An Insightful Guide on the Harnisch Oil Lamps

Harnisch oil lamps are some of the oldest styles of oil lamps that have been used for many years in ships, saloons, and homes. These stylish lamps are practical and use no electricity to use.

In this article, we will go over a brief history of these oil lamps, as well as offer a comprehensive buying guide if you are considering purchasing one.

If you are looking to decorate your home in a nautical theme or transform your bedroom into a captain’s cabin, Harnisch oil lamps are a great place to start.

What Is a Harnisch Oil Lamp?

harnisch brass oil lamps

If you have ever thought about decorating a room in your home in the style of a captain’s cabin, then chances are that you have seen a Harnisch Oil Lamp.

These originated from Denmark in the 1840s from the company G.V. Frydenlund & Son, who provided marine lighting and navigational equipment to sailors and ships.

Eventually, J.A.V. Harnisch would take over the company, giving these oil lamps their namesake. These oil lamps are different from other oil lamps primarily in their design.

The tabletop variety of these oil lamps feature a longer (and sometimes wide) base that the oil goes into and a glass chimney on top that is either round or fluted.

The design of the wall-mounted oil lamps shares a similar aesthetic, although they do feature a base on the side that attaches to the wall. These lamps feature a removable glass chimney with a bronze base.

The Harnisch company was among the first manufacturers of oil lamps, and they are still in circulation and manufactured to this day.

They are still used as alternatives to electric lamps and light when the power goes out, and are great products that can illuminate a space with the use of oil.

Why Buy a Harnisch Brand Oil Lamp?

There are various benefits of purchasing a Harnisch brand oil lamp, aside from the obvious aesthetics of these antique-looking lamps.

They are great for using when the power is out and will add a level of antique and victorian charm to any room that they are in.

In this section, we will go over some of the reasons why you should buy a Harnisch oil lamp.

  • They are Inexpensive to Use

These types of oil lamps are relatively inexpensive to use and operate. They function on the same principle of other oil lamps in the sense that they utilize a wick that is soaked in oil and lit to provide a heat source.

This means that to illuminate a room with the lamp, you will only need to purchase some lamp oil. The wicks last quite a while, and you will need to replace them eventually but not very often.

  • They’re Elegant in Design

Harnisch oil lamps are practical and look great when lit or not. They can fit into any type of decor that you currently have, and will add a level of antique sophistication to your living spaces.

These oil lamps can be purchased for a tabletop or mounted on the wall, and are great for giving an old-timey feel to your home while being practical to use when there is a power outage or to add some ambiance.

  • They Don’t Need Electricity

One of the great things about owning a Harnisch oil lamp is that they don’t need electricity to use. This makes them cost-effective and also gives you a level of versatility; you can use these lamps whenever you need to.

They are great options for when you are trying to cut costs on electricity or just want to invite an antique feel into your home.

What Are the Types of Harnisch Oil Lamps?

harnisch wall oil lamp

Harnish oil lamps are both stylish and practical. When looking for one (or more) to purchase, you may notice that there are multiple types and styles available.

The main four are: decorative marine, hanging, tabletop, and stateroom. In this section, we will go over the different styles in detail.

1. Decorative Marine Lamps

Marine Harnisch oil lamps will be more elegant and stylish than other types, and if you are going for a captain’s cabin theme in your living space, this is a great product to start with.

They will have a bronze or copper base to store lamp oil and a glass (sometimes etched) chimney that lets the light shine through.

These types are also more intricate, and will generally run a little higher price-wise. They look great and can be added to any room to add a level of victorian or nautical flare.

2. Hanging Oil Lamps

Hanging oil lamps function on a similar design as tabletop and decorative marine Harnisch oil lamps, with one main exception.

They will have two bases: one on the bottom that functions as an oil reservoir, and one going out of the side that allows you to hang it on the wall. The chimney will also vary in style but is generally rounded or fluted.

3. Table Oil Lamps

Tabletop Harnisch oil lamps will have a wide base that is sturdy enough to stand on its own when placed on a table and will feature either a rounded or tall cylindrical shade. They are used to light smaller spaces, and can generally be carried around with you as needed.

4. Stateroom Oil Lamps

Stateroom oil lamps will be the biggest of the Harnisch oil lamps available, as they were used to illuminate larger meeting rooms (referred to as staterooms). They will generally have a large base and a larger round chimney that allows the flame to illuminate a larger space.

What Is the Best Harnish Oil Lamp?

I hope this buyer’s guide to Harnisch oil lamps was helpful, and that you can take the information listed above to understand one of the best brands oil lamp – Harnisch.

However, Harnish brand oil lamp is out of the market. In this light, we would like to round up some of the similar oil lamps available today.

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