12 Best Floor Lamp with Shelves to Increase Storage in 2022

Lamps are best known for providing light, but they can also serve as functional furniture pieces to help you keep your home clutter-free and organized. When shopping for the best floor lamp with shelves, consider ones that come with storage compartments on the lamp base and tables, so you can store magazines, books, snacks, and other items that may otherwise clutter up your floor space.

To figure out which floor lamps have sturdy shelves, you’ll first need to narrow down your search based on specific criteria to determine which floor lamps are suitable for you, whether it’s size, style, or features like shelves.

Let’s get started!

12 Best Floor Lamp with Shelves Reviews

Here are the 12 best floor lamp with shelves available today.

1. Wooden Build – Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp for Corner

brightech maxwell modern standing led shelf floor lamp

This wooden shelf floor lamp is an ideal option for you if you want to add a classic touch to your living room’s decor.

You can use it as an ambient light to supplement other lights for optimal lighting.

Standing next to your couch or in the corner, the lamp will also provide an extra storage place for the remote, drink or decoration pieces.

The lamp has a very sturdy build and will last for years.

Even the LED light has a 20,000-hour life that offers warm light for a cozy feel.

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2. Metal Build – Catalina 2 Tier Shelf Floor Lamp

storage shelf floor lamp

The metal shelf floor lamp is a versatile floor lamp that can be used as a standing or table lamp.

The lamp is nicely finished and features a very gorgeous shade that would look amazing in your living room.

The base includes rubber stoppers to prevent it from slipping on the floor, while the shade offers protection against UV rays providing excellent illumination and would look great in any room!

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3. Brass Build – JONATHAN Y Floor Lamp with Glass Side Table

brass floor lamp with glass shelf

Do you like to drink something while reading your favorite book at night?

Or are you a morning person who drinks coffee/tea while checking important mail?

Then, this brass floor lamp with a glass shelf is a perfect choice for you.

Having this lamp by your bed will not only provide you with optimal lighting for reading but also a safe place to put your drink, remote, or an alarm clock.

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4. Modern Hue – Lepower Tripod Shelf Floor Lamp

industrial shelf floor lamp

Add a modern touch to your room or office decor with this Tripod Shelf Floor Lamp.

The wood hue is just perfect and does look too red which many people dislike.

For convenient turn on and off, the lamp comes with a foot button switch.

Putting this lamp in the corner along with your TV can create just the right ambiance for you to enjoy the movie.

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5. With Drawer – ATAMIN Modern Shelf Floor Lamp

square shelf floor lamp

With this modern shelf floor lamp with a drawer, you get safe storage and instant access to your daily-wear accessories and other essentials.

Hence, if you often forget where you kept your favorite jewelry or watch in the morning, this floor lamp might come in handy.

It is also a great option for you if you don’t like overhead lights. It will offer you the lighting you need.

Not just that, the lamp has a very sleek and modern design that will improve the overall aesthetics of your room.

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6. For Sofas – DEWENWILS Industrial Shelf Floor Lamp

tripod shelf floor lamp

This lamp provides a modern industrial look in your home or office.

It has an E26 base and gives high public acceptance to local lighting needs as well.

On the back is an electric outlet that you can plug other appliances into, like a refrigerator or TV stand, so they don’t take up space by using up valuable outlets!

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7. Convenient Charging – SHINE HAI 3 in 1 LED Floor Lamp

corner shelf floor lamp

This 3-in-1 LED floor lamp comes with 3 switching modes for lighting.

Mode 1 allows you to turn on/off the light using a pull chain.

While the other two modes allow you to customize lighting via your phone or Alexa Voice control.

These two modes are extremely useful especially when you are studying, reading, or doing some important work. You can control the lighting remotely without disturbing your workflow.

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8. Perfect for Your Bedside – UEICHI Floor Lamp with Shelf Table

floor lamp with shelf table

This floor lamp is an elegant and useful combination of light, table, and charging station for bedroom and computer work.

This is the perfect floor lamp to keep at your bedside if you like journaling while listening to some Lofi music before sleep.

