that sticks to metal surfaces like your fridge or whiteboard.

You can stick the remote to your fridge and then use it to switch on the lamp when you walk in at night so that you don’t have to start looking for the remote every time you need it.

Headlight Can Be Bent to the Position you Want

The headlight of the floor lamp can be tilted to a 90-degree angle which allows you to point it in the direction you need it.

The floor lamp also stands at an incredible height which makes it a great living room light source.

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6. Suitable for People with Light Sensitivities – JOOFO Spotlight Floor Lamp with a Dimmable Feature

joofo floor lamp remote control

The round top headlight of this classic floor lamp allows it to cast a bright spotlight-like light that perfectly illuminates your room.

It is super bright and is great for reading and working.

You can place it in your office to get some work in even after the sun goes down.

Lamp Displays Color Temperatures that are Safe for Sensitive Eyes

It also offers a variety of color temperatures, and you can choose which color temperature is suitable for your needs or sensitivities.

This floor lamp has color temperatures suitable for autistic children and adults.

It can also serve as a night light for your kids. It produces a soft, flicker-free light that is not harmful to your eyes.

Remote can be Used to Regulate the Brightness Level

You can control its brightness with the remote, or you can use your fingers to tap on its touch-sensitive body.

The remote operates from about 49.2ft, and it has more functions than the touch-sensitive control on the lamp’s body.

Components are Easy to Install

This floor lamp is incredibly easy to install, even for people who know nothing about floor lamp installations.

Weighted Base Protects Your Kids and Pets

It is built with the safety of your kids and pets in mind; it has a weighted base that prevents it from tipping over when your kids or pets accidentally bump it.

It also has a one-hour timer option, but this feature is a bit complicated to use.

Once you get the hang of it, though, it can come in handy when you want to sleep but don’t want to turn the lights off.

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7. With Removable Shelf – Tomons Retro Floor Lamp for Bedside

tree floor lamp with remote control

If comfort is your ultimate goal, this floor lamp is for you. In addition to its remote, it also has a removable shelf where you can place items such as your book, a magazine, or even a cup of coffee.

You can use this shelf if you don’t want to stand up every time you need to get something.

Remote Control Makes Changing the Brightness Level Easy

The remote makes life easier because you can adjust the brightness and color temperature without getting off your bed.

The bulb of the floor lamp connects to the remote, but if you replace the bulb, you will no longer be able to control the floor lamp.

Retro Design Suitable for Vintage Style Home

The retro design of the floor lamp makes it an elegant addition to your home decor.

The exquisite design of the lampshade and the matte black finish on the body of the floor lamp makes it look like an antique piece.

The advantage of this floor lamp is also its disadvantage.

Although its remote can be used to adjust it to whatever brightness or color temperature you desire, it is also the only control option there is.

This means that once you lose the remote, you lose the ability to control the floor lamp, and you will be forced to manage the last brightness level you selected until you order a new remote.

The floor lamp is also a little on the short side, so if you’re a tall person, you might want to swing for a taller floor lamp to get the lighting you desire.

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8. Perfectly Fits into Small Corners – Bermooda Thin Floor Lamp

rgb floor lamp with remote for corner

This floor lamp allows you to have the colors of the rainbow right there in your home.

It has over 300 incredible color patterns and single color options that can make your home look like a disco party or a minimalist paradise, depending on what your mood is.

White Light is Bright Enough to Read at All Times

Unlike most floor lamps that are built with RGB LED strips, this floor lamp also displays a pure white option so you can use it to read or work.

This floor lamp is several shades brighter than most other floor lamps, the colors it displays are vivid and vibrant.

It also has ten brightness levels to choose from, so you can choose one that suits your needs.

Simple Design Makes it Suitable for a Minimalist Space

This floor lamp is perfect for a minimalist decor because of its simple design, but it also goes well with several other interior designs.

The drawback of this floor lamp is its inability to stand upright. Sadly, it leans to the side, which can ruin the effect of the light.

Plus, you will have to buy your own batteries because the floor lamp does not come with a set of batteries for the remote.

It is a bit difficult to assemble, so you might have some trouble setting it up.

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What Is the Operation Distance of Remote Control Floor Lamps?

The operation distance is the minimum amount of space between the remote and the floor lamp in which it still controls the lamp.

When you exceed this distance, your remote cannot adjust your floor lamp’s brightness.

You must stay within the minimum distance if you want to switch your floor lamp on or adjust its brightness.

The operation distance of each remote-controlled floor lamp varies depending on the model and the manufacturer. But most floor lamps allow a maximum distance of about 10 meters.

In most cases, an operating distance of 10 meters means you have to be in the same room as the floor lamp to use the remote.

Always read the manual of your floor lamp to know its exact operation distance.


Remote-controlled floor lamps make lighting up any room easier.

As with every other piece of furniture in your home, floor lamps deserve a good amount of deliberation before you choose one.

You have to pick a floor lamp that suits your needs, style, and current aesthetic.

But don’t be afraid to try something new or add a different vibe to your home or office.