Best Dimmable Desk Lamp to Relief Eye Strain in 2021

best buy desk lamps for eye strain relief

Desk lamps are basically used for task lighting, reading, writing, studying, crafting, computer work, and more. These are the work which needs an intense use of eyes and for that reason, a good desk lamp should provide a Clear, bright light that’s easy to work beneath, and also relatively focused beam with minimal glare so that … Read more

Complete Guide on the Best LED Shop Lights

linkable led shop lights

The advent of LEDs continues to attract the attention of many because of their many advantages. LEDs represent a bright future for the lighting industry. The entry into LED lighting is experienced today due to its high demand. This has caused the invasion of LED store lighting and gave consumers a variety of workshop-style lighting. … Read more

A Complete Guide on Choosing the Best LED T8 Bulbs

t8 daylight tubes

LED stands for ‘light-emitting diode’. The “T” in a lamp nomenclature denotes tubular, or the shape of the lamp. “8” denotes the diameter of the tube. In the case of a T8 tube, it means eight-eighths of an inch (=1inch) or 2.54cm. If you are finding out LED T8 bulbs for basement, garage, shops…, No … Read more