It provides you with enough space to keep your notepad and small items by your side.

The Bluetooth speaker also has great sound. Set the right mode and begin scribbling your thoughts.

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9. With Wireless Charger – Mlambert Modern Grey Floor Lamp

best floor lamp with shelves

Having this multifunctional floor lamp in your living room or bedroom can bring you a lot of conveniences.

It features an eye-protective lampshade that would help prevent headaches and sturdy shelves that have a maximum weight capacity of 30 pounds.

In addition to wireless charging capability, it also has two USB charging ports that allow you to charge your iPad, Bluetooth speaker, laptop, etc.

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10. Provides Diffused Light – Simple Designs Gold Shelf Floor Lamp

gold shelf floor lamp

Want to offer your room a little fancy look? Consider buying this Gold Shelf Floor lamp.

It comes with cable management tabs that prevent the cable mess from ruining the look.

The lampshade provides a soft glow to create a soothing environment.

It would be a great option to make the dark corners of your living room a little more bright and lively.

You can also keep your favorite items to make them look more amazing.

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11. Round Shape – Globe Electric Floor Lamp with Black Shelf and White Lampshade

3 shelf floor lamp

If you need a nice floor lamp to keep at your bedside or in the office, then check out this one.

Construction quality is exceptional and you will not have a hard time assembling this unit. 

It has a dark, minimal design that would complement your office decor.

It has a round base with a black shelf that provides storage space and stability. The white lampshade will provide even light distribution in your home or office room.

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12. Compatible with Smart Switch – Adesso Smart Shelf Floor Lamp

shelf floor lamp with usb charging ports & electric outlet

The Smart Switch is a great outlet that allows you to turn on and off your electronics remotely when you are preparing to sleep. The kit includes two outlets, one for power and the other for monitoring energy usage.

It’s compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest Learning Thermostat, and Honeywell Lyric C2 Security System.

Installing these gadgets can help you to command it via your voice and can keep you updated about the energy consumed.

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Wooden Shelf Floor Lamp vs Metal Shelf Floor Lamp

When you want to add a warm and cozy feel to your bedroom or living room, then a wooden shelf floor lamp is an ideal option.

Such a floor lamp is great when you don’t want to overdo the decor and need a minimalist style floor lamp for lighting. The wooden shelf floor lamp is also durable and sturdy when it comes to weight capacity.

On the other hand, the metal shelf floor lamp has the same features but a modern twist that makes it ideal for industrial-style homes and loft spaces. If you’re looking for something edgy yet still functional, this is the one!

3 Shelf Floor Lamp vs 2 Tier Shelf Floor Lamp vs Floor Lamp with Shelf Table & Drawer

3 Shelf Floor Lamp: This is a tall floor lamp with three shelves perfect for those families who love reading books. People working from home can also get this one.

As it provides large storage for keeping gadgets, books and files in it.

2 Tier Shelf Floor Lamp: A shorter floor lamp with 2 tiers works best if you have little space. You can place your essentials and a decoration piece to make it look beautiful in the limited space available.

Floor Lamp with Table & Drawer: The ultimate in functionality! People who are used to working late at night, either a student or an employee. It is the best lamp to protect your eyes from getting damaged, providing enough space to place your books, laptop on the tables and other essentials in the drawers.

It avoids the hustle of moving frequently to bring your important items while working

What Kind of Shelf Floor Lamp Is Suitable for Bedside?

A multifunctional shelf floor lamp is ideal for the bedside. Like SHINE HAI 3 in 1 Led lamp gives you an option to select the light mode according to your need.

You do not need to buy separate lights for reading and relaxing purposes.

Also, a modern shelf drawer lamp has a drawer for extra storage, perfect for keeping magazines or remote controls nearby.


A floor lamp with shelves, while not as common as other lamps, is surprisingly versatile and provides some unique benefits.

A big part of decorating your home involves deciding where you want to put the furniture, and floor lamps are no exception.

Floor lamps are great as decorative pieces, but they also work very well in homes that need more light and storage while adding beauty to your room.