How to Choose the Best Architect Floor Lamps in 2022?

Lighting plays an important role in the way people experience architectural designs. It brings an emotional touch to the space and allows people to appreciate the beauty of various elements in the area.

Even though there are many ways to light up an area, floor lamps bring an aesthetic appeal with them. More than just a functional lighting element – the modern floor lamps take the interior design to the next level and give your home a stylish touch.

As even in floor lamps, there are multiple lighting options (ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, and decorative lighting), one must need to understand the difference and select the best one for their home.

In this article, we’ll be talking about one of the best floor lamp designs: architect floor lamps.

So let’s start with the basics.

best architect floor lamps rerview and guide

What Is An Architect Floor Lamp?

Architect floor lamps were originally designed to help designers, engineers, and architects in their detailed tasks.

The lamps were specially made for task lighting so that they can easily direct the light to a particular area and read and create minutely detailed plans such as blueprints etc.

Architecture floor lamps feature a utilitarian design with bright focused lighting, adjustable head, and swiveling necks that allow you to adjust the angle of the lighting to a particular element.

However, over the years, due to their great functional design, these lamps have started to be used for multiple purposes to light up living rooms, study areas, bookshelves, antique displays, etc.

Benefits of Using Architect Floor Lamps

Let’s learn about the incredible benefits of architect floor lamps:

Task Lighting: Whether you are working on a building plan, studying for your exams, or just need to throw some bright glare on your shiny new vase. Architect lamps are a great option. They generate bright focused light that can easily illuminate any particular area and are very handy.

Easy to Install: Unlike other lighting options, they don’t require much hassle to be installed. These elegant lamps don’t require much knowledge to assemble – just follow the easy steps in the manual and within minutes you’ll have a nice and durable lighting option for your home.

Versatility: Even though the name includes “architect”, these lamps can be used for multiple purposes. Their excellent and classic pragmatic design can seamlessly brighten up your living room, bedroom, study room, office, kids’ room, college dorm, and many more.

Reduced Eye Strain: The architect lamps were specially designed to help people do detailed work for long hours. They radiate a non-flickering light that can be easily adjusted at multiple heights and angles to suit your eyes and effectively reduce eye strain.

Fits Anywhere: Most architect floor lamps typically feature a sturdy, stylish and adjustable neck supporting a light bulb and standing on top of a robust stand. This neatly designed structure allows you to put your floor lamp virtually anywhere you want.

Cost-Effective: Floor lamps are a great way of saving electricity.While in normal cases, you need to increase the lighting of the whole room just so your studying area is illuminated. These floor lamps can help in attaining the same results in way less. You can also combine them with power-saving LED bulbs to have ambient lighting and light up your room for long hours without having a big impact on your electricity bill.

Low Maintenance: Most architect floor lamps are made of high-quality industrial-grade metal that doesn’t rust and stays strong for years. Apart from occasional cleaning and replacing bulbs (if needed), your floor lamp will bear no maintenance expense on your pocket.

How to Choose the Best Architect Floor Lamps?

1. Unchangeable Bulb Designs vs Architect Floor Lamps with Changeable Bulb

If you are looking to use your lamp for multiple purposes, it’s recommended that you choose a lamp with a changeable or removable bulb.

This way you can alter the type and style of lighting you want.

Depending on where you want to put your lamp, you can pick a colored light bulb, incandescent lights, or energy-saving LEDs into your lamp.

2. What Level of Lamp Output Do You Need?

Most architect floor lamps have an output of around 1400-1700 lumens, but depending on the task you want to do, you can choose your preferred option.

If you will be doing your regular studying, then choose a lamp between 800-1000 lumens and if you need it only for general purposes, go lower.

3. Single Light Modes vs with Multi Light Modes

If you are going to set your architect floor lamp at a particular spot and won’t be moving it, then going for a single light mode one is a better option.

However, if you are constantly changing your working place between the living room, bedroom, and study room, then buying an architectural floor lamp with a multi-light mode option would be a better choice.

Multiple light modes have adjustable brightness intensity and color temperature combinations that allow you set different moods in different spaces.

4. What Type of Architect Floor Lamp Joint Is Durable?

The best architect floor lamp is the one with a swing arm design i.e. have 3 joints for better lighting angle and adjustment.

