A Guide on Buying the Best Bottle Wick (Newly Updated)

When looking for a good bottle wick for your DIY projects or your wine and candle lamps, it is wise to consider picking the best. But with the market full of different bottle wick, picking a choice that fits into your project can be a bit tough.

However, with ideas about different choices available, you can choose something good for your candle lamps.

So, the guide is all about the benefits of using bottle wicks in lighting up your indoor spaces, tips on how you can choose or identify a good bottle wick for your project, and lastly, steps on how you should turn your wine candles with the bottle wick you have bought or chosen in the market.

Stick around and have some ideas from buying to designing new candle lighting systems.


Benefits of Buying a Bottle Wick

best bottle wick to buy

If you love candles or lighting lamps, then chances are you’ve seen a wide range of containers, scents, and wax types. What often doesn’t change, but, is the wick or burning material.

The larger number of candles found in the market today have some traditional bottle wick. There is only a single widely used choices these days the bottle wick. Bottle wicks or candles are slowly gaining popularity, and they can provide amazing benefits to any candle users.

1. Improved Ambiance

One purpose of candle lights is to help with a cleaner and amazing atmosphere. Their warmth, scent, and glow are the main points that many buyers consider when choosing or deciding which candle wicks to buy, affecting their lighting or ambiance.

Bottle wick candles, however, introduce and add a third approach to the new ambiance from the candle in a way that when light, bottle wicks crackle and pop softly, similar to that of your fireplace.

The pleasant smell and sounds can relax and soothe the heat glow in your room, making it a real and unique experience.

2. Cleaner Burn

The chances are that if you like candles, you’ve quickly found a way that you can eliminate the soot or the smoke that is always left behind after a candle burn.

Paraffin or wax candles are some infamous options due to their soot and damages they always leave behind in your walls or your health.

With bottle wick, the toxins are filtered by the holder, and the smoke is eliminated, giving your candle burn the best burn with no smoke. The introduction of bottle wicks has helped remove toxins that might cause some breathing and other health conditions.

3. Cheaper

One thing about the market is the price, and the best and wisest thing to do with new products each day is picking something good at a price that you can afford.

Compared with wax or other lamp holders, bottle wicks come out to be the best option when it comes to price; with only $5, you can get a good wick for your lighting, a price that you can work with even with a tight budget.

4. Sustainability

Global warming is here with you, and the best thing you can do is to ensure that you eliminate any traces of carbon monoxide released into our atmosphere, even with the smallest things such as candle smokes.

The best and economical is by using bottle wicks anytime you buy new lighting for your dinner dates or in your home.

Your choice of candle lighting doesn’t have to be a source of polluting the environment, be the part which keeps it clean by introducing a bottle wick.


How to Choose the Best Bottle Wick Holders?

wine bottle candle wicks

Many designers in the market claiming to offer the best bottle wick holders choosing the best requires more than a normal market assessment and comparison. It would help if you had a guide, something that you can depend on with ideas on what makes the best wick holder.

Here are some key factors that you should always have in mind when buying a new wick bottle holder.

  • Size of the Wick

All the bottle wicks available have different sizes, and each size has its impact on the burn and efficiency of your candlelight.

It is then wise to understand that each series have a wide option you should choose from or opt to buy for your new lighting system. Within the series, the larger the option, the larger the wick holder.

So if you find an ECO 14, it means the 12 or ECO 10 are smaller, but the compatibility differentiates them for an easy understanding.

For example, a size rate of LX-22 may or may not be larger than ECO8, but the ECO ratings give the best lighting and options than LX options.

  • Price

Like any other market product bottle, wick holders come at different prices, which gives you some idea about the holder’s durability and efficiency. It is then wise to have some ideas on what makes the right holder for your price.

You can visit as many shops as possible to be sure that you are buying something good for your candles.

Furthermore, quality should always come first when looking for a bottle holder since you need something good for your home, not just a wick holder that will not support your candles for long.

  • Side of the Candle

Before making any choice on which holder you should buy, finding out the candle’s right side shows a more significant difference in melting the pool depth; this is because a good wicked candle in the middle and over the wick holder on the right makes the best lighting.

Besides, it is also efficient to understand how much the candle is consuming the wax when picking the right holder as it determines the strength and other factors.


Top 5 Best Bottle Wicks You Can Buy on the Market


How to Turn a Bottle into a Wine Candle with a Bottle Wick?


wine bottle tiki torch holderWhat you Need

  • Empty wine or whisky bottles
  • Six-inch candle wax
  • Glass cutter
  • Tea kettle
  • Bulk wax
  • Candle making pitcher
  • Scented oil
  • Hot glue injector


Step By Step Procedures

1. Start by washing your wine bottles to ensure you clean out all the adhesives if present, cleaning; dry all of your bottles in cool air. Then use a glass cutter to cut the bottle into halves.

2. Place as much ice in a large bowl or sink and fill it with cold water. Place water in a teapot or kettle or any large pot and bring it to boil.

3. Using the bottle cutter instructions, score all of your bottles into different sizes; you can find more information on scoring online or inside the cutting tool.

4. Then submerge the wine bottle entirely in the bow containing ice water and hold it still for 15 seconds. Repeat this with hot water, you can alternate this until the bottle breaks evenly, but if you made your score line so deep, you would get two parts.

5. To make candles, melt all the soy wax in a boiler mix with scented oil to add some flavor.

6. Set up the bottle wicks in the bottom of the broken glass using a soft pin to hold it in strong.

7. Pour in the melted wax from your stovetop and let it cool down you can add more scented oil to be sure that the scent would not fade away when the wax starts to cool. You can now pour the wax into the wine bottle and let it cool and wrap it with any twine.



Bottle wicks are meant to give you that experience you’ve been longing for, and the best way to ensure you get that is through picking the right wick holder.

The guide is all about helping you choose that will help you achieve that by helping you pick the best bottle wick holder.