However, without having an enclosed ball bearing and springs alongside these joints won’t be able to support the lights long.

Therefore, if you want the best functionality and most durability look for a swing arm lamp that has 3 joints adjusted with ball bearings and springs.

5. How to Choose Architect Floor Lamps Color Temperature for Different Tasks?

As you go higher in the kelvin scale, the light tends to become more white and similar to daylight.

Thus, if you need a lamp for regular daily life chores, then select one that has around 2700K – 3000K.

However, for office purposes go for one with 3000K – 3500K.

Artists and architects should buy one with more than 5000 K to ensure that they get the best replica of daylight and can clearly see the colors and minute details of their designs.

When Buying a Durable Architect Floor Lamp Online, What Specification to Look for?

When buying an architect floor lamp online, the first thing you need to check is the output and lumen count of the floor lamp.

Make sure you pick that suits your purpose i.e. detailed drawing, studying, living room lighting, etc.

If you are going to move the lamp regularly, then prefer a multi-light mode one.

Next, you need to check the height of the floor lamp. It typically is very difficult to judge whether the lamp would fit you by just the photos. Typically you should look for one with more than 50 inches of height.

Finally, you need to check the lamp’s weight and material to ensure that it can be easily installed and won’t get damaged properly. Make sure it has springs and multiple joints for better adjustability.

Reviews of the 4 Best Architect Floor Lamps

1. LEPOWER Metal Floor Lamp

lepower metal floor lamp for eyes

This sand black modern metal lamp has the perfect balance between functionality and stylish aesthetics.

This robust architect lamp uses a unique leak design to increase air contact area and speed up heat dissipation which increases its lifespan.

This durable low cost and nice-looking lamp can easily add to the aesthetics of your interiors.

Use it for reading, living room, office space or even bedroom, you will not be disappointed ever.

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2. Bostitch Office VLF100F Swing Arm Metal Floor Lamp

architect floor lamp with replaceable led bulbs

Long, robust, and sleek, this architect floor lamp has especially been designed for office, lounge areas, and wider workspaces.

The 72” tall and 3 multi-joint movable lamps will be suitable for both your sitting spaces as well as standing work desks.

Its durable and solidly constructed weight base provides great support and its bright natural daylight lighting will significantly reduce your eyestrain.

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3. VEYFIY Standing LED Floor Lamp

VEYFIY architect floor lamp with long lifespan

Showing off the sleek style of modern design, this multi-light mode floor lamp is the best choice for homes that follows a contemporary style for their interiors.

This lamp features adjustable brightness and color temperature feature – where you can adjust the intensity from 5% – 100% and opt between 5 different color temperatures (between 2700-6500K).

The high-performance easy-to-assemble 59-inch long lamp has CRI >90 and its 3 joint adjustable necks can provide perfect lighting for any spot.

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4. Architect’s Task Floor Lamp

pottery barn architect floor lamp
Image Credit: Pottery Barn

Classic never goes out of style so does this elegant and exemplary floor lamp.

The 69.5-inch long lamp has 3 adjustable joints with a concave-shaped bulb holder that casts a non-flickering bright light on any surface.

The strong circular weighted base grips over your floor and provides strong support to the lamp.

Is It Safe to Use Architect Floor Lamp?

In most situations, YES!

If you are using a weighted robust floor lamp that has proper joints to support the weight of the bulb and the stand, then you don’t have to worry about anything. Just remember that you use a LED bulb.

However, there is a certain risk for lamps that still use the old halogen-based bulbs.

If you use a halogen bulb, then prolonged lighting can cause the bulb to heat up and when the lamp has not been designed for heat dissipation, this heat will damage the lamp and can cause a fire hazard too.

Fortunately, most modern architect floor lamps are designed for proper heat dissipation and have springs, ball bearings, and a weighted base to provide strong support and they use LED which won’t heat up even after long usage.

How to Keep Architect Floor Lamps in Its Position?

The modern architect floor lamps typically have ball bearings and springs that help them to stay in the same place where you adjust them.

However, you can also find different types where you have to tighten the screw handle to keep it in one place.

Others can also have a click-stopper to hold the lamp in its place.


Now that you have learned everything about the architect floor lamps aka the best utilitarian lamps.

Use this knowledge to go online and sort from the myriad of options to find the best architect floor lamps for you and your space.